The chemistry set

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    One day after my Birthday My neighbor friend a girl and I were playing with my chemistry set. She was mixing the chemicals and getting ready to light the alcohol Bunin burner with matches. She remembered our play time with the micro scope and asked me if she could try something. I said sure what, she said just trust me, she had me put about half the bottle of rubbing alcohol on my pants right over my cock and balls. She then struck matches and lit it on fire. OMG it was actually on fire burning with a blue flame. It felt warm but did not hurt or burn it actually tickled me and made me rock hard she kept it lit and then kept lighting more matches under my nose one after the other hard and fast so I got the full effect of the sulphur it did not take long for me to have a full on orgasm in my pants and the best part was the fire did not ruin my pants because it was just the alcohol that burned