The other night

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    There was just me and the wife there at the house, nice and quiet Tuesday evening. We grabbed a glass of ice water and both of us cuddled up in the recliner together, one of those real comfortable jobs with extra stuffing and slightly wider than the regular ones. I am shirtless with running shorts on, she lays next to me with a t-shirt and her panties on, we pull the small quilt over us and turn on the television. I grab the remote and turn on the tv, we have been watching the series Rome for the past couple nights and really enjoying the show. I get it started and settel in with her head on my shoulder and arms around each other. About twenty minutes into this episode and it gets to a sex scene, now neither of us are into porn, but in the course ov a decent show or movie it is ok. So on the screen they are going at it at and then she runs her hand into my shorts and runs her fingers down my cock, i instantly get hard and ehe giggles at me. So what do you like best honey, what i am doing or watching the actors? You, i tell her. I want to do to you what they are doing now. On the television he had her on her hands and knees doggy style.

    She pulls my nipple into her mouth stroking me and bites me, she knows this drives me crazy, i use my hand that is not around her to try to pull her face to mine and she swats it away. What are you doing, she ask. I was going to kiss you. Put your hand down and stay put, i will tell you what i want and when i want it. I put my arm back fown and she adds starts rubbing my throbing vock again while biting harder on my nipple.

    She then pulls my shorts down just past my balls and starts stroking me again and says, i want to fuck you, but it has been a couple days and i want you to last. She bites my nipple again. Before i let you fuck me i want you to cum all over yourself, then after you get cleaned up i am going to put my strap on on and i am going to fuck your ass. Her hand tightens lightly and the g he strokes a little quicker.

    I want my fake cock slamming your tight ass, i want you to buck under me, grinding, trying to take me deeper, begging for more, then i want you in me. I want to cum all over your balls, i want you to make me squirt, then i want you to cum in me, deep inside me.

    But first here, i want to see you cum. She bites my nipple again and tugs on it with her teeth. Cum baby, show me how far you can shoot your load. I cant hold back any longer, the first stream hits my cheek, the second my neck. She continues to stroke me until i am empty and she giggles, running her fingers in my spunk she says to me, i want you to get cleaned up, i want your ass. She then, for the first time ever, feeds me my own cum. You like it? She ask. I don't know why, but i expected it to be bitter, gross or nasty. But it wasn't, a but salty, but not disgusting. Not bad i tell her. Good, she says, and scoops up another two fingers full putting it in my mouth. You still have a bit to finish up here before we go play. I suck her fingers clean, and she pulls more off my chest and belly. Now after you are done with this i am going to pound your ass, i want your cock to recover for a bit, and after that, when you finish the next time, i want you to clean my pussy with your toung. I want you to eat both our juices. My cock is already trying to dance again. She giggles again pulling the last of the cum from my cheek and neck and says while putting it in my mouth, you were right. This is sexy as hell, and now i do want you to eat it out of me. She crabs my balls and playfully tugs them, c'mon, i am gonna lube your ass up.
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