The Limousine Ride Part One

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    This is something I wrote a long time ago. I spent an hour or so revising it, turning it into a synthetic purse, but to do better I would need to spend more time on it. It is written using an unusual point of view, third-person omniscient, which may seem unusual when you read it, although the plot couldn't have been done any other way. I hope you enjoy.


    The driver of the black limousine eased the car carefully out of the basement carpark and onto the rain slick street. He adjusted the wipers to clear the persistent drizzle that had been falling for several hours. The streets were grey and sombre as he switched on the headlights of the big car, he didn't want to take any chances with a black car in the rain.

    Pedestrians clutched umbrellas as he waited at the traffic lights, some staring at the long limousine, half as big again as any other car on the road. It was built to carry celebrities, dignitaries and heads of State. Although he knew the way, the driver programmed the satellite navigation system for his current location and his first stop. Then he pressed a button on the system and the navigation screen switched to a view of the rear compartment, looking at the far rear seat. He smiled in satisfaction as the lights changed and he quickly returned the system to navigation mode.

    He cruised through the city traffic and was soon on the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. THE harbour bridge. The opera house was to his right, but traffic prevented a view of the famous landmark. In any case, the day was too murky for sightseeing.

    He turned off the highway when he reached the wealthy suburbs of the north shore. He expertly manoeuvred down some side streets until he found the house he wanted. He double parked beside some smaller cars and waited.

    The man came down the steps to the street, shut the gate behind him and stood by the car. He was immaculately dressed in a dinner suit, white shirt, red bow tie and matching red handkerchief in his top pocket. The driver was waiting; he quickly opened the rear compartment door to allow the man to enter.

    The passenger pressed the microphone. "To the airport driver,” he instructed.

    The driver started the engine and made his way through the maze of narrow winding streets until he finally reached the harbour tunnel and pointed the car south towards the airport. Again he checked the navigation screen; the man was clearly visible as he fidgeted alone in the great expanse of the rear of the limousine. They emerged from the tunnel, the driver noticing that the rain was easing.

    The freeway system built for the recent Olympic games led them to the airport terminal in no time. Ignoring the no parking signs, the driver knew nobody moved this big car on, he pulled up in front of the terminal. The driver quickly opened the rear door and the man immediately went to a woman who was standing, waiting. The driver discreetly eyed her; she was tall, slim with long auburn hair, looking delicious in her slinky long black dress. She took one step forward to his passenger and they embraced, the driver aroused by the way the slit in the side of her dress exposed her leg to the top of her thigh, the discreet exposure of shapely stocking-clad leg sexier than the briefest bikini on the hottest of days. To top it off she had a gold chain hanging loose around her waist and a matching chain on her ankle. The man held her hand while they climbed into the rear compartment. The driver stowed her luggage in the cavernous boot before returning to his seat and waiting.

    "Mercure hotel, Railway Square. Take the long way, around Bondi. Take it slow and gentle."
    The driver smiled to himself, he knew the way to Bondi well enough.
    "It's been a long time my darling," the man said. "Too long."
    "I've missed you David."
    "I've missed you like you wouldn't believe. Champagne?"

    David opened the fridge and removed a half-bottle of Champagne and two chilled flutes. He placed them into the glass holders and then he carefully removed the stopper and filled the glasses.

    "To us," and he handed Kellie one of the glasses.
    "To us and our time together."
    "Will he be watching your room?"
    "He could be, we mustn't take chances."
    David pressed the microphone switch again.
    "Take us around Darling Harbour for some sightseeing." David smiled at Kellie. "We can see out, but no-one can see in."
    "No-one?" she asked, smiling.
    "No-one," he replied. "Let's get comfortable."

    David put his glass down, and then took her glass and placed it on the table. He slipped his arm around her waist, drawing her close, feeling her arm around his shoulder. They embraced, they kissed, a deep passionate kiss. A kiss of lovers separated, a kiss that never seemed to end. A kiss that made their forced separation recede into a distant memory. He felt his heart beating fast, this was it, together at last. The most wonderful woman in the world in his arms again.

    "Let's get comfortable," David said while he removed his jacked and started to undo his tie.
    Kellie followed his lead and unclasped her chain. She turned her back toward him and he unzipped her. Awkwardly she struggled to remove her dress while David was already down to his underpants. He flattened his thickening cock against his stomach and removed the last of his clothing while Kellie was down to her black stockings. She reached down her milky thighs.

    "No," he said.
    And she smiled like she knew.

    David knelt in front of her and Kellie struggled to get comfortable, one foot on the floor and one leg lengthwise on the back seat. David gently ran his fingers through her trimmed red hair.

    He dived back in, running his tongue around her womanhood, feeling her hands holding his head. He ran his tongue over her lips, drinking in her delightful love juices, enjoying her delightful feminine scent. Ravishing her, stimulating her. He eased two fingers hand inside, feeling for her special spot, he knew how much she loved this. At the same time he rubbed the side of her clit with his thumb. So sweet was her taste he couldn't help himself, he ran his tongue around her special place again, feeling the delightful folds of her pussy while still pressing inside.

    Kellie lifted herself off the seat, straining every muscle to force herself against his face. He concentrated on tonguing her pussy, rubbing her over and over again while arousing her special place inside. He kept it up, tongue and fingers.

    Suddenly he felt her muscles tense, a little moan and a small gush of fluid over his hand. She slumped back on the seat, her smile clear proof of her satisfaction.

    Meanwhile the driver pressed a button on the navigation screen while he waited at a set of traffic lights. He saw the pair of them naked, she was sitting on the seat and he was kneeling between her legs. Satisfied, he concentrated on the road when he heard the traffic around him start to move off.

    ”Darling, it’s been too long," she said. “The only satisfaction I get these days is on my own."
    "Is he that bad?" David asked.
    She screwed her face up. "You can't imagine, three minutes and it's all over."
    "No um…?"
    "No, just a little cuddling and then…" She paused, looking at him. "Fuck me," she said.

    She turned around and knelt on the wide seat, bracing herself by holding the headrests. He stood behind her, leaning forward for headroom, getting as close as he could before easing himself inside her, feeling her delightful wet tightness devour his hard manhood. Feeling her glorious pussy take him.

    Despite the confines he was able to manage things quite nicely, holding the roof with one hand and her hips with the other. The movement of the car highlighted the sensations. Every now he had to brace harder when the car moved over a bump or around a corner, before resuming his thrusting.
    He watched her reach back with one hand, and then he felt her fingers on her clit. She rubbed herself and deliberately glanced at his balls every now. 'Three minutes,' he thought, ‘I'll show her three minutes”.

    The time slipped by, David mesmerised by such sensational pleasure after such a long time apart. He wanted this to last forever, and yet he wanted to come inside her too. In two minds, the sensations won, he was going to fuck her as long as he was able.

    He felt her rubbing herself faster while he fucked her harder, admiring her perfect body spread before him, the glorious curves of her hips, her narrow waist and her flowing red hair.

    "Oh fuck," she cried and David felt her, muscles tightening and contracting. That was too much, he felt that lovely tingling sensation, the precursor to ecstasy. The car was stationary in traffic; he held her hips tight with both hands, faster and faster, closer and closer.

    "Yes," he cried as the first wave of pleasure rushed through him, his come deep inside her. Again and again he thrust, each thrust another wave of pleasure, intense, immense. And again. And again. Slower and slower. And then he was done.

    The car was moving again when he pulled out and collapsed on the seat opposite.

    She turned around and kissed him. "You were wonderful my darling."
    He felt his heart pounding, orgasm with Kellie was always more intense than any other woman he had been with. She sat beside him and held him tight, nestling into the nape of his neck. Naked and dishevelled they held each other in the rear of the huge car. For a good five minutes they cuddled in silence, the only sound that of the traffic around them. He realised time was slipping away.

    "More champagne darling?" he asked
    "Yes please."

    David topped up the two glasses. Kellie smiled while David sensed the ridiculous situation. Naked and sweating in the back of the car, the distinctive smell of sex overwhelmed the scent of the leather. They sat; Kellie rested her head on David's shoulder while she sipped her champagne and he hoped this ride would never end.

    David glanced out of the window, the familiar scenes of Chinatown gliding by, soon they would be at the hotel.

    "We better dress, we haven't much time," he said.

    In the awkward confines, they struggled to clothe themselves, David helped Kellie with her tight dress before concentrating on his own suit and tie. He checked the mirror, adjusting his tie and brushing his hair. Kellie clipped the gold chain around the outside of her dress.

    The two of them relaxed on the leather seat as the car glided it's way toward the hotel reception. Kellie gently kissed David just before she left the car, making sure she immediately closed the door before anyone could see in. The driver grabbed her luggage and followed her inside until the concierge took the suitcases. The driver checked that she was standing in the queue to check in before returning to the car.

    "My place driver."

    For the second time that day, the driver wound his way through the city streets onto the Harbour Bridge, the traffic heavier while he retraced his route. Soon the passenger had been returned to his house and the big car was safe in the underground park. He reached into the glovebox and released the recorder. He removed the memory stick and put it in his top pocket. He locked the car and went inside the office. A tall man was waiting.

    "Have you got it?" the man asked him.
    "Yeah, right here," and the driver patted his pocket.
    "Is it good?"
    "Good? It's better than good."
    "Mr Evans will be very pleased."

    Kellie had returned from shopping and was about to make herself a cup of tea when she heard a forceful knock on the door. Checking the safety chain was fastened, she opened the door a crack. "Who is it?" she asked.

    "Mrs Evans. We have something to show you."
    “You must be mistaken, wrong room...”
    “We’ve something you must see.”
    “I don’t let strangers into my room.”
    “You must see this.”
    "You’re being ridiculous," Kellie replied indignantly. "What could you have that I must see?"
    "Well, if you don't want to see it, I'm sure your husband would."
    "What is it?" she asked sharply.
    "A recording."
    "A recording of a car ride, the back seat of a limousine actually. Recorded yesterday."
    Kellie immediately felt her heart skip. My God, yesterday. "Come in," she asked weakly.
    She unhooked the chain and let the two men into her room. One was tall and the other looked familiar. "Aren't you…"

    "Yesterday’s driver. Call me Matthew, and this is my partner Sean."

    Sean had a small video recorder under his arm. Quickly he connected it to the television set, tuned the set to the correct channel and pressed the play button.

    Kellie sat on the bed and watched as the slightly distorted view of the limousine interior came into view, she saw David and herself. Sean cued the recorder forward a few minutes and then resumed the replay. Although the picture was a little dull, she saw herself naked on the seat, David bent over her, it was clear he was fucking her. She looked away.

    "Don't you want to see more?" Matthew asked innocently.
    "No thanks, I've seen quite enough. Why’re you two here? What do you want?"
    "We have a proposition Mrs Evans, or should we call you Kellie? You need to come with us."
    "Why should I come with you?"
    "Maybe we will show this to your husband instead, you know how jealous he is."
    "You leave my husband out of this."
    "We know that given your, um, age difference, he was unsure whether your affection was truly genuine, whether his personal assistant really did fall for her boss. Something like this would convince him otherwise. And that would never do, would it?"
    "No, I suppose not," she sighed. “Just give me a minute.”

    She slipped on her red shoes, grabbed her handbag and followed them out of the room. They stood each side of her while they went to the lift, Matthew admiring her. This time she was all red, long tight red dress, red shoes, red handbag. And that chain around her slim waist. He glanced down. Red stockings and the ankle chain. This was some woman, no wonder Mr Evans was worried about her.
    Downstairs, they found a waiting taxi and Matthew gave the address to the driver.
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    The Limousine Ride Part One - Second Section

    It took a while to reach the nondescript warehouse in the suburbs. Matthew paid the taxi driver and followed Sean and Kellie up the stairs to the first floor office. Sean unlocked the building and they went inside.

    The office space was almost empty, just a few dusty desks and chairs. Someone must have left the central heating on as it was quite cosy.

    "This way."

    Kellie followed Sean through a doorway into a large meeting room. A long wooden table dominated the centre of the room, surrounded by green leather chairs. A large mirror ran almost the full length of the room and there was a television and video player on a stand in the corner. Sean pulled the memory stick out of a pocket and placed it into the player. Soon the recording from the car was playing on the television. Kellie stood dispassionately, one arm across her stomach and holding her chin with her other hand.

    "We came all the way here to see that?" she said while she glanced at the picture of herself on the television.

    "I'm sure you want to keep it from your husband," Sean replied.
    "Yes," she sighed. "We've been there already. What do you really want from me?"
    "Some of that," Sean replied.
    "You can't be serious?"
    "Very serious."
    "No, absolutely not. I won't!"
    "Well then, Mrs Davis…"
    "Oh fuck," Kellie gasped. "You want me to…"
    "It's your choice."
    "How do I know I'm not being recorded here? How do I know that you still won't show that to my husband?"
    "There aren't any cameras in the room. And, if you're a good girl, you get to take away the only copy of that," as Sean motioned to the picture of the naked couple.
    "Oh, alright then."

    Sean grabbed her and kissed her roughly, holding her slim arms tight with his large hands. Roughly he ripped her dress, the buttons and zipper tearing as he tore it from her shoulder.

    "Here," she said quietly. "Let me."

    She undid the gold chain and lifted what was left of her dress over her head. For safekeeping, she clasped the chain back around her waist. Defiantly she stood before them; dressed in her red bra, g-string and stockings.

    "Satisfied?" she asked sarcastically.

    Sean reached behind her and tried to unclasp her bra, his thick fingers struggled with the tight catch. At the same time Matthew knelt before her and pulled down her red lacy underwear. She stepped out of it and kicked it away. She looked down at his head, level with her crotch, watching as he reached between her legs. She tensed when she felt him run his hand over her sensitive pussy, only he wasn't rough, it was a gentle touch. He ran his forefinger over her lips and delicately past her clit.

    At the same time, Sean had unclasped her bra and she felt it fall free, his hands grabbing her breasts, hard and rough. He twisted her, pinching her nipples. She felt Matthew gently rubbing her pussy while she winced at Sean's agonising touch on her breasts.

    Sean stood between Matthew and Kellie and effortlessly lifted her onto the table, her legs dangling over the side. He quickly removed his trousers and underpants before kneeling beside her on the table. His erection looked wicked, dangerous, monstrous!

    "Suck this.”

    She did as she was told, taking him in her mouth. What a mouthful, she struggled to wrap her lips around just the tip of his cock. While she sucked him, he removed his shirt. She felt his hands on her head, holding her, bracing himself while she struggled to suck his big stiff cock.

    At the same time she felt Matthew spread her legs, she involuntarily shuddered as she felt his tongue touch her womanhood for the first time: so soft, so gentle. Matthew held her legs as he started to lick and rub her pussy, he had such a delightful touch. It was so unexpected that she almost forgot to keep up the blowjob on the monster in her mouth.

    Matthew continued to run his tongue around her clit, Kellie concentrating on the wonderful sensations. She tried to forget about Sean and his cock. She liked Matthew, he was the quiet one. He seemed to care, even if what they were doing to her was wrong.

    All too soon Matthew pulled away and stood. She saw him removing his clothing, struggling to get his trousers over his erection. Hard and stiff, but nowhere near as big as the one she was sucking. Trying to suck.

    As Matthew moved closer to her, Sean pulled back to watch the action. She worked out the power play with these two. Sean was the muscles, the one who intimidates, but Matthew ran things, the boss taking first turn. He got close and she reached down and guided him in.

    Kellie leaned back and pressed her palms on the table, bracing herself while Matthew fucked her. Normally she enjoyed sex, but this time she felt empty, despite Matthew being inside her. She had been blackmailed into submission, he was just fucking her and she was just sitting and waiting for him to finish. She watched him, his eyes closed. Clearly he was concentrating on one thing only, the feeling of her pussy. There was only one thing on his mind, his own pleasure. It was like he was masturbating with her body.

    She watched him, his body moving against hers. She imagined him in a trance, pumping away at her forever, attached to her 'till the end of time. She felt him, felt him inside her. His movements were quicker now, clearly he was getting closer, reaching for that point that all men must reach. She watched him with awareness, she wanted to see what it was like. She saw him grip the table with his hands. Perhaps he was having troubling coming, perhaps his conscience was getting the better of him. Serves him right. Maybe he will stay attached till he can no longer stand. Thrusting until he is exhausted and still not satisfied! No! She heard him grunt out loud as he thrust hard against her. Two or three times he thrust hard and deep. She knew it had happened, she watched him, she felt him. He held the table for a moment before pulling out. She looked down, his cock glistening with her juices and his come. It was over.

    Sean had been kneeling beside her for quite a while. "My turn for some pussy," he announced.
    Roughly, he grabbed Kellie and spun her around on the table, on her back and ready for him. He spread her legs and knelt just where he wanted to be. He lunged forward, pointing his huge erection at her auburn-framed pussy.

    Kellie gasped as she felt him enter her. Despite her wetness, and Matthew's come inside her, she felt the resistance as her pussy struggled to accommodate his size. She felt one deep lunge as he gave her everything he had. She felt him withdraw and plunge in again. And again. And again. Steadily building up a rhythm.

    Despite the disgust she held for him, she felt something that she had never felt before, the delicious sensations of his thick cock stretching her love tunnel, the carnality of being fucked by his huge monster, confused by her arousal while he pumped away inside her. Despite everything, the pleasure brought on by this huge hard cock deep in her was undeniable.

    She closed her eyes tight to block the man from her thoughts, concentrating on being fucked by his weapon instead, the biggest cock she had ever seen, ever felt.

    She couldn't help herself. “Oh God,” she murmured quietly so he would hear. Thoughts of David flashed across her mind; she imagined it was him on his knees in front of her. He was fucking her; he was going to make her come. Yes, it’s David.

    Sean kept on thrusting, Kellie feeling her pleasure swelling. She felt herself getting closer and closer, willing David to make her come, willing David to do it to her. She gasped as her orgasm overflowed, rushing through her body. And still he kept thrusting, deeper and deeper. Suddenly he grunted as he plunged hard and deep. Three or four times, slowing and finally stopping.

    For a moment he paused, his dick still inside. He pulled out and climbed off the table, leaving Kellie on her back, come running down her legs and onto the table. He looked around the room and spotted her red g-string. He caught her eye and threw it at her.

    Matthew must have dressed while Sean had fucked her, she saw him watching her.

    "Can I…?" she asked him.
    "Yeah," Sean almost snarled. "We've finished with you."
    Behind the glass mirror, two men in suits have been watching dispassionately. The older one turned to face his colleague.
    "You know what to do?" he asked.
    "Yes Mr Davis."
    He looked through the mirror at his wife and the two men. "We signed an agreement, make sure she gets nothing."

    He turned and walked away.

    To be continued.
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    Very good!
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    That was pretty good and Im usually not a fan of fabricated stories like that
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