The Limousine Ride Part Two

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    Kellie was glad her journey had come to an end. What she had planned to be a shopping visit, and a chance to be with David, had turned into a nightmare. At least her husband hadn't found out. Her heart missed a beat, those two men. She hoped they could be trusted.

    She keyed her pin at the main gate; absently pushing it once the numbers had been entered. But it stayed locked. She tried again, still locked. She pressed the buzzer and the maid answered.

    “I’ll be down in a minute.”
    “But…,” Kellie protested, but the intercom went dead.
    The maid appeared at the gate holding an envelope. "Mrs Davis, Mr Davis told me to give this note to you."

    Kellie took the envelope and impatiently ripped it open, in it was a typed but unsigned note. It didn't go into much detail, it didn't need to. In dot-point form, it informed her that her access to the house had been cancelled, her store account cards had also been cancelled, her credit card limit was reduced to $5,000 and would be cancelled at the end of the month. There were some clothes packed for her and she was to keep her mobile phone switched on for some lawyers to contact her.

    Kellie re-read the note. Surely not? Those two bastards must have told my husband after all. She pressed the buzzer again. She asked the maid about her clothes. The maid told her that the gardener would bring the suitcase to her.

    Standing in the familiar street, suitcase at her feet and the note still in her hand, Kellie wondered what to do next. She rang for a taxi and pondered where to stay. A hotel, at least for a couple of days. She told the taxi driver to take her to a modest place that was not too far away. She checked in, hoping that the note was right about her credit card. Sure enough, she had been given just enough money to keep her going for a couple of weeks.

    Up in the room, she kicked off her shoes and thought about ringing David. She shuddered, she mustn't go into details, she couldn't go into details.

    "David, he's found out."
    "It's a long story, but I know he knows. And he’s thrown me out."
    "Sorry Kellie. I was sure the car would be okay."
    "I did too. It's not your fault. All I've got is a little cash, a credit card and this phone."
    "That's too bad, but I'm not sure what I can."
    "What do you mean ‘not sure’?" Kellie snapped.
    "Well, I'm married. Our affair, you know, has to be discreet."
    "Yeah, I know that. But surely you can help."
    "But how? Listen, you were his PA before you got married. You're only twenty-seven, it wouldn't be hard to start again."
    "Yeah, like I married the boss and now I'm getting divorced. How's that going to look on my resume?" she snapped.
    "I'm sorry Kellie, but I don't know what I can do."
    "Get fucked David," and she angrily pressed the red button.

    Men, hopeless the lot of them.

    As expected, the lawyers rang the next day and they wanted to meet with her that afternoon. Clearly her husband had decided to move quickly. No bad thing, better to get it over and move on.

    The meeting was as she had expected: three of them, one of her. They pointed out the pre-marriage agreement. She was not prepared to concede anything, not yet at least. She remembered getting advice on it before they got married. In the case of divorce arising from her adultery, she was to get next to nothing. Nonetheless she decided she needed help. She needed her own lawyer to help her bargain for a little more than next to nothing.

    By the end of the week, it was all over. The second meeting achieved a small victory. She could keep all her clothes, her jewellery, her personal effects and a lump sum settlement. That was their final offer. She thought it over, but she didn't have much choice. She had sold her furniture and put the money in her own bank account. That cash, plus the settlement should see her through.

    That evening, while dining alone, she thought about what David had said, work as a PA again. Sure, it was only eighteen months ago. If she used her maiden name, and her prior references, she might be okay.

    First thing Monday she rang some employment consultants. They sounded keen, but they always do. One wanted to meet her that afternoon.

    "Kellie," he said, smiling insincerely. Unconsciously she winced, how she hated employment agents. "So nice to see you," he continued.

    On Wednesday, she was dressing smartly for her first job interview. As irritating as his manner was, at least the agent was effective. When she rang for the taxi, she made a mental note to invest some of her cash in a new car.

    The interview went well. It was a medium sized company, and someone was leaving. The most important thing was her ability to start straight away. The man who interviewed her, Ian, seemed nice enough. No, he was quite charming. She thought that it might be a good place to work. She hoped she would get the job.

    The consultant rang her on her mobile. "Kellie," he said in a half-whisper that was supposed to sound arousing, "we have some good news." Again she winced, this man was so annoying. "Can you start on Monday?"

    Monday it was. With income, she was able to rent a place. She found a nice high-rise apartment block near the city centre, walking distance from her job. A nice one-bedroom furnished apartment was just what she wanted. Somewhere to call home. A new beginning.

    It didn’t take Kellie long to get back into the routine of work. In fact, after eighteen months of not much to do, it was nice to have the activity of a regular job again. In any case, her work revolved around scheduling meetings, managing appointments, fending off unwanteds and helping Ian's subordinates.
    Kellie noticed that Ian had that contented air of a happily married man. There were two photos on his sideboard, one of his wife Kim, and another of his two children: one boy and one girl. From time to time when he had to work later than usual, he always rang home and spent some time talking to his wife before resuming work.

    It was on one of these late nights that things started to change. The two of them were alone in the office working on a presentation. Ian was drafting ideas on his whiteboard while Kellie was entering the points as presentation slides on the laptop computer.

    Engrossed in her typing, she suddenly felt him standing behind her, looking at the slides. Then she felt his hands on her shoulders, massaging her shoulders and neck. It was comforting. Comfortable, sensual but not seductive. She turned to look him in the eyes and he bent forward, kissed her. He gently brushed her cheek with a finger.

    All hell broke loose! The door flew open and the cleaner barged in, turning on a noisy vacuum cleaner strapped to his back. Ian pulled away, turning red. Above the cacophony he apologised most profusely. Kellie was confused. He seemed such a contented man, and yet this? And she enjoyed it, she had been so buried in work and home for the last few months that she missed being sensual. She dismissed it as an aberration on his part, sure that it wouldn't happen again. It couldn't happen again.

    The powerpoint slides they were for a conference where Ian had been invited to speak. It was an honour to him personally, but it was also important for the company for him to make a good impression with his talk. Kellie was to accompany him, to make sure that the notes of his speech were made available, as well as the marketing material from their company. Up until last night, Kellie had no qualms about their business trip, even though they would be away together for three days in a luxury island resort. Now she wasn't so sure. She didn't want to fuck up his marriage and she certainly didn't want to fuck up her job. She thought about it long and hard in the bath that night. The best thing to do would be to raise the issue with him the next day, just so she knew where she stood.
    As she relaxed in bed, she was sure that this was the right move. If someone else had to do her job at the conference, then so be it.

    After the cleaners noisy interruption the evening before, the presentation hadn't been finished. First thing in the morning, Kellie interrupted Ian to remind him about the slides. He asked her to close the door and again he apologised. He said he didn't know what came over him and he promised never to do anything like that again. Kellie felt relieved, and also managed to book a couple of hours of his time to finalise things.

    The flight to the resort was uneventful enough, and once they arrived, Kellie realised that she wouldn’t be crossing paths with her boss. The itinerary was very full, presentations from morning to night would keep him out of the way, and ensure she would be bored witless. The two evenings were also booked. A boat cruise and meal one day, and a bus trip to a local winery for a meal the next.

    Ian's presentation was in the morning of the third day, which kept Kellie occupied for a couple of hours. It seemed to go well, and she was busy handing out copies of his notes and the other material. The last afternoon dragged, with the conference eventually finishing early on Friday so that people could fly home, except for those waiting for a direct flight to Melbourne early the next morning.

    That evening was very quiet, the resort had few holiday makers, and even fewer guests left from the conference. Ian rang her room and suggested they dine together in the resort restaurant. Kellie thought it made sense and they agreed on meeting at seven.

    Casual conversations over dinner. Small talk, nothing in particular. The talk drifts around to work.

    "I really appreciate your work. The presentation was very professional," Ian said.
    "Thanks," Kellie replied, “but it’s your ideas”.
    "You really brighten up the office. It has been a wonderful the last couple of months working with you."
    "It’s been wonderful for me too."
    "Your company tonight makes me not want to go home." He reached out and took her hand . "I realise what a sham my home life is."
    "I don’t understand."
    "There’s so much missing, it’s been months."
    Kellie pulled her hand away. She knew some women, once they got married… Dangerous territory. She tried to think of something to reassure him.
    "Perhaps if you and your wife went away together," Kellie suggested. "Alone. A romantic holiday. Could someone look after your kids?"
    "No, that would be worse," Ian replied. “Holidays are supposed to be happy. Who wants to be alone with a clingy sexless woman?"
    "Surely, just the two of you. There must be some chance."
    "There’d be no chance."

    Kellie thought of her own failed marriage. Sex isn't the only thing in a relationship, but bad sex or no sex, puts things under an intolerable strain. "Ian. I don't know what to say."

    "That's alright," he replied. "I shouldn't have burdened you. It's just you are such good company and I really needed someone to talk to."

    Fortunately their main course arrived and the food interrupted conversation for a while.

    While she walked back to her room, she thought of her boss. The pictures in his office, the phone calls home. He was looking for love with sex, like all men. She felt sorry for him, she really did.
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    The Limousine Ride Part Two - continuation

    Nothing more was said about Ian's marital woes on the flight home and Kellie knew that Personal Assistants sometimes got more personal than they bargained for.

    Ian suggested, seeing as Kellie lived on the way to his house, they could share a taxi. Kellie was wary, but they sat together on the plane all the way from the island with not a word said out of place. But as soon as the taxi got underway, he reached out and held her hand.

    "You’re a special woman, there must be a lucky man in your life."
    "No, not for a long time."
    "I can't believe that."

    Kellie heard a break in his voice, he was so sad. She rubbed his cheek with her finger and he took her hand and gently kissed it. Then he leaned across and kissed her. Kellie smelt his masculine scent, she loved the scent of men. She put her arm around him. He leaned closer, resting his head on her shoulder. He buried himself in her and she held him tight. The taxi droned on.

    Kellie realised she was close to her apartment. She looked at his tousled hair, she understood how lonely he was, she knew he wanted love the way men want to be loved. She knew he was unsure how to ask her.

    She heard herself say, "We’ll both be getting out at Cooper Street driver."

    She saw him look at her, she swore she saw his eyes glistening. She held him tight.

    They got to her apartment building, she let him go and climbed out of the taxi. She walked to his door and opened it, holding her hand to his.

    "Come," she said.

    He got out as the taxi driver placed their luggage on the footpath. Ian pulled himself enough together to sign the credit docket for the driver. Kellie took his hand, and Ian walked beside her without saying a word. She guided him to the lift, tenth floor, apartment ten-twelve. She led him inside and turned on the heating.

    "This way," as she showed him to the lounge room. She sat on the couch and he sat beside her. She ran her hands though his thick dark hair and kissed him passionately. He took her in his arms and held her the way men do. She loved that, the way masculinity starts to show. The way they can go from a little lost boy to a passionate lover just with the thought of sex.

    Their kiss went on forever. She held him tight, he held her tight. She felt the apartment warming.

    "Do you want to freshen up?"

    She showed him the bathroom. When he emerged, she told him to wait for her in the bedroom. She quickly showered, before joining him. She found him sitting on the chair. She knelt before him and started to unbutton his shirt. She pulled it out of his waistband, removed it and tossed it to one side. She undid his belt and loosened his trousers. He stood and she lowered his trousers and noticed he was wearing nice looking brief underpants. She eased them over his growing erection. She was startled to see that he was shaved, somehow that seemed incongruous on her boss. She held his manhood, feeling it already hardening. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. She felt him put his hands on her head, as if to complete a circle of sexual energy. She cupped his balls as she slowly and gently sucked his now hard and quite impressive manhood. She kept up the slow and sensual sucking, his masculinity in the palm of her hands. Arousing him enough to thrill him, but not enough to make him come, she wanted that pleasure for later.

    She let him go, standing and facing him. Slowly, she undid the buttons on her blouse, watching his eyes following her fingers. Soon her blouse was on the ground. Then her jeans. He had already discarded his trousers. She held him again, feeling his hard body pressed against her, knowing he was lusting after her. She stood back, reached behind and unclipped her black bra. She saw his eyes transfixed. She reached out and brought him to her. Again he kissed, but this time his hands held her breasts, massaging her just so, brushing her nipples. She shuddered at his touch, married men make the best lovers.

    She turned around and faced the bed. Slowly she bent over, slowly she eased her panties down. She knew what he would be seeing. She wondered if he was a breast man or an arse man. Either way, he was a pussy man, and the sight of her pussy slowly uncovered while she lowered her panties would be driving him wild.

    She climbed onto the bed, looked over her shoulder and gave an unspoken invitation. He joined her. She nudged his shoulder so he was lying flat on his back while she turned and straddled him, her pussy just above his face. She took him in her mouth again while she felt his hands on her hips, feeling his tongue touching her just so, the gentle touch of a lover who knows what he is doing.
    He was just teasing her, caressing her, lightly brushing her clit, just getting her ready for him while she gently teased his hard cock. She still didn't want him to come, she wanted him inside her. She felt his touch centre on just the right spot. Oh my God, he was good! She gave up on his cock, lifting herself and pressing against him instead. He knew exactly what he was doing, she felt the buzzing already.

    Still he kept it up. Slowly, purposefully, rubbing her special spot over and over again. He had the confidence to know that sooner or later she would come. He just kept it up, slowly driving her towards her peak. She felt it building, the buzzing slowly consuming her. Getting closer, getting closer, getting closer. She knew she was going to come. Closer and closer.

    "Oh fuck!" she exclaimed as the dam burst. The surge ran through her body. Her entire energy drained toward her cunt. Fuck, she needed that.

    Quickly she climbed off, turned around, and straddled him. She watched his eyes as she lowered herself on his hard cock. She took him and guided it in. She felt that delicious sensation as it entered her. Spreading her, stretching her, slipping inside, watching him, feeling him.

    She braced her hands on the bedhead, it was her turn to make him come. She started to thrust, squeezing him as rode him. He took his breasts, massaged them, fondling her while she fucked him. Just the two of them and time standing still.

    She felt him getting more aroused, he was meeting her thrusts, his hips bouncing into her, his hands on her hips. She knew he had shifted, he wanted to come now. There was only one thing on his mind. She saw it on his face. Eyes closed in concentration, sweat glistening on his brow. She heard him moaning lightly, willing himself to come. Moaning more intensely with each stroke, each time he buried himself deep inside her. Faster and faster. She matched his pace. He was driving it now. Faster and faster. Deeper and deeper. Forcing himself inside her as deep as he could go. Deeper, deeper and then he cried out.

    Two, three, four deep thrusts. He kept it up. Slower and slower. Still he thrusted. He seemed to come forever. It must have been so long for the poor man. She leaned forward, his hardness still inside her. She rested her head on his chest, feeling his heart beating so fast. Feeling the sweat on his body. Poor man, it has been a long time. She lay on him; she never wanted to leave him. She felt his arms wrapped around her.

    They lay coupled for ages before Kellie moved, she grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped him before curling up beside him and holding him, he was so warm. It had been a long day and she was tired. Holding each other, she quietly dozed, just slipping in and out of consciousness. She held him dearly, and he held her.

    He stiffened, startled. He kissed her on the cheek. "Darling, I must go."

    She knew it was to be, but wouldn't it be nice for him to stay.

    "I'll remember this for a long time to come."

    She grabbed a gown while he dressed. They kissed at her front door. "Monday, I can't wait till Monday," he said. It was an ambiguous remark, and Kellie wondered what it meant.

    She re-made her rumpled bed, showered, dressed and wearily prepared herself a meal. Another lonely Saturday night. Later on, she went outside and hired a movie, something to pass the time. Maybe Monday couldn't come quickly enough.
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    The Limousine Ride Part Two - continuation

    It was with some trepidation that Kellie dressed for work. As soon as she sat at her desk, Ian appeared. He beckoned her into his office.

    "I'm sorry about running off like that, it's just they were expecting me."
    "No, don't worry," she said. "I understand. What did you say?"
    He smiled. "The plane was late." Then he got more serious. "Saturday, you know, was special for me. I’d forgotten…"
    "Ssh," she replied. "It was special for me too."
    "It's just, I realise what I've been missing, and I don't want to miss anymore."
    "You mean…?"
    "If you want to."
    "Tonight. We can be working late. I can forward my phone to my mobile. Nobody need know."
    "Okay then, tonight." Kellie felt her heart racing, the thrill and the danger of it. Nobody must know.

    Only the cleaners saw them depart together, walking side by side in the cold. Trying to avoid suspicion, not even holding hands. Kellie felt a little uneasy about being 'the other woman'. But he was a pleasant man and a good lover. It was good to be loved, and every many deserves love. Every woman too, we are sexual beings after all.

    Over the next month or so, the liaisons came regularly. Two or three times a week, always after work, Ian sneaking away from her apartment to return to his domestic life. Wife, children, meal, television, bed. Kellie left alone for the rest of the night. She needed something better.

    Over the weekend Kellie rummaged through her collection of cookbooks, looking for something. She started preparing her special meal, and then she thought about dessert. Yes, dessert could be fun.

    At work on Monday, she went to Ian’s office. "Tonight, I want to cook for you," she told him
    "Cook?" he asked.
    "Yes, like in food."
    "Oh, yes. But…"
    "You could say you’re entertaining clients."
    "Yeah, okay. I'll ring now. A meal together. That’ll be nice."

    As they left the office that evening, they didn't realise that someone had seen them. She was holding a bunch of flowers and surprised to see her husband and a woman together. Someone who was sorry about all of the late nights and decided to bring a present. Although she didn't want to spoil their entertaining, something didn't seem right, so she decided to follow them. They went to an apartment building not far from the office. She watched them go inside while she stayed in the shadows. They caught a lift and she went inside and waited on one of the leather seats, the flowers placed on the table next to her. While time slipped by, she rang the babysitter and told her that she was delayed and she didn't know how long she would be. In her bag was a paperback. She pulled it out, found her place and started to read. She glanced at her watch, my word they were taking some time. She kept on reading.

    Inside the apartment was cosy and warm with the smell of Kellie's cooking adding atmosphere. Kellie opened a bottle of red wine while Ian set the table. A table for two, how wonderful.

    Once the main meal was finished, and the wine drunk, Kellie announced dessert was to be in the bedroom. She saw the look of surprise on Ian's face. "My darling, this is going to be decadent."
    Kellie had it planned. Champagne, cream, strawberries and honey, a tasty mixture. She arranged the ingredients on the bed. The champagne and glasses were chilled. She started to undress. "Come and enjoy."

    She watched him strip off, the confusion on his face was priceless. She knelt on the bed and handed him a glass.

    "To us," she said.
    "Yes, to us."

    She took a strawberry, dipped it in cream and placed it between her lips. She leant forward to kiss him. With her tongue, she pushed it forward. He took it from her. She took another one and kissed him again.

    "Nice?" she asked.
    "Delicious," he said.

    She laid on her back, took a spoon of cream and smeared it on her breasts. She placed a couple of strawberries into the cream.

    "Hungry?" she asked him.
    He gently took the strawberries from her breasts. Then he licked her, brushing her nipples just lightly as he ate the cream.

    "More?" she asked.

    He nodded.

    This time she spread the cream between her legs. Again she placed some strawberries into the cream.
    Again he took the strawberries from her body. Lingering a little longer for each one. Then, like a good boy, he cleaned her right up. She shuddered with his touch as his tongue ran all over her pussy till there wasn't a trace of cream left.

    "Your turn," she said, getting onto her knees. This time she thought, honey would do the trick. She took a spoon of honey and dripped it onto his manhood. The she ran her tongue all over his thickening rod, licking away the sticky sweetness, making sure she got every last trace, feeling him harden while she ate her desert.

    She grabbed the spoon and repeated the effort. There was more cock this time, so more honey it would be. It took so much longer to clean him up, but the effort was worth it. He was hard enough to burst. Maybe he would like to eat some honey too.

    Kellie lay back and spread honey between her legs and he didn't need an invitation. The honey must have been delicious because he cleaned her with the utmost care. Every fold, every crevice of her womanhood licked clean. Only he didn't stop there. The honey was well gone but he kept going. Lying down for comfort now, he continued to run his tongue around her in his own special way. Then she felt his finger, teasing before he entered her. He found her spot quickly enough. He kept it up, pressing her inside and running his tongue around her pussy.

    She felt it building, closer and closer. She wanted to hold him, to kiss him, to love him. All she could think of was the delicious sensations growing and growing. Closer and closer. He kept it up. She felt it so close, so close.

    She gasped as it swelled through her; delicious sensations from head to cunt. She bathed in her indescribable pleasure. It felt so good. Too good.

    He got up, she reached out for him. She wanted to hold him, to hug him. She wanted to feel his body against her own. She saw him respond to her lead. He lay above her, taking his weight. She took his hard cock and guided it to her opening. She needed him inside her. She wanted him to fuck her.
    She shuddered with sensation of his hard cock slipping inside. She willed him to go deeper. She lifted her legs over his back, locking her ankles, straining for him to fill her. He kissed her, tongue touching tongue as his thick hard cock rocked inside her.

    His strokes were slow and deliberate, teasing her, teasing himself. Agonisingly and excruciatingly slow. A gentle and deliberate motion as he held her, kissed her and fucked her. She bathed in his masculinity, the thing that men do when their animal is unleashed.

    She felt his urgency. Thrusting faster. Breathing heavily. Soon, he would reach his peak. She held him, felt him. She wished him on. She wanted him to come. To love her. To fill her.

    Faster and faster he thrust. Suddenly, he pulled his head back as he came. She held him tight with her legs. Again and again he thrust until, finally, he was spent. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. She felt his heart beating fast. She felt his skin pressed against hers. She wished it would last forever.

    After so long in their blissful embrace, he lifted himself up and away. She still wanted to hold him. As he rolled onto his back, she cuddled up tight and held him. It was a glorious moment, the moment of the Gods.

    Slowly he stirred. He gazed into her eyes with such wonderment. She saw his small boy, the small boy overcome by what she had allowed him to do. He kissed her gently. He stretched his arms, relaxing his muscles. It was over; he had to return to the big bad world.

    Together they dressed. She knew tonight had been special for her lover and she wanted to show how special it had been for her too. She held his hand as they made their way to the lift. He pushed the ground floor button. She nestled close for the last few moments together as the lift raced to the foyer. It had been a memorable night.

    The lift door opened.

    "Ian," she heard a woman exclaim. "What's going on?"
    "Kim?" he said.
    "Who's this?" the woman asked.
    "Um, this is Kellie, my assistant."
    "Ian," Kim looked at her watch. "You’ve been almost two hours. Have you been…?"
    "No, no, we've been working."
    "Bullshit Ian. You've been fucking her."
    "What if I have? I haven't fucked you for so long I've forgotten the last time."
    "So that's it. Unless you get sex on demand, you fuck whoever’s handy!"
    "Not sex on demand, just some sex at all."
    "Really. If you weren't married to your job, maybe you’d get some at home."
    "Married to my job? You don't know married to the job. I was home so much and every time you pushed me away. At least Kellie didn't push me…"
    "Well then Kellie, you'd better keep him then. He's no good to me."

    She stormed out the door, Ian went to follow her but stopped. Instead, he went to the flowers near where she had been sitting.

    "She must have bought these for me," he said as he held them.

    Indeed she must, Kellie thought. She held Ian close to her. That sensual masculinity was gone and the hurt little boy was back. "You can stay the night," she offered. She led him to the lift.

    A new day and unfinished business. Kellie left Ian behind and made her way to work. Ian arrived about an hour later looking rather agitated. He asked her to come into his office.

    "I don't think Kim wants me back," he started.
    "How do you know?"
    "I tried calling her, but she hung up on me."
    "Maybe if you give it time," Kellie offered, quite sure she didn’t want to take Kim's place in Ian's life.
    "Yeah," he agreed. "Maybe if I give it time."
    "In the meantime, you can stay at my place."
    "That wouldn't be a good idea."
    "You really want her back, don't you?"
    "Yes, we go back a long way. And there's the children…"
    "I see. Does that mean, you and me…?"
    "It's over, and I don't think you can work for me either."
    Kellie was startled, it ended so fast. She tried to pull herself together. "Can you give me a reference?"
    "Yes, of course. A good one."
    "And some notice?" she asked.
    "Yeah, finish up today with two months pay. Looking for a job is a job. Finish up and good luck."
    She kissed him on the cheek. "Good luck too."

    Kellie was soon ringing the consultants. The news was good. There were plenty of jobs.
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    cool~~~ at least she had the dignity to leave and he was nice to pay her as well as give her a good reference...
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    This turned out to be a very nice story. I was very pleased
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