The park, part 1

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    I have a hard time writing short stories and cut as much as I can, so here is a half of the story.
    Hope it's not too long :)

    I go for my usual walk in the park and get myself an ice cream, sit on the swing at the playground to relax then I hear a woman commenting how I look like I am enjoying myself tonight. I spotted her taking kids at the park regularly.
    "Can I sit?" pointing at the swing next to me. I think there are other places she could sit at but I don't mind, and I ask where her kids are. It turns out she just helped her friend who was sick but she is better now. In return she asks where is the cute one she had seen me with before and I just tell her I too am FREE now, this is my ME time, straight and blunt, no desire for making up stories.
    The way she eyes me, she looks like she has more questions but I offer no other details but she engages in small talk.
    Then she gets off the swing and gets in front on me and asks that question: "So you don't remember me?" I draw a blank so she tells me she is cousins with my ex but they don't talk much anymore. (Ok ....)
    She tells me we "met" at a family gathering on two occasions and the way I looked at her .... SHE remembers me.

    Then the next question "Okay, so how long has it been?" "Holy Jesus! you don't take detours with your questions. If you really care, it's been 27 days"
    She says it's been 37 for her and placing a hand up on my thigh, she asks if I would like to bring our balances to zero.
    I straighten up in the swing, speechless, and when she catches my eyes looking at her figure, she says "I'll take that as a YES"
    Then she tells me she wants to try a fantasy tonight and that it's a secret so I go along with it.

    Later on after glancing around a bit she comes face to face real close with me and slides her smooth legs one at a time over mine and sits on me real close with her chest against mine and kisses me. I KNOW she feels me grow hard against her and I want her to.

    Breathing a little quicker this time, she whispers in my ear what her fantasy is, and she wants to do it with ME.
    She looks at me, nose to nose, I just nod before kissing her again.
    No foreplay, she undoes my pants and once my hard cock is standing proud for her she pushes me back on the swing, she starts giving me a blowjob.
    "Oooooh!" I moan, she knows what she is doing, I place my hand on her head and she gives me a moan of approval. After a few more strokes from her lips she gets up and straddles me face to face again.
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