The Hitchhiker

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    All right, boys and girls. Going to try my hand at this naughty story thing. If everyone likes and I get positive feedback I may do some more.

    Hope you enjoy.

    The Hitchhiker

    Rob sped across the desolate highway through the desert. It was a hot and humid summer day. In the distance he spotted something. As he got closer he realized it was a person walking along the side of the road.

    As he got near he saw it was a woman and slowed the Mustang down. As he did the female looked back at him, stopped and turned around. Rob pulled the sports car over to the side of the road as the tall, busty woman walked towards the vehicle. He immediately noticed she was older. Late-30s to early-40s the young man guessed.

    As she approached the car Rob pressed the button on the door and lowered the window. The woman bent over and stuck her attractive face inside.

    "Oh my God thank you so much for stopping. I've been walking for two hours" she explained.

    Rob stared at her 38DD breasts for a few moments before finally looking back up at her face. "What the hell are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere? There's not a city, town or house within 30 miles".

    The woman's face turned sad as she explained she and her husband have been fighting for the past few years as their marriage was on the rocks. She went on to explain how they were driving and got into a huge fight. Shortly after he pulled over and kicked her out of the car and told her not to bother coming back because they were finished.

    "Damn", Rob said while getting another look at those enormous tits.

    "Do you think you can give me a ride to the nearest phone so I can call my friend?"

    "Do you have gas money?" Rob asked.

    The woman looked a little confused and told him she did not because she left her purse in the car.

    An evil grin came across Rob's face. "So you want me to drive you around for free? Hardly seems fair."

    "Well as soon as my friend comes picks me up I'll have her give you some gas money for your trouble."

    Rob leaned over in the car and put his arm around the back of the passenger seat and looked at the attractive woman right in the eyes. "I don't want money. But I think you have something I do want" he said with a slight smile on his face.

    The woman was shocked and stunned. She had not been with another man since she got married twenty years ago. "Sir, I just need a ride. Can't you please help me?"

    Rob leaned back into his seat and put the Mustang back in drive. "Fine. Have it your way. But I'm not sure how long it will take you to walk 30 miles in this heat to the nearest phone. But I wish you the best of luck, ma'am" he replied as the car slowly inched forward.

    "Wait!" the woman exclaimed. She looked around and didn't see anything around within view and not another car in sight. Desperate, she looked back at the young man. He was cute but she had never been with a man so young. "You promise you won't hurt me?"

    Rob smiled and leaned over and opened up the door. "Of course not, sweetie".

    Hesitantly she got inside. "What's your name?" Rob asked.

    "Leah" she said nervously.

    "How old are you, Leah?"

    "I'm 42" she replied looking straight ahead. "What's your name? And how old are you?"

    Rob took his hand and started running his fingers through Leah's dark-brown hair. "I'm Rob. And I'm 19". He then leaned over and started kissing her neck. Leah was tense and continued looking straight ahead. He then slowly moved his hand down her shoulder and across her giant tits. Leah closed her eyes and let out a heavy breath as the young man started massaging them.

    After a few minutes of kissing her neck and fondling her breasts whispered in her ear, "Take your shirt off".

    Leah, without hesitating, started unbuttoning her floral blouse. Once she undid the last button she took it off and placed it on the floorboard. Without having to be told she reached behind her and released the clasp on her bra and removed it, exposing her huge melons. Rob leaned back over and immediately started sucking on her nipple while groping her other breast with his hand. Leah leaned her back back and closed her eyes as the young man fondled her.

    While still sucking on her erect nipple, Rob slid his hand down across her leg until it reached the bottom of her skirt. He then rubbed his hand up and down her thigh as he gently bit her nipple. He then moved his hand higher up her thigh underneath her skirt until he reached her panties. Without hesitation he started massaging her mound through the red panties. He then moved his head up and started kissing the strange woman. His tongue darted around her mouth as she started kissing him back. Leah felt betrayed by her emotions as she felt her body start to enjoy the feeling of a younger man having his way with her. She had never cheated on her husband and a new man rubbing on her body felt surprisingly nice.

    With his hand Rob moved her panties to the side and started rubbing her extremely-wet pussy. Leah spread her legs wider to giver her young lover better access. He continued to kiss her as he rubber her clit. He pinched it softly with his fingers causing her to moan gently into his mouth.

    Without warning, Rob slid two fingers inside her wet snatch. Leah gasped, not expecting it. He then started finger-fucking her pussy. She arched her back, moaning and grinding herself on the young man's fingers. This excited Rob and he slid a third finger inside her and started fucking her harder with his fingers. Leah's breathing got heavier and heavier. She drew away from his mouth and laid her head back as her eyes rolled back in her head. She was in a stranger's car being violated by a young man she never met and it excited her to no end.

    Rob started kissing her neck again, occasionally licking her. She rubbed her hands through his short, spikey hair and began moaning. He then increased his pace on her wet pussy. Leah started to squirm in the seat and now was moaning loudly. "Oh God. Oh yes. That's it, baby. Finger my wet pussy" she cried out as Rob was now furiously finger-fucking her hole. She then jerked her head to the side, closed her eyes and had an intense orgasm, thrusting herself into Rob's fingers until she had completely cum.

    After a few moments she tilted her head back to Rob, leaned forward and slowly kissed him. She reached down and pulled his hand out of her, raised it up to her mouth and slowly licked and sucked each of his three fingers while looking into his eyes.

    Rob was extremely horny at this point and thought his erection would burst through his jeans. He wanted to fuck this naughty woman in the worst way. He pulled away from her, settled back into his seat and peeled off the side of the road, kicking dirt up as he sped down the highway.

    "You don't want to fuck me?" Leah asked as she pulled her skirt up and started slowly rubbing her clit as she laid back in the reclined seat.

    "Oh I'm going to fuck you all right. But not here. There's a gas station about 30 minutes down the road that has a bathroom. That's where I'm going to make you my little slut".

    "Mmmmm" she moaned as she continued to rub her fingers around her clit and lips. "Are you going to make me you're little whore? Are you going to fuck me hard?"

    Rob had a little difficulty concentrating on the road as he got his Mustang up to 90 mph. In just over 15 minutes he spotted the run-down gas station up ahead on the right. "We're here" he said as Leah sat up, adjusted her panties and pulled her skirt down. She then quickly put her bra and blouse back on as Rob tore into the gravel parking lot.

    "Wait here" he ordered as he jumped out of the car and walked inside the store. In just a little over a minute Rob emerged with a key chained to piece of PCP tubing. He gave Leah a wave to follow him as he walked around the corner. She stepped out of the Mustang and followed him into the bathroom.
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    Leah locked the door behind her and stepped close to Rob. He reached behind her and grabbed her hair, tilting her head back slightly. "Get on your knees" he said to her in a deep voice. She smiled and slowly dropped to her knees as she rubbed her hands along the sides and back of his legs. Rob started fumbling with his belt and pants, dropping them to the floor. Leah then yanked his boxers down to the floor, exposing his fat, 8-inch cock.

    "Mmmmmm" she hummed as she looked over his manhood. Without hesitation she went to grab his dick.

    "No no" Rob scolded. "Don't use your hands".

    Leah looked up at him and smiled. "Yes sir" she said seductively as she placed her hands behind her back. She then dipped her head slightly and gobbled Rob's large cock up in her mouth, looking him in his eyes the entire time. Rob exhaled with pleasure as her warm, moist mouth slid up and down over his long member.

    He reached down with one hand and grabbed the back of her hair again and guided her up and down on his dick. "Lick my nuts, you little naughty slut". Leah smiled and let his member flop out of her mouth. She then crouched down lower and started licking his balls. Rob moaned slightly as her tongue flicked and rubbed across his nuts. She then put both of his balls in her mouth and gently sucked them as she looked him in the eyes.

    "That's it, baby. Suck my balls you filthy little whore. Suck on them good, baby".

    Rob couldn't take it anymore. She was so hot and naughty and he wanted to fuck her in the worst way. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. He spun her around and shover her against the sink, bending her over. He lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties down to her ankles.

    "Mmmmm, fuck me baby. Stick your cock inside me, sweetie. I want to feel you inside me".

    Rob spread her legs apart wide, placed his cock against her pussy and slowly slid it inside her inch by inch until it was all the way inside her. Leah moaned slightly as her pussy began to fill up. Rob then grabbed her hair, pulling her head back a bit and started pounding her pussy hard. Leah screamed out as her pussy was being drilled. "You like that? You like my cock inside you?" Rob asked as he continued to plow her wet pussy.

    "Oh yes, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Make me your fucking slut" she cried out as Rob increased his pace.

    After 10 minutes of fucking her Rob pulled his cock out. Leah was trying to catch her breath as she felt her ass cheeks being spread wide open.

    "Ooohhh. Are you going to fuck your little whore in the ass?"

    Rob bent down and spit on her asshole and then placed his cock at her entrance. "Tell me you want to be ass-fucked" he told her as he pulled her head back by the hair so she could see him.

    "Yes, baby. Fuck your baby in the ass. I want you to fuck me in all my holes. I'm you're little slut who will do anything. Please fuck my ass".

    Rob slowly pressed his huge cock slowly inside her ass. Leah grabbed the sink on each side with her hands. It had been years since she had anal sex but was so aroused by the thought of getting fucked in the ass by a stranger in a gas station bathroom.

    Rob slowly worked his dick inside her. Leah gasped at every inch that violated her asshole. Once it was all the way inside her he started slowly working his cock in and out of her tight ass. Leah moaned loud as he increased his pace. Faster and faster he pounded her ass. His balls started slapping against her pussy which turned her on even more. She felt the pressure building up inside her and her moans got louder and louder.

    "Oh my God, baby. That's it. Harder. Fuck me harder. I'm going to cum, baby. I'm going to cum!" she screamed as one of the most intense orgasms raced throughout her entire body. She started screaming over and over with every thrust into her ass. She gripped the sink even tighter, looked up at the ceiling as Rob was now intensely banging her ass as hard as he could.

    Rob felt his nuts tighten and twitch as he thrust deep inside her ass. "I'm going to cum, baby" he told her as he grabbed her hair, pulled out of her and put her on her knees. Leah immediately opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue.

    "Cum in my mouth, baby. I want to taste you. Cum on your dirty little whore" she begged him as she rubbed his legs up and down with her hands.

    Rob stroked his cock back and forth hard while looking down at Leah on her knees with her mouth open and tongue hanging out. "Oh God, here it comes. I'm going to cum" he cried out as he exploded on her face and in her mouth. Leah moaned as he kept pumping cum all over her. She kept her mouth wide open until he was completely spent. When he was finished she closed her mouth and swallowed as she looked up and gave him a naughty smile with some cum still on her face. She then took his cock in her mouth and cleaned him off completely. Rob's eyes rolled back as she sucked his sensitive cock.

    After they both cleaned up they exited the bathroom. Rob went back inside the store to return the key and get the both of them some water. He stepped outside and walked up to Leah, leaned over and gave her a sensual kiss.

    "You know my friend lives an hour away from here. Do you think you could give me a lift there?" she asked, batting her eyes.

    "It'll cost you" he responded.

    Leah smiled. "Oh it will, huh? And what exactly will it cost me?"

    "You know what road-head is?" Rob asked with a grin.

    Leah smiled and grabbed his cock through his jeans. "I think we can work something out".

    They both laughed, got in the car and pulled out onto the highway and sped away.
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    oh you are wicked.....write some more.....
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