The Pet

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    Walking into his apartment, he found her sitting on the couch watching a program on tv. She clicked the tv off and looked up as he poured himself a cup of coffee and asked how was your day. Fine nothing really to talk about. Come sit down beside me she asked. Sat down drinking his coffee she kissed him on the neck holding him on the shoulders. She asked what he was going to do. Lay down for a bit and get a few winks I really didn't sleep that good last night. She took his coffee and helped him to lie on down.

    Later that evening he woke up went to the shower. Stepped out of the shower only to see his mate standing in very seductive look. High heel with the back missing mule high heels he supposed black hose, sleek black gown with a sheer took revealing her breast. Her pink nipples hard. Don’t stand there dripping wet my pet. Come dry off and service me my pussy is hot and I want you to lick my clit until it is aroused do you think you can handle that. Before a reply she grabbed his penis and looked him in the eye has he been loyal with a firm grip in her hand. Of course, he reached for her crotch she with a crooked grin moved and said come to the living room and eat me as I said my pet.

    Moving to the living room he kneeled down as she exposed her shaved pussy removing her finger and licking and said I warmed things up now get down hear and lick me. Rubbing her ankles and starting to her knees, she widened her legs, pulled his head close, and demanded again to lick her warm pussy. Starting softly on the outer most part going to right to left he allowed his tongue to only greet the outer most part, rubbing her clit with his tounge.Perturding deeper into her flower running his tongue more vigorously. She pushed his head away, stand before me she demanded, rub your dick for me show me how it pulses in my pussy.

    Rubbing her pussy with her finger, she watched as he rubbed his penis as she asked watching it began to grow even more almost ready to cum but yet not quite there. She layed on the couch and told him to come and slide on the inside. Greeting her he slide well in side the wet throbbing flower. Holding her heels in his hands pushing himself on the inside deeper and deeper with each hip movement kissing her ankles feeling the silk hose softly looking as he enjoyed the feel of her hose she lower her top to expose her breast pink nipples standing up right she rubbed them as they became harder. Rubbing her legs feeling the soft hosiery in his hands her rubbed slowly cautiously down her legs to her thighs. Leaning over to suck her nipples first taking his tongue, tickling, and sucking on the pink hard nipples. Running his tongue up from her nipple to her mouth salvia running into her mouth as he ran his tongue in touching her tongue. Back and out to her opposite nipple teasing it for a bit.

    She grasped him by the back digging her nails in he arched his back. "Oh cum in me my pet, cum please cum and feel me oh"...he low grunted"hear it comes I'm going to cum, hear, and hear it is oh you feel good"...she grasped "Now.... Now... cum deep..." Feeling her warm pulsing vagina up with a load of warm cum she grasped and pulled him closer he began to come to a slow and steady motion pushing his cum deeper inside her he kissed and said "oh my dominate I love to be between your thighs and on your side......Oh my pet how I will mark you like no other you are mine and only mine for I have your soul and dick in my hand my pet
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