The Making of a slutboy (fantasy fiction)

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    “I dare you,” she said.

    “What?” I gasped.

    “I dare you.” I could almost see the leer on my wife’s pretty face, one hundred miles away, right through the phone. “All you’ve been doing lately is fantasizing about sucking a cock, or whining and acting all jealous about me getting to fulfill my fantasy. Well, here’s your chance. Call.”

    Blow us - m4m - 52

    Buddy and I would like simply to sit back and get blown.

    5'7 6'0
    both cut hung wide
    both white
    both nice dicks

    we can host far west side

    She was right, sucking a cock had become almost an obsession for me. Almost. I just couldn’t seem to take that last leap. As I read through the ad she had sent the link to for the umpteenth time, my swollen cock pressing messily against my waistband, I struggled to find an out.

    “But… but… two guys?”

    “This is exactly what you told me you wanted,” she said firmly. “You said you would gladly suck a cock for me, of my choosing. Well, I chose. Everything is set, you just need to call the number. Go ahead! Or are you really just too much of a wimp…”

    “I, I, I thought you’d be there to watch…”

    “Listen. Everything is arranged. If you trust me and want to please me, you’ll call that number. If not, then…” she let the last words trail off ominously.

    “Ummm…” I stammered.

    “I have to go,” she said, giggling. “MJ and I are going to go out tonight dressed to the nines and mind fuck some of these local boys. You think they’ll like watching us two hot MILFS sexing it up together while they drool and pull their puds?
    She laughed. “Oh, wait! That’s what you’ll be doing, now isn’t it? Call. The. Number. Now.”

    “My God, what have I unleashed?” I asked aloud as the phone went dead. She was out with Mary Jo somebody, sucking pussies and nibbling breasts and who knew what else, all at my behest. I had pushed and prodded, supported and urged her to pursue her fantasy, and here I was, boxing the clown all by my lonesome. This was their second weekend together in four weeks, and I knew of least three other times they had been together. Not only that, but they would soon be working together, as well! And just what did she mean, if I trusted her…

    I looked at my watch again. The road was deserted, long drives disappearing into the woods on either side. The sun began to set as I sat in my car across from the designated driveway. The “call” had been relatively quick and painless once I’d screwed myself up enough to make it.

    “Hello, Jack,” a deep, mellow male voice said. “What’s your wife’s name?” He laughed heartily as I stammered out “Jill,” then said, “She’s quite a keeper, I think,” before giving me the address and meeting time. I was so fucked up with adrenaline that I could hardly write it down, then realized that I really needed to get my ass in gear to make it on time.

    And, of course, I was early. As I waited, reason after reason to just turn around and go home ran through my mind. Jill would disown me for sure, but she’d get over it. Maybe. And it wasn’t like I didn’t get to experience the sensations. Oh, no! A few months earlier, I had given her a harness and strap-on almost as a joke gift, but once she decided to try it, she had become quite adept in its use. I knew it wouldn’t, couldn’t compare to the real thing, but… I looked at my watch again. It was now or never… I put the car in gear, and turned into the drive, my rigid cock leading the way past the point of no return…

    I walked through the kitchen after leaving my shoes by the door. The house was very nice, not too pretentious, but the owner obviously didn’t lack money. Plush rugs ran through the house over gleaming wood floors. Large paintings and photographs, obviously originals, covered much of the wall space I could see, and two very contemporary sculptures held prominent positions in the wide archway to my right, leading to what was presumably the living room. I heard voices off past the dining room, and followed the sounds down a wide hall toward an archway on my left.

    The flat screen TV seemed to take up nearly the entire right wall, and I was greeted with the sight of an elephantine cock plowing into an equally large pussy, splashed in living color across the room. The sound system was impressive, as well, with the typical “Oh, yeah, baby’s” and “Fuck me harder’s” vibrating through the cool air. The center of the room was dominated by a large crescent shaped sofa that looked more like an upholstered bed, over a deep piled round rug. The two men occupying each end of the sofa were presumably to be the subjects of my attentions.

    “Jack! Come in, come in…” The man matched the voice, a big boned, just slightly out of shape “jock” type guy, several years older than I, with a neatly trimmed salt and pepper beard and very close cropped hair. “I’m Bill.” He sat forward on the large cushioned sofa, then stood. He was broad shouldered, and barrel chested, his faded, short sleeved shirt’s tails hanging untucked over equally faded jeans. I also noticed with some curiosity that he was barefoot. He motioned to his left. “And this is George.”

    George nodded in greeting, then returned his attention to the porn on the wall. His thin frame was clad in a fashionable white running suit, and the outline of his erection was clearly visible in the light from the big screen TV. I was suddenly reminded why I had come, and my feet felt like lead. The adrenaline rush of earlier was turning sour fast. As Bill motioned me forward, I realized that this was going to be much more than the simple “blow and go” of my fantasies. I finally propelled myself into the room proper as Bill pointed a remote toward the screen.

    “Hi, honey!” My wife’s voice filled the room, all dripping with saccharine enthusiasm. I looked up to the screen to see her face in the upper corner. I was struck by the absurdity of the image, her face plastered next to that eight foot, pussy pounding cock. “I told you, everything is arranged! Bill is a video guru, and I’m going to get to watch him fuck your slutty little mouth live!” Another pretty face suddenly appeared over her shoulder. “Oh, and MJ, too! What do you think of that?”

    I glanced around the room again, the video cameras I had missed before seeming to loom over me. I looked at George, then Bill; each wore a look of “Well, what are you waiting for” on their faces. I licked my lips and stepped closer to the massive sofa.

    “My cock needs some air,” George exclaimed loudly, and with a practiced motion unveiled his flourishing cock as he dropped his running pants, then leaned back into the cushions. He, too, was barefoot. “Let’s get this party started, already!”

    (continued in next post...)
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    My body lurched forward, seemingly of its own volition, drawn by the magnet of George’s tool. I saw Bill grab a camera as I passed him and slowly sank to my knees in front of George. He sprawled across the cushions, one leg stretched down to the floor as he stroked that wondrous cock, making room for me to crawl closer.

    He was all of eight inches, long, but slim, with full veins popping as he took long, slow strokes, his fingers gliding along the gleaming shaft. His balls clung snuggly to the base, wrinkled, deep purple seed spewers that made my mouth water, and my own cock and balls ache deliciously. I had never been so close to another man’s cock, and I watched in fascination as he pointed the dart shaped head in my direction.

    “Get over here, boy,” he said impatiently. “I like it nice and sloppy, so start licking…” I leaned in, and extended my tongue…

    That first touch was searing, my tongue enflamed by the torch of his blood pumped cock. I sucked the hot, steamy head between my tight lips, laving the underside with my tongue. George continued to stroke, and I soon caught the rhythm, popping the head in and out over my lips. I’m sucking a cock! I can’t believe it! I thought as I glanced up at George’s face. Somewhere, he had donned a weird looking pair of glasses, with thick bows… It took me a moment to realize it was actually a tiny POV video camera, recording my debauchery for all posterity.

    I hesitated at that moment, and George took advantage. ”You can do better than that, I hope,” he sneered, and whipped my cheek several times with his cock. “Spit on it, bitch,” he said, “and get it all nice and wet before you suck my balls.”

    I lost myself in the moment, glorying in the sensation of the hot, soft skin against my tongue as I sloppily licked up and down that long shaft. Saliva drooled down my chin as I noshed on his tight balls, first one, then the other filling my mouth, glistening like jewels as I sat back for a moment’s rest. I fleetingly wished I could relieve some of the pressure on my own cock, insistently throbbing in my jeans, slopping pre-cum everywhere, and searching for a way out.

    I went right back at it, sucking the hot head into my mouth. I looked right into the camera as I worked my burning lips farther and farther down the shaft, the head playing deeper and deeper across my rough tongue. I heard the moaning then, in time with each slow lunge, louder and longer as my lips neared the root, subsiding as they left their wet streaks of spit behind. It took me a moment to realize the moans were mine. When I finally felt the purple head beat the back of my throat for the first time, I gloated, knowing that I was finally doing what I had dreamed of for so long.

    “There. Now you’re getting there,” George said as I plunged down his thick pole. He put his hand on the back of my head. “Now you’re getting there. Now you need to go a little faster.” His hand guided me, quickening my pace. “Maybe a little deeper, too,” he said, his hand more insistent. His cock plundered my mouth, and I greedily complied.

    I saw Bill standing beside me then, crouching, really, his camera taking in every detail. I wondered briefly what I looked like on camera, my lips wrapped around that firm cock, clingingly sliding up and down the long smooth shaft… I wallowed happily in my sin, feeling the blood rushing through that surging cock, the pulse beating heavy on my lips encircling the raw shaft, my own pulse matching it, pounding through my head, and my cock, like a stampede of bulls, my fiery breath coming in gulps and gasps.

    Without warning, George mashed my face down into his groin, his cock thrusting deep into the back of my throat, a branding iron, a white hot torch seeming to reach all the way into my lungs. I panicked and tried to pull away, but he thrust upwards then, three, four, five deep, powerful thrusts of his hips, impaling my throat on his sword of a cock.

    He pulled my head away, finally, holding it by the hair like a war trophy as I gasped, choked, and spewed. Snot poured from my nose, spittle from my mouth, and tears from my eyes as he laughed. Before I knew what he was doing, both hands were in my hair, and his cock was back in my mouth. I tried to pull away, gather my strength, but to no avail.

    He lurched forward, off the edge of the sofa, pushing me back on my heels, off balance. “Oh, yeah, what a pussy boy mouth! Come on you slut, swallow the whole thing! I’m going to pound your little cumslut mouth right into the ground!” I could hear Jill and MJ making noises in the background, urging him on.

    I knew then that he was going to cum, and I mustered what courage I could find as he slowly but forcefully rammed his beastly cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I tried to relax, just go with the flow, breathing through my nose and trying to match his rhythm. I tried to stick out my tongue, as I had read somewhere, and suddenly that long, lean cock was buried as deep as it would go, my hot lips mashed once again against his shaven base, drool flowing like a river as my tongue squirmed around the turgid shaft.

    He paused for a moment, his mouth screwed into a silent “O.” I didn’t panic this time, at all, but rather relished the thought that he was going to face fuck me with abandon, slamming that ramrod cock deeper and faster down my throat than Jill could ever think of taking. He withdrew until the scorching hot head touched my lips, then “bam,” thrusting ‘til his balls smashed my chin. Pause, withdraw. “Bam,” again, faster, harder, with every stroke, every thrust punctuated with “Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Yeah. Fuck. Ooh, yeah.”

    I tried to swallow, needed to swallow, as I gluttonously devoured his prick, my throat spasming tightly around the fat purple head as he ground his cock deep into my mouth. “Uhh,” he grunted loudly, involuntarily, as my throat muscles milked his cock. Again and again, over and over, my throat clutched at the snake of his cock, surely trying to devour him alive. His legs began to quiver and he arched his back with one final slam.

    I thought he would cum at that moment, his hot seed spewing down the back of my throat, disappointed that I wouldn’t get to taste my prize. Somehow, he kept control, pulling out and grabbing his cock just as the first huge shot sprayed into my mouth, feeling like molten steel as it blasted all the way back along my tongue. I watched the next eruption of cum blast wantonly from that pulsing cock, making a slow arc into the air before heading directly toward one eye. Quickly, I closed my eyes as load after load of hot sticky spunk spewed across my face.

    “There, slut boy, that’s a good intro to getting your mouth fucked,” George leered, as I wiped away a fat glob from my eye. He laughed again, and I could hear the others’ laughter as George slowly pumped the dregs of his load onto my chin and smeared it around with his still smoking hot cock. Bill stood over me chuckling, the camera still trained on my face, and I turned to see both Jill and MJ’s images on the screen, their laughter taunting me throughout the room. I didn’t care a bit. I had just sucked a big, fat cock! I stared at the gigantic image of my face on the wall. Cum was everywhere, in my hair, running down my forehead, dripping off my chin. And I had the biggest, stupidest smile across my face…

    I wiped the clinging glop from my chin, looking around for a towel, or something, anything, to clean up. “Oh, Fuck no!” I heard my wife command. ”You are going to lick up and eat every drop of that smelly, soggy, gooey mess, slut boy! And we are all going to watch, and make certain!” I heard MJ squeal in delight, followed by a breathy “Oh, yes!”

    I stared down at my sloppy, cum filled hand. Of course. And why not, I asked myself, it comes with the territory, right? I slowly spread my fingers, watching the thick spunk glom between the digits. I could smell the aroma, the “Georgeness” of it, my mouth watering as I raised my hand and tilted my head back, dramatically allowing the creamy slime to slide from my fingertips in long stringy bands onto my waiting tongue.

    “I want to see it!” Jill demanded loudly, her voice seeming to boom through the room. “I want to see that fat gooey puddle of cum covering your tongue before watching you swallow it, slutboy! “ Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the red blinking light of the camera as Bill moved in to get a better angle. I smiled, and slowly stuck out my tongue to begin licking the gloriously indulgent reward from my fingers, my rock hard cock clamoring for it’s own indulgence, still stuffed away in my jeans…
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