The Dos and Don'ts of the G-Spot orgasm

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    The Dos and Don'ts of the G-Spot orgasm

    First we have to say what are the Dos and don'ts of the G-Spot orgasm.

    First of all there is no true dos or don'ts because what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

    I will give you some dos and don'ts but still you need to experiment with it and find what works best for you.

    OK here we go.

    Don't jump right to massaging the G-Spot
    Because the G-Spot is like the male penis. Where as the penis fills with blood and the G-Spot fills with cumm. But unlike the penis the G-Spot will not engorge with cum as fast as the penis does. This is a no no. If you try to stimulate the G-Spot without getting the woman aroused it can feel occurred to her

    Do get the woman aroused or real horny before massaging the G-Spot.
    I usually try to kiss, lick and suck on every inch of the woman before massaging the G-Spot. It is just how I do it. The way I do it is what works for me but I am not saying it is the only way to do it. You have to do what feels comfortable to you because if you try it my way and it is not comfortable to you then it is possible that you will not do it right or you will not want to finish because it is not comfortable to you so you have to find away to aroused the woman that is comfortable for you and you feel confidant doing it like the way that feels comfortable for you.

    I read on some sites that said to use a come hither motion when massaging the G-Spot.

    Don't My don't not necessarily your don't. First I will say the G-Spot is deep in the upper vaginal wall up toward the clitoris inside the vagina and you can not stimulate it properly by using the come hither motion. She will orgasms with the come hither motion but it will not be as powerful orgasm if you do it a different way.

    Since the G-Spot is deep inside the vagina walls it takes a bit of pressure to stimulate the G-Spot with your fingers or something else.
    OK with that said I find it hard to stimulate the G-Spot with a come hither motion with my fingers because I can not apply enough pressure to the G-Spot while doing that.

    My do. not necessarily your do. When you find the G-Spot you can either massage the G-Spot with a back and forth motion with good bit of pressure on the G-Spot or massage the G-Spot with a circular motion with fingers with a good bit of pressure on the G-Spot.

    OK you may find that my way is not comfortable so you may want to experiment with different techniques until you find how you like doing it that feels comfortable to you.

    OK I also read on some sites that said not to tell your partner about what you are going to do to them. I do not agree with this because if you don't tell them what to expect then when they get the urge to pee or urinate then they will most likely stop you. But if you tell them what to expect then when they get the urge to pee or urinate then they will know it is a part of the G-Spot orgasm and will not stop you.

    Some sites believe speed speed speed from start to finish.

    Personally I like to massage the G-Spot slow to prime it up more before speeding it up so they the woman will cum harder.

    But this is my don't it is not necessarily your don't.

    It really depends on what you are going after that determines which way you should go.

    Speed from start to finish is good to give the woman multiple G-Spot orgasms with.

    Slow at first then speed up when the woman is close to orgasm is a way to make them cumm harder and the harder you make them cumm the more it will feels good to them in my opinion. But you can always go fast after they have their first orgasm.

    Do trim your finger nails.
    Finger nails do not feel good poking in to the G-Spot
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