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    Mr Elmond Fuzz, a pastor, moved to a small village for a new and quieter lifestyle where he feels it would be more fulfilling to know the people in his parish, something he has longed for in the big city he moved from.

    Once settled and having given a Sunday service for the first time in his new village, My Fuzz decided to go walk around in the village the next day, see if he would recognize some of the people he saw in church, get acquainted with the villagers and have them know him a little more than the new pastor.

    It was a pleasant day greeting and chatting with people, then he came around a corner, the local tavern.
    There, he saw merry people enjoying their brews and spoke to more people, then he saw one woman who was at his first Sunday service; she was drunk.

    He felt bad and decided he would take some sense into her, but instead of getting through to her,
    it was obvious she was having none of it and in his good Samaritan heart thought it was better to take her home, this woman would certainly attract the wrong kind of attention.

    As he tried to gently get her off her stool, a little back and forth or arguing and him trying to have her go with him, she fell backwards, pulling him down.
    She fell on her back, legs up, him on top of her, so she was screaming for him to get off her.

    Some of the slightly inebriated customers came over to see what was going on, and seeing him on top of the drunk woman, one said that it would be better if they left and had a room together, wink wink.

    "No, I can't. You don't understand .... I'm Pastor Fuzz"
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