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    It says only 10000 characters I didn't know what to cut so the first reply is part 2

    Part 1

    I knew they would be there soon. My anxiety was slowly growing and I wasn't sure if I was going to go through with it. Actually I decided I was going to tell them I didn't feel well just to get out of it. I thought to myself "This is something young women do, this is not something a mother does"

    Tom and his friend arrived on time. I let them in. They were both slender with an average build.

    Tom walked right up and put his arms around me giving me a warm hug. I was about to say something, when he placed his hand on my cheek and slowly brought my face in line with his and looked me in the eyes. He said "you don't have to do anything baby, just kiss me."

    I leaned closer to give him a little kiss, as I moved his hand moved slowly towards my chin until our lips touched. Just a little kiss I thought, parting my lips just enough to feel his tongue dance around the tip of mine. He moved his hand back running it through my hair. The kiss stirred a little passion inside me. As I briefly pulled back, he kissed my chin, down my neck and up to my ear. He whispered softly "You are so sexy" as he nibbled on my earlobe. Again he whispered in my ear "don't think about anything except what you're feeling right now, let go" then he kissed his way back to my lips, hugged me closer and I could feel the hard bulge in his pants as we traded a deep passionate kiss.

    The kissing continued very passionately and strongly. I closed my eyes. He moved his hands down my back resting on my hips. He whispered in my ear "you should focus on feeling good, letting things go wherever they were going to go, surrender to the experience". He slowly used one hand to go up underneath my top and slowly stroked my soft skin. He started gently kissing my neck again. I started breathing heavier, as he started to gently lick and suck on my neck, still moving very slowly. I closed my eyes and took in the pleasure of how he was turning me on. Tom started slowly kissing my lips again. Our kissing was very sensual, before I realized it, we were moving towards the bed.

    I laid back on the bed never breaking his kiss. I felt lost in his kisses and was becoming very aroused, I wanted more. He was still stroking my skin under my shirt, but he stopped doing that and started to unbutton my top, while still kissing me. He went very slowly, starting at the top button, near my boobs, and one by one working his way down to the last button.

    He opened my top and revealed my breasts. He kissed his way back to my ear and was nibbling on it, when I felt Brian slowly start nibbling on my other ear. Tom again worked his kisses down my neck as Brian kissed down my cheek arriving at my lips. I kissed him softly but that soon grew to a passionate kiss as I felt Tom kissing my breasts. My mind was racing I couldn't believe I had two men giving me their combined attention, it felt really good.

    Everything they did seemed to be in slow motion; kissing, caressing; every movement was slow and gentle.

    Tom began to kiss and suck gently on each nipple, making me start to breathe even faster than before. He stopped suddenly, and reached down to remove my panties. Brian stopped kissing me and I began to tingle while he kissed his way down my neck to my other breast. As he was shifting on the bed he bumped up against my waist and I felt his erection.
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    part 2

    Both of them were now sucking on my nipples at the same time. A moan of pleasure escaped my lips. Tom reached down between my legs to my wet pussy, placed a finger on either side of my clitoris and began stroking up and down. The two of them tongued and nibbled me hungrily as I moaned in response. I started to feel a tingling, warm sensation in my clit, my pussy. A tightness in my chest that’s warm too, Almost unnoticeable.

    They continued to suck my nipples and as Brian added his finger to my pussy Tom lowered his and slid two of them inside me, moving them in small circles on my G-spot. As the tension built, the waves started. Slowly at first, a creeping sensation just at the top of my thighs. The waves came and I felt close to letting go. I felt like I was on the brink of an amazing stretch or a yawn. I knew I was on the edge of orgasm.

    Five or ten waves of extreme pleasure ran up from the base of my stomach again, pushing yawn-like relief through my muscles, then quickly washing back down to my stomach and my crotch. Up, back, up and back, starting strong and powerful.

    My breathing became erratic, an uncontrollable moaning escaped my lips, and my heart beat faster, faster, faster. I pushed my clit up against their fingers, I tensed every inch of my body, my legs straightened, my toes curled, my eyes closed , I held my breath and then and then…

    I saw white flashes before my closed eyes, as my back arched up, my shoulders back, the name of God on my lips in a cry of joy, and pleasure, and release. My pussy tightened and relaxed, again and again, as the waves of sheer energy crash through me; energizing yet depleting, each wave bringing me down both mentally and physically, until I slumped, exuberant yet exhausted.

    Soon Tom reached over and began lightly running his finger around my right nipple. I could feel it getting erect. He continued playing with it while placing his hand on my other breast. Moving slowly, he slid over on to me and began sucking my left nipple. Alternatively licking and sucking. He kissed his way down my belly and snuggled his face into my pussy, licking it ever so slowly.

    He licked around my clit but never actually touched it. I could feel his tongue sliding up and down my lips. He would lick up one lip around my clit and then down the other. He kept doing it again and again, licking everywhere but my clit. So much movement around that little sensitive area but never touching it made it get swollen and hard. Tension was growing I wanted him to lick it directly.

    I felt him directing me to roll on my side, as I started to do so, he quickly laid down beside me and pulled me to into a 69 position. As I was mounting Tom, Brian moved closer and squeeze one breast with one hand and the other softly went to my neck. I could feel his hand tracing a line up my neck to my ear, then slowly down to my chin, then to my lips as he kissed me.

    Tom was eating my pussy as I sat over his face, his cock standing up hard in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around it and Brian lay down opposite on the bed his hard erection now conveniently located right next to Tom's, I wrapped my other hand around Brian's hardness.

    I bent low and slowly started running my tongue around Tom's cock head as he continued to lick my pussy. It was very erotic having two hard cocks, one in each hand and a tongue licking my pussy.

    Squeezing Brian's cock I reached over and licked around his cock head. I heard him let out a small moan which really turned me on. I slipped his cock into my mouth and slid my lips down over it, I heard him whisper that feels really good. I started stroking and sucking his cock in a rhythm, squeezing Tom's the whole time.

    I could hear him moan as I sucked his cock. Then I switched to sucking Tom's cock, then back to Brian's. I felt like a bad girl being used for their pleasure. But because they made me cum so hard I didn't care, actually it turned me on and I could feel the tingly pressure building in my crotch again. I stopped sucking them to focus on it.

    Brian stood up and got behind me, soon I felt it, something blunt and big at the entrance of my vagina. My mind whirled, I started to tremble. A man that I had just met 2 hours ago was pushing his big dick into me. I wanted it, I wanted him to fuck me hard while Tom flicked my clit with his tongue. But he pushed it in slowly then pulled back out driving me nuts. He rubbed his cock head up and down my slit. My body started to tense as he entered me again but further this time. Tom was licking my clit with his tongue at the exact same time as Brian hit my g-spot with his rock-hard dick, and I felt my second orgasm start.

    My stomach clenched down, my whole body became tense. The clenching around became more intense, the coming and going of pleasure building, the waves of pleasure building higher and higher, crashing faster and faster. A pressure spreading from inside my crotch, my lower belly, gripping tightly, spreading suddenly as a wildfire, moving up my torso and down my thighs at the same time, making me catch my breath. It was a force burning throughout my entire body, clutching it so tightly, making it rigid. A feeling just like the first, but more intense, spasms rippled through me. It was a pleasure so focused, a tingling sensation that didn't lower or stop. A wave of pleasure rising far higher and crashing more violently than the first time.

    I barely had time to recover as Brian's cock was all the way up in me. I was dripping wet as he took my pussy. I could feel his strong hands holding on to my ass as he fucked me hard. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tom stroking his cock kneeling next to me. I never noticed that he had squirmed out from under me after I came.

    His cock was so hard and swollen. I knew he was enjoying watching Brian fuck me as much as I enjoined Brian fucking me. I reached out to his cock and he moved closer. I could feel his cock was so hard. Watching me getting fucked was a real turn on to him. I knew he loved me. I didn't really understand why he wanted this until I came so hard. He wanted me to cum hard and he was man enough not to let his pride get in the way. I would have never cum like that if they both weren't here. He was turned on watching me being satisfied, whether it was him doing it on not as long as he was present. He really loves me and I love him.

    I slid Tom's cock into my mouth and started sucking while Brian fucked me. Stroking Tom's cock with my fingers as I sucked. I felt it swelling and growing harder. I heard Brian moan and knew he was about to cum. He buried his cock deep in my pussy and gasped and shook as he blew his load he slowly stopped and pulled out. Tom immediately took his place. Pushing his swollen cock inside me. I felt so dirty taking one cock after another but it turned me on, being there dirty girl today. It turned me on knowing how much they wanted me. After a few strokes Tom sensed that my legs were tired and rolled me over onto my back. Lifting my legs still pumping in and out of me, he lowered his hand and started rubbing my clit.

    I started saying, "Yes! Oh! Oh baby! Yes, yes! Ooooohhhh! Oh yes, Tom, yes! Faster! Oooo, Oh, do it harder, baby, OOOHHHH!" He complied with my requests, and started pounding faster. Shoving his cock as deep as it would go. Spreading my legs wider his cock went in deeper. Tom started rubbing around my clit even more.

    My entire body started to get the chills, starting in my lower belly and radiating both upwards and downwards. I clench hard and the chills multiplied. The chills turn into feelings of waves, coursing through my body and making me feel simultaneously hot and cold. I couldn't keep track of the waves of pleasure. The waves and chills felt so damn good that I couldn't concentrate. I no longer felt like myself, but rather like something primal in heat. The chills extend to my fingers, and my hands started grabbing for the bed sheet, anything, to hold on to. My clenching and my breathing both become rapid and less rhythmic. Gasping, I lost all sense of caring for anything other than the explosion seconds away.

    Tom slammed his cock in deep and he began to gasp, his hand moving from my clit to around my shoulder, holding his cock tight inside me. I felt his sperm unload in hard vibrations into my pussy. Which triggered my third orgasm and it hit hard. My breath catching, my head spinning, my thoughts completely blacking out. Waves of extreme pleasure washed over me. I felt it in my thighs, my lower back, my belly, my clit. It felt like firecrackers combined with the best sort of back scratch there is.

    After it passed, my head needed a few minutes to stop floating. I was in a fog my body tensing then relaxing then tensing then relaxing. I moved on autopilot as I breathed and tried to see through the haze. Above all, there was a sense of amazement I couldn't get over – a sense of how they can made my body feel that way.

    I had no control over my face: my eyes remain half shut, my mouth curved into a grin; the moaning turned to silence but for the panting. I felt as if I finally relaxed after being wound tight this whole year. I felt loved and content that I had a man that did this for me. I felt Tom Snuggle up next to me as I drifted off to sleep.
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