The first date (my first attempt at an erotic story)

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    The First Date

    We’d been good friends in the office for years now, and flirted outrageously even though we both know we would be faithful to our significant others. So it was no surprise that I was the first you came to when you found out your boyfriend was moving out of your house. “He left me for a little 20 year old tramp” you whispered furiously. “How could he do that?”

    “I don’t know, I don’t see how he could give up what he has!” I could see tears welling up in your eyes as you turned to rush down the hall to the ladies room. I shook my head slowly, wondering what kind of craziness this was, a guy choosing to leave someone as fantastic as you.

    You were just coming out as my phone rang and I answered it. As you walked up you got a puzzled look on your face and said “What’s wrong?”

    “She’s leaving me. For a woman! She said she was tired of getting poked over and over, and is moving in with her boss”.

    Your expression went from puzzlement, to shock, to anger, and finally thoughtful and then defiant. “This must be kismet, fate! We’ll show them, we’ll go out with each other!”

    I looked up at the clock, it was just half an hour to quitting time on Friday. “OK, sounds good, I’ll meet you at Bubba’s in 45 minutes”.

    “Oh no, we aren’t just getting together for drinks like we always do, we are going out on a date. Our first date! And you’re taking me to Luigi’s at the Marriot’s. Now you be there to pick me up at 7 p.m. and don’t you dare go out drinking and pick me up in your work clothes. I expect to see a sharp dressed man at my door.” You glare at me until I nod my head in submission, and then you stalk away.

    It seemed to take forever for the clock to run out, and to get home. I jumped in the shower, then remembered that one time that you’d teased me, wondering if my equipment went commando in my shorts, or did I just let the weeds grow. Sometimes I did, and sometimes not, and right now it was just growing back, so it was easy to trim it back, and clean it up until it was all smooth as a baby’s bottom. Getting dressed I went full commando, so I could enjoy the dangling bits brushing around inside.

    I was finally time to leave, so I finished dressing and drove over to your house. His car was gone, so I was relieved we didn’t have to worry about a scene. I knocked on the door, and when it opened, I wondered if I’d gone to the wrong house.

    At work you always dress very conservatively, not at all revealing. The vision that opened the door was dressed in a sheer white silk blouse that barely obscured your proud bosoms and large dark nipples swaying beneath the fabric. The skirt was down to the knees, but split up the sides, almost to your waist. Below that were sheer stockings with a line down the back that I saw as you pirouetted on your high heels in front of me. I could feel my cock twitch and harden.

    “You like?”

    “No, I lust! I’ve never seen you like this, but I love it!!”

    “Well, maybe you’ll see more later, but right now our reservations are in fifteen minutes, let’s go.”

    As I walked you to the car I trailed back to enjoy the view from behind of your rolling hips and swishing legs. As you stopped and turned at the passenger door of the car, you gave me a knowing look and said “Enjoy the view?”

    “Absolutely incredible!” I said as I opened the car door to let you in, then got in myself, started the car, and pulled out of the driveway.

    Your hand reached over and stroked me leg from my knee to just short of my crotch, up and down and back again. “I’ve wanted so long to go out with you as more than just “friends”. My cock proceeded to twitch every time you got close and, although you never quite touched it, I had the feeling you always knew exactly where it was, and how far to go.

    Somehow we managed to get to the restaurant in one piece, and were immediately whisked to a private booth. It was dark, with large candles at each table that allowed you to clearly see your partner, but obscured the rest of the restaurant. Not that I wanted to look anywhere other than the vision in front of me. Your pale skin glowed in the candlelight, with a spattering of freckles showing contrast in some fascinating places, particularly in the roomy cleavage as you bent forward to whisper quietly to me in the hushed restaurant.

    Once the waiter had taken our order, and opened our bottle of wine, I was about to speak when I noticed you looking intensely at me and begin to smile, and then you glanced down. As I followed your gaze, I saw that you had begun stroking your left nipple with your right index finger until it became so rigid and erect, I thought it would tear a hole in the fabric. The twitch in my cock returned and it became as hard as a rock. As I stared dumbfounded at the show you were giving me, I became aware that the waiter had returned with our salads and left, totally ignoring what could not have been more obvious. As you picked up your fork with your right hand, your left went up to your right breast and tweaked that nipple until it too threatened to burst forth. And the entire time you stared directly at me, smiling knowingly as I tried to decide between looking in your eyes, at your teasing yourself, or at my salad. By the time the first course came, I still hadn’t eaten a bite.

    As we began to eat our steaks, I noticed you were eating so sensuously, it was like you were having orgasms as you ate. You stared into my eyes the whole time as you picked up each individual piece with your fork and opened your mouth wide to receive it. Each piece was chewed slowly as you stared at me as if to say you wished it was a different meat you were eating. Thank god for doggy bags that I was able to enjoy my steak later.

    As desert arrived, I felt a light brush against my leg, then a firm pressure on my knee. I realized your foot was sliding up between my legs to press firmly against my achingly hard cock, and then proceeded to rub up ans down along the length of my shaft. I was amazed that you could reach that far under the table, as you were even able to thrust your toes up under my balls to stroke them firmly.

    “Mmmm, I feel you’ve shaved for me!” you said. How you could tell that through my pants, I’ll never know, but all I could do was say stupidly “It seemed to be the thing to do”. Well, duh! You said “it certainly was!”

    Finally the check came, and we were able to leave. “Where to now” I asked, hoping desperately you wanted to go home.

    “I don’t want to go home in case he comes crawling back, and I imagine you feel the same. Why don’t we got to the bar for a quick drink and then get a hotel room upstairs?” Capital idea!

    As we entered the bar, it seemed every head followed you as you proceeded to take the last seat at the bar, and guided me to stand next to you. As we ordered our drinks, I let my hand fall to your leg and stroke the skin uncovered by the split in the skirt. You made a subtle motion that I didn’t quite follow, and suddenly you seemed to be sitting there naked below the wait with a thin strip of fabric falling in front of your crotch, another strip of fabric between you and the stool.

    Marveling at your ingenuity, I allowed my hand to drift around the front of your dress and stroke upwards from your knee, along your upper thigh, to your crotch. Your legs moved a little further apart, and I was able to sneak the edge of my hand up under your skirt and up against your groin. But I didn’t find any fabric or hair, just skin. I slowly dipped my hand lower, not once encountering anything but baby smooth skin until I reached the top of your slit. I paused, and you groaned lightly in frustration. But not so lightly that the guy in the seat next to you noticed what was happening, as did the bartender. You opened your eyes, looked straight at the bartender, raised your glass, and said “Play it again, Sam”. He nodded and, obviously reluctantly, went to do your bidding. Meanwhile, the guy in the seat on the other side had nudged his buddy, and both stared at our performance.

    Meanwhile, my hand had slipped lower, and my middle finger trailed slowly down your lips, while those fingers on both sides tapped and stroked lightly on the delicate skin between your nether lips and your thigh and up on the thigh itself. You closed your eyes, rolled back your head, and let out a long, low moan as the bartender places your drink in front of you and leaned forward to see the show. He looks at me and says “on the house” and continues to stand and watch.

    The two single guys to your right sit with their mouths open as this goes on. While they can’t see exactly what’s going on due to your skirt, there is no doubt what is happening. Particularly since, as my finger reaches the bottom of your slit, it curls up and begins penetrating you. Again a groan escapes your lips, and a shudder goes through your body, and your legs spread wider. None of the three observers move a muscle as I firmly press the ball of my palm against your clit and begin to stroke my middle finger around and around the inside of your cunt, feeling it getting hotter and wetter with each stroke. Finally you give a shudder so strong you almost fall off your chair and you open your eyes, turn to me, and say loud enough for everyone in the bar to hear “Let’s go fuck. Now!”

    I was all for that, and it seemed to be a lifetime before I was finally fumbling open the door to our suite. As it opened you lunged for me and pushed me against the wall, rubbing you’re your entire body against me. I managed to push the door closed, then spun you around until you were the one against the wall, and ground my crotch against yours, as we both tried to shove our tongues down each other’s throat.

    I dropped to my knees and pushed your skirt to the side and pressed my entire mouth against your cunt, trying to greedily eat all of you at once. All subtlety was gone as I just want to make you cum, as hard and as fast as I could. The next I knew you were completely naked, having pulled off your dress, and now you were wrapping your legs around me and arching your back against the wall. Once, twice, thrice you came on my face, after which you unwrapped your legs from around my head and said “Now it’s your turn”.

    As I started to remove my shirt you said “huh uh, my job” and then proceeded to back me up against the bed and push me down onto it. You slowly took off each piece of clothing I had, kissing and licking as each was removed. As you tugged down my pants, you gave a growl of happiness as you saw the total lack of any hair. “I’m so glad you got the hint, and I promise that I will make it worth every nick and cut you endured”. You then proceeded to do just that with a whirlwind of sucking, licking, stroking and nibbling.

    You started at my navel, and worked your way back and forth, but always lower. You finally reached the base of my cock, as it throbbed upright in the air, then you licked all the way around to the bottom. Grasping my cock firmly with one hand, you proceeded to inhale both of my balls into your mouth and swish them around as best you could considering your mouth was filled to capacity. You then stared up into my eyes and smiled as you slowly pulled back and let them drag slowly past your teeth until they finally popped out. Then, never letting your eyes break contact with mine, you slowly lick the base of my shaft, your moans mixing with mine as I lay back and surrendered myself to you. Slowly, your tongue moved up my cock until it reaches the tip. You lick along the ridge of the head, alternating light licks with the soft slick underside of the tongue, with rapid rough licks with the rough top of the tongue.

    Finally, your poise your lips around the head, look up into my eyes to make sure I’m watching, then slowly suck me down until my entire cock is in your mouth. Your eyes smile at me, and then you begin to bob slowly up and down on my cock. It only takes moments for me to reach the point of no return. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum” I say, and you grunt in agreement. Reluctantly, I grasp your head and pull you off.

    “The next time I’ll cum in your mouth, or anywhere you want, but this first time, I want to be buried in your cunt.” Before I can turn you over, you’ve already flipped onto your back, spread your legs wide, and pulled me on top of you. I slide easily into you, as if we’d been doing this for years. I try to be restrained and pause on each upstroke with just the tip of my cock inside you, but our lovemaking soon degenerates into me slamming down as hard as I can, while you struggle to meet my every stroke with an upward one of your own that threatens to bounce my head off the ceiling. Our grunts and groans fill the air, and it isn’t long before I feel that familiar tickling in my balls as I prepare to come.

    “I can’t hold back any longer” I force through clenched teeth.

    “Give it to me now” you scream “I want you to fill meeeeee…”.

    As I begin to come, I slam down one final time and grind our crotches together. This causes you to begin writhing uncontrollably as your orgasm takes complete control of your body and my cum explodes over and over into your body. Soon, we both go limp from exhaustion and collapse into each others arms.

    “Wow” I said, “if that was the first date, I can’t wait for the second!”

    The end.

    (Any suggestions are welcome!)
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