The ride home, last go on the hood

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    Holding each other and catching our breath, she tells me it was so good,
    it had been a while. All I could blurt is that I was hoping for more.
    Unsure what I mean she gives me this look and I explain I drema of burying my hard cock in her. "Already?" she asks, taking it in her hand, feeling my readiness: "And I thought you were done"
    "Not even close yet .."
    Not wasting time she rolls me on my back and starts giving me great sucking as I hold her head again, watching her head go up and down.
    This is lovely but I want something else so I stop her, pulling her toward me. As she reaches to kiss I feel her nipples rubbing on my chest and she lowers herself to feel my hard cock against her lower abdomen.
    I reach around her ass and pull harder, to press harder and let her know I want her and she responds. I roll over to be on top of her and she takes no time to guide my erection to her entrance, ready so soon.
    I thrust in ever so slowly untill al the way in, to feel her warmth and softness, and is she ever wet! I keep myself in all the way for a few seconds to feel her snug and give my cock and soon she starts rocking her hips. Too horny for self control I give in and start thrusting, backing up until the head is at the entrance, not too fast at first.
    Every time I bottom in with my strokes she whimpers, her vagina is not very deep and I feel the head reach in all the way.
    I feel like staying in, let the feelings of the head, wiggle my cock to caress her depths. I give her the thrusts she now wants and start sucking her nipples again, I can't get enough of it, and the fact it brings her orgasms is intoxicating for me. The excitement builds my arousal to the point I feel the pressure build up in my shaft, my balls getting tight.
    Gasping in pleasure I pull out a few seconds and she takes my shaft in her hand, feeling it twitch. I beg her not to please my cock at this time, it belongs inside her for the moment. My imminent orgasm gone I go back in and repeat the stoping one more time, to resume again at a faster pace, avoiding going all the way in. Her snugness feels too good on my intensely aroused erection and I want to last longer. Lifting her legs up on my shoulders allows the head to stimulate her g-spot better and the effects are obvious, she is more vocal. "oh yes, fuck me this way" Encouragd I increase the speed and manage a balancing act as I reach her clit with my hand, still sucking her nipples. My elbow is a bit sore but I ignore the pain for now, this is too good to let go. Being turned on as she is, it takes a short time to get her over the edge "mmm, aaah, aaaah, aaah, don't stop"
    As soon as she says it I lightly bite her nipple in my teeth, tugging on it, and pressing the head on her magic love spot. This is more than she could deal with and as she grabs my head, mashing my face against her chest she moans and screams alternately for a few short seconds. I feel her wetness increase considerably on my cock. I keep going until she stops, amazed I didn't ejaculate yet. I pull out and get off the hood, shaky from the effort and the balancing act, sweaty. I pull her down to me, sliding on my jacket, now ready for the cleaners LOL. Putting her feet on the ground I turn her around to enter her from behind, slowly to indulge feeling her again. She responds by tilting her hips and pushing against my cock, reaching to massage and squeeze my balls, which keeps me motionless for the time being. Once pleased with her touch I resume giving her more motion but she doesn't let me continue, taking control this time.
    After some hard kissing she motions me to go on the hood, pushing on my chest. I oblige and she follows me, straddling me. Taking her hips and ass in my hands I caress her as she sits on my cock, sliding in effortlessly.
    Staying on it, all the way inside her "let me give you your turn, I want to fuck your cock until you cum" This couldn't be better and as she starts doing her thing I let my hands roam on her body, her legs, ass, back, breasts. As I give them a squeeze she sits up, presses my hands firmly against her flesh I love touching, her nipples hard against my palms, goose bumps all over her from the light evening breeze. She stays there and wiggles her hips to please herself with my cock, looking so sexy doing this.
    Looking me in the eyes she sees my arousal and how much I want this.
    She rewards me with a few thrusts that make her moan a bit and she shift herself, supporting herself on my shoulders. Now rubbing the cock on her g-spot again she starts pleasing herself more intensely and I indulge in caressing her. She won't let me touch her clit this time, still too sensitie so hapily I prop myself up on the widshield to be able to take her breasts in my mouth again. "mmm, oooh, keep it up" she responds.
    Her pressing my cock feels so good, I have her come off it a few seconds and she watches it twitch from the avoided eruption. She takes it in her hand to feel my pleasure then gets me back in, rubbing her g-spot again.
    Knowing I am very aroused turns her on more and vice versa.
    I start thrusting as good as I can, rubbing her swollen love button inside.
    That was all she needed, a bit of extra action and she is orgasming again.
    Increasing her speed at first, and sliding up and down this time, she manages to make my own orgasm come and I tell her.
    As her orgasm reaches its peak she falls down on me, unable to continue fucking my cock. I can't suck her breasts anymore, my head falls back on the windshield as I moan and gasp. My hands on her hips we both move her to press her g-spot as she sits with my cock deep inside, she gets more excited feeling my first shot of semen shoot, and the pulsating of my shaft orgasming. We just stay there let our orgasms finish and I feel her wetness inside, her vagina walls wrapping my erection and she rocks herself against my cock to make the head caress her depth.
    As my ejaculation is complete and the orgasm faded the head becomes so ticklish, she takes advantage to torture me a bit and I try my hardest to endure until she sits motionless, feeling my penis lose its hardness and size inside her. I feel my cum run down on me, it's running down her inner thighs and on me. We lay there a bit, sweaty, dripping her wetness and my cum on my jacket, now done with sex.
    Resting her head on my chest, she says "let's do that again"
    Weook in each other's eyes and say "no way", knowing it won't happen for the rest of the night, all done and satisfied.
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