The Mall

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    Today was a crazy day, I surprised her and picked her up from work for an evening of shopping and dinner.... Well that was the plan......But anyway................We pull up to the mall and park the car in the parking garage and head inside. We playfully walk through the mall hand in hand, nothing out of the ordinary, until I get the urge to just slide my hand down her pants.

    ​ She is clueless as to what is going through my mind at this very moment. Unknowingly she sets the trap for her own self. " Baby that's my store right there, come on go in with me, I wanna see if they have the jeans i've been trying to find". Perfect (is what i'm thinking). As she browses the racks looking for this pair of elusive jeans, I slide up behind her, put my arms around her waist and slide my hand right down her tights. The look on her face was priceless. Shock and Ecstacy at the same time. "OMG, baby what are you doing". I tell her to continue looking through the rack and pay me no mind. " Easier said than done" she says. I work my hand inside of her panties and gently massage her clit. The way she keeps pushing her ass back up against me, it must be feeling good.

    Uh oh here comes the helpful sales associate. She tries to take my hand out , but I won't let her. " So we move in closer to the rack to try and maintain our little secret. " Can I help you guys with anything?" I could have been an ass and let her try and talk to the sales girl while trying not to let out a moan of ecstacy. Because now i've slipped a finger inside of her kitty and she's on fire and hanging by a thread. So i tell the sales girl we're fine and if we need help we'll come and get her. Her kitty is pulsating like she is holding her moans and screams is beyond me. I'm two fingers deep inside her kitty and massaging her clit with my other hand. Finally her whole body flutters and she lets out a low gasp . " Baby I can't believe you did that, you are so nasty".

    She has no idea this is only the beginning.

    In part 2 of the setup, I find this very nice skirt that matches the top she has on and suggest she try it on to see what it looks like. Again clueless to my intention she heads to the dressing room and tries on the skirt. When she comes out to show me, I compliment her on how sexy she looks in it. She whispers in my ear that her tights are soaked, as well as her panties. We laugh for a brief second, then I suggest that she just wear the skirt instead of putting the wet things back on. She thinks about it for a minute then agrees. I pay for the skirt and we head back out into the mall area. Now knowing that she's panty-less with a hot wet kitty under that skirt, my mind is running crazy.

    As we're walking I notice one of those pic booths up ahead, (you know the ones with the little curtain that pulls across), i'm hard as rock and she has no panties on, this shouldn't be a problem. Baby let's take a pic I suggest. I slide into the booth and take my dick out of my pants as she's putting the money in the slot for the pics...As she sits down on my lap to pose for the pic, I slide slowly inside her hot, wet kitty. She let's out a low toned moan, totally unexpected to her. " Baby, what are you doing, we can't somebody might see us", as she's talking I slide my hands under her ass cheeks and start lifting her up and down on my full hard length. Knowing now that it's useless to resist, she complies and puts her hands up on the ceiling of the booth to brace herself. We've found our rhythm as I thrust up, she bangs down onto me. I grab her by the waist and hold her down tight on my dick , so that it's deep deep inside of her, I feel her cum running down my balls as she grinds hard round and round on my dick....The excitement is too much, i'm about to blow....MMMMMMMMMMMM.....I kiss her softly on the back of her neck and massage her breast as we, come down from our high.

    We slide out of the booth undetected and head toward the car, when someone calls out to us from behind. "Excuse me, Excuse me". As I turn there is a gentleman in a suit with an earpiece on his ear. ( Oh no , mall security i'm thinking). " Yes how can I help you sir". " You left your pics in the slot at the booth". Wooow and i thought we were about to catch a public indecency charge. " Thank you, i appreciate that".

    We get to the car and laugh about it for a second, when suddenly she reaches over, unzips my pants and begins giving me some of best head i've ever had. I feel my dick growing inside of her mouth and her no-hand technique is just turning me on even more. I grab her by the back of her head and guide her mouth up and down my shaft.. slower...then faster....then slow again. My dick is throbbing like crazy. I hold her head right at the tip and she visciously works her tongue around tip, driving me insane. I tell her i'm about to cum and she grabs my dick in her hands and squeezes it and starts sucking on it with a vacuum type force. My whole lower body goes limps as I explode my hot cum down her throat and yet she continues to suck. I think she's enjoying seeing me cringe in ecstacy....................
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