The couch moment

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    One day we were talking and as expected things take a sexual turn with the kissing and touching.
    After a while she takes it out to stroke it until big drops of precum appear - it turned her on to know she was the cause.

    Another couple of minutes of foreplay and she can't wait anymore, she strips and straddles me, already wet.
    Taking my cock in her to guide it, she lowered herself on me, it was easy with her wetness.
    Then she started riding me "Feels SO good!" as she goes on, grinding, humping, sliding while I move my hips and pressing her breasts the way she likes it.

    After a seemingly short time she started making sounds, getting closer and got going faster until she orgasmed. After her orgasm she stopped a few seconds to take care of me, gyrating her hips and making the head rub around inside. While she was loving it, I was feeling the tingling get stronger until I lost it and filled her. She WANTED that real bad and she got more aroused feeling my ejaculation and throbbing.

    After I was done she stayed down on me a bit. We were not prepared with a towel so I picked her up, her legs around my hips, my hands under her ass. I managed to stay inside her when I put her on the bed and when I removed myself to get a towel I saw my balls wet from her juices. This was a fun and spontaneous moment.
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