The cute flasher, last part

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    In the previous part she is straddling me and riding me on the picnic table .......

    Sarah likes me

    Luckily, Sarah reached orgasm before I got too far so I placed my feet flat on the table to push my cock in harder. "Ooooh, aaaaaah, holy fuck I'm cumming!" and she just made more sounds.
    I felt her extra wetness as I lost control, body spasming and filling her with my semen, breathing hard until I was done.
    Sarah said she felt me squirt inside her, it made her orgasm better and when it was all done she asked me if I mind if she kept me in a little longer.
    "Please DO", I told her with a smile and she rode me a little longer.

    When she got off me, I felt the fun was not over yet and I got her on her back again. She was ready for me when she saw what I was thinking of.
    I got on top of her, kissing her lips before going down stopping at her neck, chest, breasts, and everything in between on my way to her love spot. She smelled good, plus the smell of my cum.
    When I first made contact Sarah took my head in her hands, lifted her head to watch and let out a OOOOOH, YESSSSSSS! then she let herself go down to enjoy selfishly.
    I started licking and pressing my lips all over her pussy lips, except her clit which I placed my lips over lightly to tease. This lasted until she started aching for more then I gave her clit a light lick before moving away from it again.

    When she was going crazy only then I started giving her move, and using my fingers. "Aaaaaaah, yes please, holy fuck!" was her way of telling me to give more.
    I decided to let it come slowly, exploring with my fingers thoroughly to discover her best spots, taking her close but not all the way until I knew her body's responses better.
    Once I had a good idea what worked best, I kept it gentle and steady for a bit before increasing the pressure, playing with the speed to know what suited her needs best.
    Sarah was well worked up by the time I took her to orgasm, she was arching her back, grabbing my head, out of breath.
    Then as I kept things up she finally told me keep going just that way, faster, telling me what she desired before I heard her moaning while clenching her teeth and pulling my head in harder.

    After eating Sarah through her orgasm she asked me to stop and she caught her breath a bit, telling me it was amazing and that she wished she had it this way more often.
    "You just had to ask" I said and went back to giving more oral and using my fingers and she said "Oh my God, this is insane, oooooh yes this is so good"
    I gave her one more before I changed methods. I started sucking and licking her clit while rubbing her g-spot, and pressing against it from the top of her tummy.
    That made her gasp in surprise and delight and she started grinding her hips as I went along. A few times I sensed she was approaching orgasm and I backed off a bit.
    That gave her mixed feelings, driving her wild and crazy, wanting to cum right now, and wanting it to last longer.
    After two more edgings I finally gave her what she was waiting for and it was pure lust, watching her nipples go hard - it gave me a hard on - having her gush while she was spasming, legs wrapped around my neck.
    Her orgasm complete and her body half tense she told me to "STOP STOP STOP, OMG I can't take anymore of it! oh wow" and she laid there catching her breath.
    When I got up, a bit sore around the neck, she pulled me over to lay by her a bit and we just cuddled for a while until she took the lead to give me a blowjob that made my balls shrink and my toes curl to reward me for making her feel amazing.

    After we got dressed we walked back to the parking lot slowly and she kept saying how great this was and she was glad she took her chance with me, a sweet stranger.
    To that I commented we are no longer strangers but I wouldn't mind having moments like this again. "I'm already thinking about it"

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