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    Sunday before her interview.

    Misty about drove me crazzy all day. Worrying about her interview tomorow. She ironed her new dress. She colored her hair and fixed her nails. I heard her cuss from the bathroom.

    " Honey whats wrong? "

    " Nothing. "

    I opened the door to check on her. She was waxing her legs and pussy.

    " Damn baby your really going all out, And putting a lot in to this. I"m really impressed. "

    " I have to look good. I want my pussy to look good to. I might have to go to a preemployment physical or something. "

    " Baby your pussy looks good. Hair or no hair. "

    " Mikey you say that just cause you have to. "

    I get up later to go to work. She is still on line researching tips on how to have a good interview.

    Monday morning.

    I get home from work the same time she is walking out of the house. My dick instantly got hard. She was beutifull. Dressed up in her new dress and heels. Her hair and makeup was perfect. I have not seen her dressed up like this in years.

    " Baby I think you could be a Fox news girl after all. "

    " Mikey you know how to say the sweetest things to me. "

    We kiss. I then watch her climb up in to the big suv and drive away. She stops at a redlight by the office complex. Something does not look right. There is all these young people protesting outside the iron fence of the complex. Shouting there anti american propaganda, And spewing there hatered for this country.

    Across the street was a Fox news van. The sexy Megyn Kelly was interviewing people on the street. Misty blows her horn she smiles and waves at Megyn. She then pulls up to the gate. Her suv is surounded. They were yelling and cussing her. She felt the suv begin to rock, As the young hippies were atempting to turn it over.

    Someone with a baseball bat was smashing dents in it. A bucket of pigs blood was dumped across the windshield. From the other direction a bucket of manure and urine was dumped. The gate opens. A security force in riot gear, Beat back the protesters.

    Misty pulls through the gate. and parks. Where a security guard was directing her. She was scred and shakeing, Barely able to light her cigarette. She gets out and walks around the suv.

    " My husband is going to kill me for this! "

    " Don't worry miss. Mr. Burns will take care of it for you. " He points toward the front door.

    " Just walk in at that door. Someone will tell you where to go next. "

    " Thank you. "

    Misty walks and finishes her cigarette, Before walking inside. Behind a desk sat a young dark haired man, With a clipboard.

    " Welcome to Burns Industries. I"m Bradley Burns and you are? "

    " Misty Jones. "

    He finds her name on the list. He puts a check mark beside her name.

    " Follow me please. "

    Misty follows him, She checks out his tight little butt. She become aroused.

    " Are you the owner? "

    " Oh no. " He laughs out loud.

    " That would be my dad. "

    He leads her to a crowded waiting room.

    " I kow your apoitment was suppose to be at 10:00. It might be a little late, We got a lot going on today. We got coffee and doughnuts. Make yourself comfortable.

    She finds a seat, And sizes up the competition. Like I told her there would be lots of young college kids. And most were. Attractive 18 to 25 year olds. All fit and attractively dressed, There were a few older profeshional looking women.

    Then there was this guy sitting there. He was older. Balding head 70's style porn stash. Wearing a pink shirt. unbuttoned with a hairy chest, And gold chain. In white pants he sat with his legs crossed like a woman.

    Misty shook her head in disbelief. W.T.F. Someone comes to an interviw looking like that. His name gets called. He walks like a woman twitching his ass. As fast as he gets in to the office, He is led out by security.

    " I'll see you in court Mr. Burns! " He yells in a sissy sounding voice, As he is drug out the door.

    All the interviews were only between 2 and 5 miniutes. And most of the young sexy women were walking out with unhappy looks on there faces.

    " Misty Jones. " She looks hearing her name called. She sees the young man that welcomed her. She gets up and walks toward him, Trying to look confident. He leads her down the hall, Then he opens an office door.

    " Mr. Burns this is Misty Jones. "

    " Thank you son. "

    The door closes behind her. Mr . Burns is an older man, In his 60's. He is tall, Big and intimidateing. Salt and pepperd thining hair. A thick gray beard. Standing behind his desk. In a black 3 piece suit, And a gold watch and chain, He's smoking a big cigar looking out the window, As his landscaped office park is being destroyed.

    " America is going straight to Hell Mrs. Jones. "

    " I agree sir. "

    " Fucking comunists! " Looking out the window again.

    " You earn it they will take it sir. "

    " Ahhhh! Your an educated woman....Please sit down. "

    " My resume sir. "

    She lays it on to his desk as she sits. She trys to sit up streight and crosses her legs.

    " Your on time and prepared. "

    He sits in a high back leather chair. He puts his reading glasses on, And opens the folder.

    Looking over the resume.

    Misty Jones a 45 yearold house wife. Mother of 2 children.

    She has 2 dogs a cat, And a gold fish. The first time he ever saw this on any type of aplication.

    She's a Highschool graduate. She majored in cosmotoligy.

    Her employment history.

    Age 16 Worked at Foodland. Age 18 Went to WallMart. Age 19. He looked hard at the 3rd. job entry. He gave her a long hard look up and down.

    " You were a dancer at the Pussy Cat club? " Misty's eyes light up. She smiles proudly.

    " Why yes, I was a PussyCat dancer. "

    " Wow! I used to go there all the time, When I was a younger man...Is that place still there? "

    " No sir. Some doo Gooder over at that snake handleing church burned it down. "

    " Thats a damn shame. " He stares at her bulgeing busty breasts, In the snug fitting dress.

    " How much money did you make there? "

    " On Friday and Saturday nights I've made over $500.00 a night cash. "

    " Why did you stop? "

    " My husband like ugh...Knocked me up. And I was busy with my kids all these years...I thought about going back to it, But I just don't have the figure for it now. "

    " Oh Mrs. Jones. There is nothing wrong with your figure. Your a verry sexy woman. "

    " Thank you sir. Thats verry kind of you to say that. "

    " How did your husband feal about you working there? "

    " Oh He loved it. But he's kind of a pervert, He's got one of those thigs called a fetish...Ugh...Cuck or Cuckold...Anyway He likes to watch me fuck other men. "

    Mr. Burns allmost falls out of his chair. He reaches in to his desk drawer for a pint of whisky. He takes a big drink. He then sits back in his chair, Stroking his beard, Looking at her.
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    Looking forward to reading more!
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    " And how did all that begin?...If you don't mind me asking. "

    " Not at all sir. I guess it started back in the 80's Me and Mikey used to fuck all the time. The Coach caught us behind the gym, I was sucking Mikey's dick. I got took to the principals office. The coach thought he was going to teach me a lesson by fucking me with his big dick. And Mikey walked in and watched. Thats when it started."

    " And did that teach you a lesson? "

    " Ha Ha, Not really. He had a big dick and all. But he was older probably as old as I am now. He lacked stanima. He allmost made me cum, But he pulled out and jacked off all over my shirt. I slapped him. I was so pissed. "

    " What happend next? "

    " The principal got up and slapped me, He was a big black man. He took his big dick out and fucked me with it. Oh it hurt so bad, I thought I was going to be cut in half."

    " Wow! That is quite a story. "

    There was an ackward silence.

    Misty notices an outdated sterio on a bookshelf.

    " Sir would you like to see me demonstrate my danceing skills? "

    " Sure why not? "

    Misty bends over opening her purse, Just by coincidence she has a OzzyOsbourne tape with her. Mr. Burns is looking down her dress. He unfastens his belt and pants, And starts to stroke his cock, Behind his desk.

    Misty walks over to the sterio and puts the tape in. The song Tattood Rock and Roll dancer comes on. She struts back and forth across the office, Shaking her ass. Unbuttoning the dresss in a teasing way. The dress comes off, The tosses it across the room. She wore no panties, Only a bra, Garterbelt, Tan stockings and her high heels.

    Mr. Burns staired at her freshly waxed pussy. Misty danced In her mind she was back in 1989 at the pussyCat club, Swinging on a pole. She unhooked her bra and tossed it on to Mr. Burns's desk . She come around the desk, Her 40 DD's right in his face, Giving him a lap dance.

    At the end of the song, She went right to her knees, Taking the old mans cock in to her mouth. Sucking away, Deep throat blow job. Then the office door opens. His son walks in catching them.

    Misty lets his cock go, She has a puzzled look not sure what to do next.

    " Oh I'm sorry! I should have knocked. "

    " It's okay son. Come on in...I think I've found our new secretary. Mrs. Jones I'm willing to wave the internship and hire you on full time, If I could watch you suck my sons dick...I'm like your husband. I like to watch.

    Without hesitation Misty reaches for the young mans belt, Quickly unfastening his tan trosers, She pulls them down along with his briefs. He had about an 8 inch cock. It was nice and thick. She goes down on him. His balls in one hand. She slips her fingers in to her sopping wet pussy. The then shoves a finger up his ass.

    " Ugh!... I wasn't expecting that! " He runs his fingers through her red hair, Holding her head to his cock. Mr. Burns stands, His slacks and boxers fall to his feet. He steps out of them. He takes off his coat. He leaves on his black vest, White shirt and red tie.

    The dirty old man mounts my wife for the first time, His cock melts right in to her hot pussy. She tightens up on him. He holds on to her wide hipps and fucks her hard and fast. He ocasionally slaps her big ass, Unable to hold back long he goes balls deep inside her. Shooting his load.

    She lets his sons cock go, She turns and sucks her new bosses dick clean. She looks back at his sons cock.

    " I have to have you inside me now! "

    She gets out of the floor and lays across the mahogany desk. Her legs spread wide. Young Bradley Burns mounts her. He glances at her navy blue pumps, As he grasps her nylon clad ankles, Pushing her legs back further. He fucks her for allmost 30 miniutes streight. Laying back playing with her big tits.

    Mr. Burns standing and stroking and watching, His son fuck this middle aged house wife. He lets out a groan He fills her pussy. Mr Burns cumms all over her tits and face.

    He pulls out of her. Her pussy gushes all over the desk. She rolls off and collapses in to the leather chair, Cum still leaking, On to the leather chair.

    Bradley pulls his pants up. And starts to walk toward the bathroom. Misty stops him and sucks his dick clean.
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    " Lets all have a drink. " Mr. Burns walks over to the bar.

    " I'll have a scotch on the rocks sir. "

    He returns with the drinks.

    " You smoke Mrs. Jones? "

    " Sure "

    He offers her one of his fine Cuban cigars. He lights it for her

    " Now lets get serious for a miniute. "

    Misty sits only in her stockings, Garterbelt, Heels. Cum all over her tits face, And running out of her pussy. And he wants to be serious.

    " I know you havent worked in a lot of years. Would a salary of $45,000 a year be enough to start out? "

    " Sure. That would be great. "

    " If everything goes good I'll raise it to $50,000 next year. "

    " Thats verry generous of you sir. "

    " Now tell me about your husband. What does he do? "

    " Well up to about a year ago, He owned his own company, He had to go bankrupt. He works for you down at your coke oven, On the 3rd. shift. "

    " How much is he making? "

    " $10.15 an hour sir. "

    " Bradley call down to the coke plant and get that man a raise!...Raise him up to $25.00 an hr. Put him on day shift, Promote him to supervisor. I want that man wearing a white hat when I go shake his hand. "

    Misty starts to cry she's so happy.

    " Thank you sir. " He hands her a box of cleanexes. She takes one and dries her tears.

    " Now I just need you to jump through one more hoop. I need you to go have your preemployment physical."

    He hands her a card, That says Bill Burns MD.

    " Oh I've tryed to see him before, They don't take my insurance. "

    " They will now, You will have the best insurance money can buy. It pays 100% No copays no deductables and no premeums cut from your check. "

    " Thank you sir thank you. " She starts to cry again.

    " Now don't cry now. You can use my personal bathroom, Take your time. Get cleaned up. "

    She gathers her cloths and goes in to the spaceous bathroom and has a hot bath. She fixes her hair and reaplies her makeup. All profeshional looking again. She walks in to Mr. Burns office.

    " Did they hurt your car driveing in?

    "Yes sir it's beat up pretty bad. "

    He hands her another card.

    " I got a good friend that owns a body shop. He will clean it up and fix it up better tan new. I will pay for everything. "

    " Thank you. "

    " You can start a week from today. I will have one of my personall security people pick you up and take you home, So you don't have to deal with that bullshit going on outside. "

    " Thank you sir. "

    He extends his hand , They shake hands.

    "Welcome aboard, I'm looking forward to you working for us. "
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    Wow!! Nice story!!
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    Misty leaves his office. Back to her beat up GMC. Yukon. All Hell is braking loose outside. Like a war zone. Cars flipped over, And on fire. Police and fire trucks everywhere. She sits at the gate. With a life and death hold on to the steering wheel.

    The gate opens slowly. The security foce atacks the protesters with fire hoses and dogs, Tazers and tear gass. Misty stomps the gas. Her suv kicks sideways in the street, With a police escort she blows through the next 5 redlights to safety.

    She arives down at the medical center, And finds Dr. Bill Burns office. She looks at the cigarette, She crushes out in the ash tray, And hopes she don't have to listen to another lecture about smoking.

    She walks in, The receptionest greets her with a friendly smile. Misty signs in at the desk.

    " Hi Mrs. Jones. We have ben expecting you."

    She hands her a clip board with a pen and one form to fill out. Misty looks at it puzled.

    " Is this all? "

    " Yes ma'mm. "

    " I usually have 10 forms to fill out. "

    " Not here you don't. We run our practice like a business. Unlike the fucking government. "

    Misty sits and fills out the form. On a Big screen TV. Fox News Shepard Smith was interviewing some young punk, Outside Mr. Burns corporate headquarters. Whineing about him being some Wall Street Fatcat. With his Corprate jets, Yacts, Million dollar homes. How his plants were poluteing the world.

    Then the Tv. Showed Misty leaving the scene, Like a bat out of Hell.

    " Hey! Thats me! Hot Damn! I made the news. " Misty points to the Tv. all excited.

    " Wow! You have had an exciteing day. "

    " I've had the best day of my life. " She hands the form back to the receptionest.

    An attractive blonde headed nurse opens the door.

    " Mrs. Jones. Are you ready to have your physical? "

    " Sure " Misty looks at her watch, She has ben there less than 5 miniutes. She follows the nurse. All the staff seams happy and friendly, There are no waiting areas full of people in gowns complaining. There are no open labs, Where people are watching, She is led to a large spaceous and comfortrable exam room.

    " I'm nurse Kelli. I will be asisting Dr. Bill. Your going to have a complete physical exam. Includeing breast and pelvic. Do you have any questions? "

    " No that will be fine. "

    " Okay Lets get started. I need you to slip your shoes off and stand on the scale. " Mity watches the digital readout stop at 160 pounds. The weight Watcher is obviously not working she thinks.

    " Okaay come over here. Stand up against the wall nice and straight. I'm going to measure you. "

    She was only 5ft. Without her high heels on. The nurse took out a tape measure, And put around her waiste.

    " Wow! I havent ever ben measured like this. "

    " Raise your dress a little. "

    The nurse puts the tape around Misty's thigh.

    " Maybe I need to start going to a gym, And get serious about looseing weight. "

    " No don't even think about it. You will discover Mr. Burns likes full figured women. You wont see no anorexec looking stick thing with silicone tits working for him. "

    " Thats good you had me worried. "

    " Unbutton your dress and take your breasts out. "

    Misty proudly takes out her full 40DD's She puts the tape arund them. She then fondles them a little, Weighing them in her hands. She rubs her puffy nipples, They become hardand erect.

    " Verry nice, Put your breasts back in your bra. And climb up on the exam table. "

    The nurse checks her pulse temp. and Bp. The Dr. walks in.

    " Hi I'm Dr. Bill. "

    He extends his hand. Misty looked him over. He was a little younger and more fit than her boss Butch. He was clean shaven with thick graying hair.

    " Okay I'm going to examine you now, With Kelli. The smoking hot, Blonde nurse observing. He checs her ears, Down her throat and the glands on her neck. He listens to her hart and lungs.

    " Verry good."

    He checks her reflexes and runs his hands over her hosed legs and feet.

    " Verry nice. Were going to step out for a miniute or two. Strip down to your stockings and lay down under the sheet. "

    " How did you know I had stockings on? "

    He smiles and walks out with the nurse. Misty hops off the table and gets undressed. Dr. Bill and Kelli come back in. Lieing on her back , He moves the sheet. Sh puts her arms behind her head, While he examines her breasts. While his eyes are on her breasts. Hers are on the bulge in his pants, Her pussy gets wet. From that thought. Thinking to herself, If nurse Kelli was not in here, She could go for his cock.

    He completely moves the sheet. He mashes on her chubby belly a little. She sees him looking at her hairless smooth pussy. Nurse Kelli pulls out the sturips.

    " Put your feet up for me. "

    Nurse Kelli hands him a lubed speculem. He stretches her pussy wide, Looking inside with interest. Misty still looking at his hard cock, She knows he likes what he see's. The speculem is pulled out. He inserts 2 fingers inside her, And mashes on her belly again. He then inserts his other two fingers deep in to her tight ass hole. He teasesis her clit with his thumb.

    " Ugh...Ugh!...Ugh! " She moans and begins to play with her tits.

    " Take over for a miniute please. "

    Nurse Kelli Slips her fingers up Misty's ass, She then goes down on her eating her pussy.
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    She fingers her with her other hand, Sawing four fingers in and out of her sloppy wet box. The doctor observes severall miniutes, He then opened a cabinet drawer. He brings out a but plug, And a large vibrator. He lubes them both and hands them to Kelli.

    She inserts them both. And she fucks Misty hard and fast. Dr. Bill rubbed Misty's clit with his fingers, Verry fast.

    " Yes!...Yes!...Yes!...Don't stop! " Misty yells

    5 Miniutes later.

    " I'm gonna cum!!! "

    Misty grabs the sides of the exam table, The vibrater is pulled out. Her pussy gushes and squrts, As Dr. Bill and nurse Kelli observe.

    " Oh that was like totally awesome!...I aint never had a orgasm for a doctor before. "

    " We just have to make sure everything is working properly. "

    He stands next to her allowing her to rest for a miniute. Looking around the room he spots the sexy pair of high heels she took off sitting in front of the scale..

    " You ready? "

    Misty sits up and hops off the table.

    " I want you to put your high heels back on. "

    Misty walks over to the scale and steps in to them. The doctor opens the door.

    " I want you to walk down to the end of the hall and back. "

    " Okay "

    She struts down the hall. Nurse Kelli snaps a picture of her. As she comes back the camera flashes again.

    " Hey your taking pictures of me. "

    " Don't worry , There for our records only. "

    Kelli then gets a close up of her breasts, Pussy Then her ass and pussy from behind.

    " Now for the last thing. I'll need you to bend over that chair in the corner. I'll have to give you a shot. "

    She hears the sound of his belt and pants being unfastened.

    " Dr. Bill you mind if I ask, What am I getting a shot of? "

    " I'm going to give you a shot of cum. "

    He feeds his big dick in to her pussy. She begins moaning again, As he fucks her. Nurse Kelli reaches arond Misty in the front and rubs her clit, While Dr. Bill pounds her pussy. She tigtens up on his dick and meets his dick with every thrust of her own. He then pulls out and puts his cock up her tight ass.

    " Ugh...Shit!...That hurt! "

    " Just go with it Mrs. Jones. "

    He fucked her ass kind of slow for a little. Nurse Kelli put the vibrater up her pussy. They gradually got faster fucking her. She moans loudly. She let out a squeal. Balls deep inside her ass, He shot his load. They climax together. As he pulls his cock out. Nurse Kelli is waiting with a wipe to clean his dick. She then pealed off her latex gloves, And tosses them in to the trash.

    Misty stands up and turns around to face them. Nurse Kelli takes off her top.

    " Are we not finished? "

    " I think Kelli has plans for you to. "

    Kelli gets out of her bra Like Misty she to was a double D. She was taller than Misty and only half her age at 24.
    She sat in the chair and took off her shoes and socks. Misty watched her stand and drop her green scrub pants, With white bikini panties. She reaches in to a cabnet drawer for a strap-on cock.

    " Follow me please. "

    Misty follows the tall sexy blonde down the hall. She looks at her sexy big ass and like herself . Her pussy was shaved smooth. She is led to a room, With a larger bed.

    " Lay down for me please. "

    Misty slides off her high heels and lays down. The nurse climbs up in to the bed also. They get in to the 69 position, And pleasure each other, Licking, Sucking and fingering. They both cum hard. Kelli then straps on the cock and mounts my wife in the misionary position. She fucks her hard.

    " Oh Fuck me! You Bitch! " Misty yells. Kelli slaps her fat ass.

    Dr. Bill walks in to the room. Also stripped nakeid. He strokes his cock watching his sexy nurse fuck Misty.

    " Mind if I join in? "

    " Not at all. "

    He sits on the bed and lays down. Misty climbs on top of him and lowers herself on to his big dick. Kelli from behind inserts the strap-on up her ass, They have one last fuck sesion. Misty is fucked in to the bigest orgasm of her life. She collapsed on top of Dr. Bill. She kisses him.

    She goes back to the exam room to dress. Kelli comes in still nakeid.

    " Here is your next apointment...Don't hesitate to come back sooner if you need to. "

    Misty puts her arms around the sexy nurse and kisses her with a hot passionate kiss. She takes the card and walks out the door. She returns home. I tell her all about my good day getting a raise also a promotion, And also put on day shift only.

    She then told me every detail of her exciteing day, I had my cock out stroking away hearing all the hot details, We then fucked the rest of the night.

    The end
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