The shower

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    I am lying on my back, as you come to me and move to stand over me. I look up at your body, at your legs spread apart, one on each side of me, and at your inner thighs, soft and very tempting. I want to kiss and nibble at them.
    The soft delicate lips of your pussy begging to be licked and probed again, glistening with the wetness from our lovemaking. I gaze farther up over your belly to your soft creamy breast, the nipples hard from being bitten and sucked. Then I look up into your eyes, still glazed over from the multiple orgasms that shook your entire body and left you drained.
    I feel a few drops of liquid land on my chest, then a few more. I shift my gaze from your eyes down between your legs, I see more drops appearing on your clean shaven lips and forming a trail down your inner thigh. Then a small stream of golden liquid begins, and splashes onto my chest, it is so very warm, running down over my sides. The feelings and emotions from this kinky act of sex are very erotic and quite intense.
    The stream increases, you move slightly, and it reaches my neck. I look up into your eyes again. You are watching your pee as it soaks my body. I lean forward slightly and it splashes onto my chin and into my mouth. The taste is bitter and salty at first, but the erotic sensations take over and I swallow some as it streams steadily into my mouth. I move and it splashes over my face, and into my hair. The wet, warm feeling is very intense. A complete shower of golden nectar.
    After the last few drops splash onto my lips, you squat down over my face and I eagerly lick the salty wetness from your pussy lips. Then you move down over my body until you feel the tip of my cock sliding inside of you. You kiss my lips and lick at the saltiness of my skin as our hips begin moving in unison, once again carrying us away on an awesome journey of ecstasy.