The Neighbor

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    Across from me lives an older woman that loves to stand on her porch every morning in her robe and drink her coffee and smoke a cigarette. Although she is in her late 60's, she still has a hottt looking body and she proudly displays it from time to time too. One particular morning around 7am, I was just returning from a walk through my neighborhood when I saw her on the porch but this time she was wearing what appeared to be only her bra and panties.

    I decided to go see and when I started walking towards her, I figured that she'd go inside and close her door but instead, she surprised me but not only staying where she was but she sat down and little by little, she spread her legs..inviting me to look. I definitely looked and she definitely caught me looking too. I thought to myself.."Now what do I do?" I didn't have to do anything. She got up and leaned forward and held her hand out. As my hand touched hers, she held it and pulled me into her home. Once inside, she pushed me up against the wall and ran her fingers all over my crotch. Her breathing got faster as she calmly said that she needed a good fucking and that hopefully I would give her the fucking she needed. I lowered my face to hers and kissed her...lightly at first then I plunged my tongue inside her mouth..sucking her tongue. Her attitude quickly changed as she started to moan loudly and I could feel the heat of her breasts up against me. Next, I trailed my tongue to her ears as I licked them then I licked the backside of her neck then I trailed very slowly my tongue down towards her breasts. Once I found her breasts, I lifted them and then I licked underneath them as I slowly licked towards each nipple...pausing teasingly for a moment just enough to hear her unmistakable moan again and again.

    As I sucked one of her nipples and bit it gently, my hand was busy lowering her panties. I felt her hands pushing my walking shorts to the floor and then my undies. My cock felt the heat of her hot body as she pressed herself up against me even tighter. As I pushed her away, I slowly knelt and then I ran my tongue lower and lower down her body till I got inside her thighs. Her entire body was trembling as I licked her inner thighs and just as my tongue found her cunt lips, I sucked on one then the other and she let out a loud moan..."Don't tease me any more...lick me, bite me, fuck me...give me what I need to cum!" I grabbed her body and stood up and placed her on the edge of the kitchen table. As she sat down, I quickly dove my tongue into her molten swollen pussy...tasting her sweet juices as they flowed out of her pussy like a waterfall out of control. She began to squirt her cum forcefully as I tongue-fucked her and as I found her "G" spot, she went into a long awaited cum. Her legs shook wildly, she screamed that she was cumming and cumming and cumming, then she grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me onto her body..grabbing my cock and steering it towards her creamy molten furnace-like pussy.

    Once the tip of my cock touched her pussy, I felt her squirting some cum again. Wow..she was on fire. In one fast thrust, I plunged my cock all the way inside her..all the way to the bottom. I paused briefly as soon as my cock hit bottom. I wanted..needed to savor her heat. Slowly we began to fuck. My hips were increasing in speed as she begged...demanded that I fuck her hard and fast. She slipped her tongue inside my mouth and kissed me...sucking on my tongue..teasing me as I had teased her. Our bodies had become one as we continued to fuck harder and harder. Sweat was dripping from my forehead as though I'd been in a steamroom. As I raised myself up onto my hands, I continued to plunge my cock in and out, in and out, in and out of her swollen pussy. Faster and faster, I slid my cock in and out of her pussy. I then felt her finger playing with my hips and then I felt it grabbing the cheeks of my ass. I heard her yelling that she was cumming and cumming as I then felt her finger burying itself inside my ass. She found my prostate and massaged it just enough to send me reeling into orbit. My cock began spurting tons of cum inside her molten pussy. Squirt after squirt, I shot my cum deeper and deeper inside her.

    As my cock began to soften, she began to settle down. I felt her hands reaching between my legs as she touched my cock as it withdrew from her cummy pussy. Quickly, I noticed she was licking the fingers of the hand that touched my cummy cock. "Mmmm...she moaned...your cum is delicious."Hearing this and not wanting to let her settle down yet, I quickly slid my face towards her cummy pussy and just as I started to eat her, she closed her thighs tightly and raised up then as she pushed me off of her, she stood up and grabbed me and pulled me quickly to the floor. We got into a hot-n-cummy 69 on her hardwood floor. I felt her hot tongue licking our cums off of my cock as I sucked out our mixed cums from her pussy. Although she cummed again a few more times, she just wasn't into it like she previously was. As I got hard again, she sucked me off till I shot a load of cum into her mouth. Her mouth milked my cock for several minutes then she rolled off of me and turned around and we kissed...each of us giving the other a taste of the cums. We laid there on the floor awhile and then we got up and took a shower together. She peed on me during the shower as I was trying to eat her cummy cunt some more. As I left her home, she told me that we'd do it again..soon! I want her more waiting...
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    Man. I have a neighbor that I would love to have an encounter like this with.. SO HOTT!!
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