The hospital stay

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    After a nasty accident I end up in hospital unable to move.
    With my sleep practically non existent, I am often aware of nurses and staff coming in and out doing their job, cleaning me where posible, taking my vital signs, doing the IV, etc.
    Sometimes though it's like a foggy dream, I think someone came to do something. So doped up and in so much pain all I want to do is sleep it away until it becomes more bearable. That day came, but still unable to move for a while.
    That night I hear the bustling and somewhat feel what they are doing to me, talking to themselves, I smell 3 different nurses, deodorants and products they use. After 4 days I know their names, I know who is in the room just from the smells and voices. The newer one, a younger one named Myriam, is told by the shift supervisor she is now ready to do some of the tasks on her own but she can ask for help if she needs. So she carries on her duties and she does what she needs to do with me.

    One day Myriam comes in my room doing her rounds and changes my diaper. Once the cleaning done she stayed there, no idea what she was doing until she took my cock in her hand. Still doped a bit I stayed soft so after feeling it and having it in her hand for a bit she covered me up and left.
    Only then I got a semi erection. I wanted to call her .... "come back, I'm gettig hard ...."
    She and other nurses took turns tending to me and the other patients according to their shifts and from then on Myriam gave little attention to my soft cock except for cleaning it.

    That's until she was on night shift after the doctor reduced the meds dose. Ouch, the pain!
    Well, here comes Myriam again cleaning me up and when she does the regular cleaning, I give her the compliment of a full erection. I hear a surprised gasp and she dropped my cock like a hot potato but knowing she has a job to do she continues cleaning me up in a bit of a hurry and leaves. Well, at least she knows I am getting better.
    Later during the night I need to be cleaned up again and it's Myriam again, I can tell,
    but when she cleans me while hard again, another nurse comes in - Tina: "What's going on?"
    Myriam says she was cleaning me up, and Tina tells her to wrap me up before I make another mess but I am left exposed. Tina comes to see why and ,asking what she has done: "nothing, he just started getting hard yesterday when I cleaned him up"
    I feel Tina patting my cock, saying I am a naughty boy, and she tells Myriam not to have too much fun doing her job and she leaves. Next thing Myriam takes my cock in her hand, holding it like she means it,
    and makes me moan when she strokes it a few times. She says I make too much noise and leaves.

    The next day she does the same thing after stays out of my field of vision. The only thing I hear is her whisper to keep quiet before exposing my cock already hard. My lucky day, she went on to give me a soft handjob until orgasm. She had a cloth or something, I could tell she was catching my ejaculation.
    This goes on for a few days until Tina catches her in the act of jerking me off and Myriam was not able to make it like nothing was happening. "WHAT are you doing?!" and I hear her come see my erection, half upset, half amused. Tina whispers she will report her unless she gets to watch her finish me off. It even gets better when Tina coaches her a bit. Myriam clearly enjoys giving a handjob but Tina is a lot better.
    I am happy she helped my "regular" give me even better pleasures.

    Then Tina suggests Myriam she should a blowjob too sometimes. "NO WAY" Myriam whispers, so after two more visits Tina decides SHE will give me a blowjob and asks Myriam to watch and try it herself.
    She encourages Myriam but I rather have Tina back on my cock now and lucky me, she does after telling Myriam to be ready to muffle me, knowing I am close to blow. She knows what she is doing.
    Myriam puts a facecloth on my mouth and 5 seconds later I feel it. OMG this is just what I needed!
    I let it out, muffled, and Tina sucked my cock so good, swallowing. "This is HOW IT'S DONE" she tells Myriam, and that if she can try next time. The handjobs went on for 3 more days, Myriam calling me "her favorite patient" until I started being able to move again, using the washroom by myself finally.

    Then one day the doctor and the nurse came to assess me, and brought the new nurse.
    The nametag and the deodorant gave her away but I acted like I didn't know.
    During the next 2 days Myriam didn't make a lot of eye contact until one day I said THANK YOU for taking great care of me. Oops, I screwed up I think as she froze for a few seconds and walked out.
    The next day it was Tina who came in, said hi and smiled. Her eyes said it all, she knew I knew it was her and purposefully looked at my crotch.
    But the next day both came back with Myriam still uneasy but Tina helped her.
    I found out she convinced Myriam of doing my cock together, she got her "apprentice" to try sucking me a bit but I was happy she finished it herself again.
    "No mess to clean .... and he's yummy" with a smile, making Myriam blush.
    The next day I was discharged. Myriam and Tina were there saying BYE, Tina saying "I'm sure you will miss being here.", with that mischievous look.

    Happy to go home, ..... but what can I do to see them again?
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