"The Shower" by Somhairle....with a twist...

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    …….lying there I hear the shower finish and anticipate your arrival back in the bedroom. Within minutes you appear at the door. Naked, still towelling your hair. Your body pink from the heat of the shower. Perfectly smooth as you have just shaved your pussy. Your breasts jiggling as you towel your hair. I love the way you look. Your amazing, smooth body could keep me hard all day just thinking of you. Moving across to the mirror you stand in front of it continuing to towel your hair. I can now see both front and back of your body. My cock stiffening all the time. I notice you watching me in the mirror and I wonder how interested you are. You continue to towel your hair, still watching me. Gently, I stroke my cock and watch you in the mirror. Your eyes fixed on me as I tease my self.

    You begin to run the towel over your shoulders. Where your hair has made you wet. Once dry, you move down to gently run the towel across your breasts. All the time you are watching me as I run my hands under my balls, cupping them to support them slightly. Making sure that I do not cause the tension in my cock to build to a point when I cannot ease back. You notice that I do this and the towel falls lower across your belly. Reaching your pussy, you push the towel under yourself. Rubbing yourself gently. Your head drops back slightly as this new sensation tingles through your body.

    You allow your legs to part slightly, allowing yourself further access beneath your body. A hand is raised to your breast as you begin to caress it softly. With the palm of your hand you run it back and forth across your hard nipple. The towel drops to the floor and your hand is now on your naked pussy. A finger running between the lips of your pussy. Momentarily circling your clit. Then pushing your ring finger inside yourself, I hear how wet you have become. That sound makes me even harder. The veins on my cock now very swollen, the head is purple. I remove my hand from my cock. I am now too sensitive.

    I cannot take my eyes off you. The most beautiful, arousing image as you stand there in front of me. Pleasuring yourself while watching me.

    Raising from the bed, I walk across to you. My cock hard and erect in front of me. Standing behind you, I placed my hands around you. My cock pressing into your butt. My right hand on your left breast. You lean back into me and I kiss your neck. Biting gently on your ear lobe. My left hand now running down across your tummy. Pausing slightly to caress it. Teasing you as I spread my fingers just above your pussy. Gradually I lower my hand further to find that perfect, smooth pussy. Pushing a finger under you, I hook it up against the hood of your pussy. Trying to stimulate you further by feeling for your clit. The little gasp that you let out tells me that I have found it and I continue to move my fingers round and around. Feeling your bud move beneath my fingers.

    Pushing my hand further between your thighs, I feel the entrance to your vagina and run 2 fingers around the opening. You gasp. You are so wet my hand is already coated. I bring my fingers to my mouth to taste you. Slightly perfumed following the shower, I realise that you taste different every time I do this. I bring my mouth to yours and press my lips against yours. Your tongue flicks out and licks my mouth. You are curious about your own taste. Your eyes close softly and I know that this has turned you on further.

    I now have 2 fingers inside you and you have pressed back into me to allow me deeper penetration. Rhythmically, you move your hips in time with my fingers as I begin to fuck you firmly. I love the noise that your pussy makes as I continue fucking you with my fingers. Your breathing has become heavy and you search for my mouth again. We kiss deeply. Gasping occasionally, as my fingers find that pressure spot inside you that causes strong sensations to shoot from your pussy through your entire body.

    My cock is pressing against your butt.. Placing both my hands on your ass, I gently pull apart your cheeks and press further into you. You are now so wet that I slip into you without effort as you slightly bend forward. You gasp as I enter you because of the feeling of having your pussy filled and stretched. You continue to press against me as I do with you. Together we begin to fuck gently but in time with each other. Faster and faster we go and I hear your breathing intensify. I also feel that I am almost too close that I cannot stop it. I slowly pull my raging cock from your dripping pussy. Your pussy drips with juices and has an intoxicating aroma. After I have pulled out of you, you quickly turn around and force me on the bed onto my back. You give me some time to let my orgasm subside.

    As you are letting me cool down, you caress and kiss my lips and tease them. You move to my neck and place gentle erotic kisses around my shoulders and neck. Continuing to move down, you teasingly kiss my nipples as I am overwhelmed with the intensity of arousal that you have brought on me. You move down my torso, and work your way back up from my feet, kissing and caressing my legs, inner thighs, while you push away my every attempt to touch and stroke your pussy and clit. Your mouth moves to my balls as you kiss and suck them like never before and you slowly start to stroke my cock that is still wet from your generous pussy.

    Your lips surround my throbbing cock and my back arches with the intense pleasure of you accepting my rod in your mouth. You let out a moan and deep breath, as to say you love my cock in your mouth and that the taste of your juices is a blissful reminder of the throbbing feeling you felt with me inside you. You continue to slowly and lovingly worship my penis with slow strokes from your mouth and hand, with twirls from your tongue on my swollen cock head, with long slow tongue lashes up and down the sides of my member, and with deep moans of pleasure and love. All the while bringing me back to the edge of explosion.

    You sense in my moans and deep breathing that my orgasm is approaching, you feel a rush of emotions as you want to taste my cum in your mouth and to feel it slide down your throat, but you're scared. You afraid of not liking it or it gagging you. But you continue because you want to feel and taste it. You mentally block out your apprehensions and feel a burden lifted from you as you make the decision to take it all. I am getting closer and closer, you change your rhythm from fast to a slower more methodical motion. You change up your rhythm every couple of strokes to give yourself some rest as well as to allow yourself more freedom to feel and to prepare for my cream.

    You take a deep stroke and feel my cum hit your tongue. The taste is more salty than anything, and not bad. You continue to deep throat my cock and rhythmically milk the cum from my manhood. With each altering stroke you swallow with ease. You feel my load bursting every second or two, and with every shot, you feel my body reduce to jello and hear my breathe deepen and my moans and body language are screaming in ecstasy. You are pleasurably surprised by your body's acceptance of my load of cum. You release a huge sigh of relief as you can tell that my cock is empty, you have sucked it dry.

    You have a feeling of accomplishment that revs up your arousal and you are ready to have the favor returned. Your increased arousal gives you a tingle in your pussy and you are so enthusiastic. You are so happy that you all your negative thoughts and barriers were just broken with ease. You are so excited.

    I am in a state of ecstasy. Before I can open my eyes and regain some composure, I feel you moving up on my body. As my eyes open I see your awesome thighs wrapping around my head. You have brought your pussy to me and placed it right on my face. I am engulfed in pleasure as I love to be dominated by your pussy and feel as though I "have to eat it". Your slit is drenched with juices and has an incredibly erotic and intoxicating aroma.

    As I pleasure your pussy, your moans of ecstasy simply make me want to please you all the more. The more I pleasure your pussy with my tongue, the more I feel your juices flowing down my cheeks and down my throat. The taste of your womanhood is literally like water quenching my thirst in the dessert.

    Moments pass and your moans and breathing begin to intensify. The motion of your hips fucking my face speeds up. You grasp the headboard for more stability to simply fuck my face harder and faster. And then in a whirlwind of moans and hip thrusting, you scream with pleasure. You don't stop thrusting your hips and I continue to lick and fuck your pussy with my tongue and I can feel your cum running into my mouth, onto my tongue, down my throat, and on my neck. It is a flood of cum. An incredible flood of juices that represent the magnitude of your orgasm.

    Soon, you move off my face and lay next to me. You are spent.
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    Excuse me, I'll be back in a bit. ;)
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    Good work man, that was awesome ;)
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