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    Hi everyone.

    I am so happy that I found this site. The exchange of pictures, videos, and thoughts in this forum is truly unique and exciting.

    I used to be the severely jealous type until I came to the realization that EVERYONE has had at least one sexual daliance outside of marriage. Why not be honest and bring it out into the open?!

    Over my 36 years of marriage, and after having raised 4 wonderful children, including triplets, I have come to realize that sex can be recreational and can serve as a stress reliever if it is out in the open.

    With hindsight, we can all point to circumstances of sex that we all have had outside of marriage. The mistake we made was keeping our daliances hidden, yet we also mistakenly believed that our partners didn't know.

    But now we all realize that THEY DID KNOW, they just kept quiet about it because they love us and want to stay with us. We all had perspective; we saw the big picture and realized that sex with others was not a good reason to split up; just the opposite, it was a way to stimulate us.

    As an example, for many years my wife thought she had successfully hidden the fact that she once jerked off a guy she had the hots for as she rode in the wedding party limo during tbe day of her sister's wedding. We were married for 7 years at the time, and after a few glasses of wine and the encouragement of other females in the limo, she pulled out his long, rock hard cock and jerked it until his cum ropes hit the roof of the limo.

    A few years later, she told me during a dance at another wedding, and I said, "Yes, I know dear, and you know I know, but frankly, the thought of you jerking off a handsome, well built man kinda turns me on."

    During that same dance I told her that I also knew about the time she fucked an acquaintance from work when her company sent her for strike duty training, and that it happened on her hotel room balcony for others to see. I told her that I also knew about the time she fucked one of her personal trainers from the YMCA, the night we had gotten into an argument and she left the house that night without telling me where she went. But I also told her that I knew that she had known that I knew.

    Turns out, she also knew about my affair with a very beautiful married woman and her husband. I would have threesomes with them on a regular basis over a 3-year period. She didn't make a fuss because she loves me and wanted to stay married to me.

    We then came to the conclusion that since we would know anyway, that we might as well be up front and honest about it.

    Now the orgasms are more intense and more frequent. The cumming lasts longer, and the "money shot" comes in longer and more sustained "ropes". We are so turned on by our openness and willingness to let our partners enjoy sex, enjoy life.
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