The grocery store story

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    Spring 1984 Friday afternoone

    Misty's sister Crystal was at a track meet. Misty and her Mom Deb, alike did not care for sports. They knew Crystal would win all the events she was in anyway. So they left to do some grocery shopping. On the way to the store it was like.

    " Momma I want this. " And " Momma I want that. " Deb did not believe in spoiling her daughters. In her mind it was time Misty look for a job. As they walked in to the FoodLand grocery store, Deb noticed the Help Wanted sighn. She led Misty streight to Mr. Phil's office.

    Mr. Phil was kind of a lonely old man. He had never maried, and had allways lived with his mother, untill she died. He had worked there for years and years. Deb rememberd him working there, When she was a kid.

    " Mr. Phil Misty wants to aply for the job. " Mr. Phil leand back in his chair, looking at Misty.

    " How old are you? "

    " I'll be 15 in 6 months. " She said with a smile.

    " Deb I can't hire her ! She's to young, There's laws against that kind of thing, You know. " Deb gave him a certan no nonsense look. Mr. Phil stared at her. He rembered the blow job she gave him out back behind the old Tin tavern beer joint, The week before.

    " Okay...Okay your hired, You can start Monday after school. " Misty started right at the bottom. Cleaning the floors, unloading the trucks, and stocking the shelves. She was eventually promoted to cashier. And over the years. Mr. Phil watched her grow from a skinny red headed freckle faced kid. In to a sexy young woman at 18.

    The old mans cock, Would twitch and come to life, As Misty walked in at 3:30. Straight from school in full makeup, Her lushous big D breasts bulgeing from low cut skimpy tops. In tight designer jeans that looked allmost painted on. And often she wore her sexy high heels. She would strut through the store, All the guys would notice.

    To the brake room. She would change in to her little white Reebocks, Put on her aprin and take her post at regester #1. As time went on Misty learnd how to work a man. Mr. Phil was like putty in her hands. With sexy smiles and kind words, She got raises, bonuses, paid days off. And was awarded Employee of the month, Every month untill others started to bitch. She was obviously the bosses pet.

    The two of them began to flirt with each other. He would put his arm around her, and tell her how special she was. Ocasionally he would pat her on the ass. The kind of stuff that might make the news, Or at least get someone fired in todays world. But Misty didn't mind. She knew she had a good thing going on.

    And then come Saturday night. Everyone was anxous to get off work, all watching the time clock. At 10:00 . it was like a race to punch the clock, and out the door. Half way home Misty realised she left her purse. Back then all the stores were closed on Sundays. She turned around and raced back to the store,hopeing Mr. Phil was still there. Relieved to see his old pickup in the parking lot.

    She was surprised to find the back door unlocked. Quietly she walked toward his office. Then she heard the sounds of moaning. The office door was cracked open. Mr. Phil was watching a XXX movie. It was even staring Jhon Holmes and Seka. Stroking his cock. Misty quietly watched him pleasure himself. As she stared at his cock, Surprised at how big the old man was. Her pussy became wet. When he shot his load, his jizz hit the Tv. screen with power. Misty bumped in to the door.

    " Who's there? " Mr. Phil yelled out startled.

    " It's me Misty. " Opening the door.

    " I forgot my purse. "

    " Oh Misty I'm so sorry you had to witness me doing that, I just can't bring myself to do sinfull things like that, In my mothers house. "

    " Oh Mr. Phil. It's okay. She rushes to him, placeing her hand on his back. Watching his shrinking cock. She kneals down before him, taking his cock in her mouth. A miniute or wo later, He's back to full strength. She lets him go, and kisses his cheek.

    " Your just like your Mom. She's the only one thatsever cared enough to do anything lie that with me. " He takes a breath.

    " You know I've never ben with a woman. All the way before. " He confesses to her.

    " Mr. Phil ! You mean you never fucked a woman before? " He nodded. Once again she took his shrinking cock in o her mouth. After bringing him back to life, She places his hand on to his cock.

    " Now you keep it hard, Your in for a real treat. " She rolled back on to her ass. Pulling off her Reebocks. Quickly she stripped down, Laying on the floor of his office.

    " Come Fuck me you dirty old man ! " She demanded. He slowly got down on to of her, She guided his cock in to er slit. Mr. Phil gave it his all, fucking Misty. He brought her to orgasm . Balls deep inside her, He felt his warm cum exit his cock, flwing in to her pussy. He lay there on top of her for a moment.

    She helped him back to his chair, She sucked his cock clean, then helped him dress. As Misty dressed he reached over to the V.C.R. pushing the eject button.

    " My life is complete now. " Misty reaches for her tenis shoes.

    " Do you still have your high heel's with you? " Misty looks over next to the chair, Were her purse was siting.

    " Yes sir. "

    " Put them on. I want to watch you walk out one last time wearing them. " She slides her bare feet in to her sexy red pumps.

    " You look just like you mother, whenshe was your age. " He takes the XXX movie from the V.C.R.

    " Take this with you. I don't want anyone to know I look at smut like this. And promise me you will never speak of the wicked act, we did here tonight. "

    " I promise Mr. Phil. " She takes the tape and kises him once more on the cheek.

    On the drive home. Misty had this sick fealing, That something bad was fixingo happen. The kind of fealing you get, knowing someone close to you is fixing to die.

    The following Monday morning. Mr. Phil was found dead in his office.
    Misty contnued to work for FoodLand. But it was just not the same. After graduating highschool. They offerd to promote her to manager. But she declined the offer, Turning in her notice. Se took a waitressing job down at the county line.At a joint called the Pussy Cat club. Where she would learn the skills of becoming a topless dancer.
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