The Park: Anticipation

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    I love to write as a means of building up my "desire," and the following is the first installment of a piece that's been rattling around in my head for a while. Feel free to comment, I'm thick skinned! Enjoy!

    The Park

    The crickets’ rhythmic drone all but drowned out the city traffic’s murmur, seeming to envelope me in waves of sound that drew out time into deep, slow breaths that belied the sharp tingle of anticipation I suffered with each unknown night sound. The oppressive heat of the late summer day had given little ground to the darkness, but I couldn’t say the sweat on my scalp was because of the heat, and the light breeze off the small lake below was little comfort. I resisted the urge, once again, to check the time, my watch stuffed into a duffel bag along with the rest of my street clothes, and tucked under the rough wooden park bench I occupied. I wore only a loose pair of old football shorts, a black tee, and a pair of flip-flops, exactly as His instructions had specified. Oh, and the cock harness. How could I forget that?

    It was uncomfortable, verging on painful, that harness, especially in the state of arousal I now endured. I suppose that was the point, but it felt like I would explode long before any of the night’s activities even began. I shifted in my seat, glad I was unencumbered by too much clothing, unlike a few days before, when I had nervously perused the wide assortment of bondage paraphernalia at the little shop in Uptown. My cock was obviously, and embarrassingly, erect in my faded, now too snug jeans while I filled the short list of supplies He had provided for me.
    The girl behind the counter smiled as I placed the items on the glass topped cabinet by the cash register, a knowing sparkle in her eye as I briefly met her gaze. “Mmmm, in for a little fun, are we?” she asked lightly, her pointed tongue, with accompanying piercing, caught between her bright white teeth. I tried to stammer a reply, my eyes drawn on the sight of her ring pierced nipples pushing against her tight white tank.
    She seemed to purposely catalog each item as they disappeared into a nondescript brown bag: one small vibrating butt plug, black; one thick blindfold, black; a set of nylon roped wrist and ankle cuffs, black; a small black paddle; a ball gag, medium, with rubber straps; and the cock harness. She waved the harness package slowly in her hand, suspended over the sack.
    “Really. Now, I’ve never seen one of these in use, personally,” she said. “Maybe I could get you to model it for me sometime…” My face was ablaze, and blood roared in my ears as I watched that tongue play across her full upper lip, the silver barbell slipping across her lower. She kind of snickered and dropped the harness into the bag.
    I shifted on the bench again, my cock surging anew, if that could be possible, as I thought about the first time I had tried it on. My hands shook terribly as I ripped open the package. It was a simple design, really, just a sewn leather strap with a series of snaps, dividing it into thirds. I carefully looped the middle third around the base of my cock and balls, pulling it tight and snapping it into position on the top of my cock. The ends then looped down and around each ball, and back to the top, where I could snap them in one of two positions, varying the tightness on my balls.
    Simple, yes, but I had to try three or four times to get the thing on properly. By the time I got the first loop around my cock and balls, I was rock hard. I struggled with the ball loops mightily, and was finally rewarded with an erection like I had never experienced before. It was all I could do not to cum on the spot as I gazed at my excessively engorged member, now a fat, angry, purple headed monster, rising upward on a thick veined shaft, my bound, red veined balls like heavy lead weights flanking each side, ratcheted high and tight by the device, and ready to burst…
    The sound of approaching footsteps pulled me back to the present, a distant shuffle seemingly too loud in the midnight air. I soon spied the source; a young couple out for a drunken stroll stumble-walked along the path below my bench, totally oblivious to my proximity. I watched them disappear to my right, illuminated by the only light source other than the moon, a relatively dim globe lamp, one of many illuminating the paths that meandered along and around the three lakes in the park.
    The bench itself sat in darkness, and I had fumbled my way through a low row of shrubs that cut off the ground view from below. Small trees and undergrowth formed a semicircle behind me, and had I not been directed where to look, I would never have imagined this little glen was even here. Even when I had checked it out earlier in the day, with skaters, runners, and bicyclists populating the park, it had been deserted, just a few breaks in the hedge to suggest what might await behind. I wondered how often this bench had been the scene of what was to come, what debauchery and pleasures had been exchanged by those who danced in the moonlight of nights past; raw hot sex, bodies steaming in the struggles of lust, and gentle lovemaking, blankets spread upon the grass, clothes strewn like chafe in the wind.
    My endurance was waning, my cock and balls feeling as though hung with twenty pound weights, as I sat there, waiting. Finally, a figure appeared in the cone of light cast by the lamp. He was tall, and well built, I could tell that much, but distance and the sudden fear that shot through my body kept me from noticing much else. His face was in darkness, a shadow cast by the baseball cap He wore. He pulled off the cap, and tucked it under His arm, shaking out His longish hair as He reached into His pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. If I’d been closer, I could have seen His face as the lighter flashed and illuminated His features.
    As it was, it was all I could do to fight the urge to bolt, to run until I dropped. My cock was like an anchor however, a very insistent reminder of our purpose there in the first place. I watched as He smoked, casually, savoring the cycle of inhale, exhale, inhale… He took a final puff and quashed out the butt on the gravel path, nonchalantly looking up and down the path as He replaced his cap, then slid out of the light into the relative darkness of the lawn and the trees leading up to the clearing. I pulled the heavy blindfold down over my eyes and waited, trembling in terror and anticipation…
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    Anticipation is getting to me, waiting for the next installment :dgrin
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