The Cell

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    "Control to all housing units, all housing......... Ensure you conduct hourly security checks of all your floors, and........."


    Enough of that annoying crap....I still had my man-down and the land-line, so no need to get stressed over radio comms. I leaned back against the counter of the deputy post; reclining my legs up. It was going on 2:00 by then.......early Sunday morning. Hell, I couldn't complain. The overtime on the disciplinary unit was easy as hell. Only 1 new inmate had arrived an hour ago, or so. But it had been some time, and I hadn't done a check of her since she had arrived. I casually flipped open the floor card, which contained the new female's info and mugshot.

    Let's see; Aylssa McCord. Tall; about 5'11. Brunette, Athletic Build. I frowned slightly......She didn't look like a hooker.....Features were too sharp; A neutral expression on her mugshot. Ah! There's her charges: Criminal Tresspassing. Disorderly Conduct. Resisting Arrest. Assault By Liquid Projectile. Hmm...... I lean over toward the terminal, and type up her slate number. A brief arrest synopsis comes back .Seems she was caught at the Show up at OSU, and didn't have a ticket receipt. She was caught using wire cord and fishing down refreshments off the back of the bleeders to her girlfriends in the lower tiers......She dumped a beer on a drunken Michigan fan who tried to grab her breast, and resisted the deputies when they tried to haul her out of there. Hee-hee, I chuckled. OK, then.........time to go see our "newest," "dangerous" guest, I thought........

    I strolled down the hall to 1 East 4, the last female isolation cell block. I unlocked the sallyport and pulled it up behind me; she was currently the only female inmate in the block. He cell is the last one on the end. The TV was on and tuned to VH1, loud music was playing in the background. I approached the broad, open glass door and peered into the lit cell. Sure enough, she stood in the cell. I instantly noticed, though, that her clothing was ENTIRELY too big for her size. She was wearing a 6X green pants and 6X Khanki jail shirt. She seemed to be stuggling to hold the pants up. Something wasn't right. She noticed me and was slightly startled. Her brow furrowed down to one of mistrust. "Well?" she asked, shortly.

    I continued to frown; something was not right. "Those clothes are much too big for you, Ms. McCord. I KNOW the deputy didn't dress you into those. You exchanged them after your arrest."
    "Bullshit! This is what I got from you guys when I came in." Then her expression softened to one of almost pleading. "Please? Can't I keep them on?"

    But my wind was up. "Nope. I have spares for you in a bin. For now, I'm getting you out of those, because I think you're hiding something under them." Now I knew I was right, because her expression became alarmed as I unlocked and opened the door. I stand there in the doorway, my shadow long in the cell......Shorter than her, but my broad shoulders square up well against the light; my blue eyes are piercing and no-nonsense. The slight scent of my calogne mingles with the scent of sweat in the humid cell......
    Reluctantly, she shucked the shirt off, and almost effortlessly, stepped out of the super-loose pants as they fell to the floor. I immediately gasped at the sight. She was wrapped in black leather elastic cord from the middle of her neck all the way down to her knees.Even her arms were wrapped up to her wrists. But that wasn't the only thing that made me gasp. The cord was wrapped so tight and firm to her body that I could make out the curves of her hips; the muscles of her thighs, and the swell of her breasts. It must have been the same cord she used at the game to smuggle refreshments, and now she had smuggled it into jail without being strip searched first. Damn lazy-ass second shift! from
    "OK, enough fucking around, Aylssa. I'm taking that cord from you."
    Her face dropped down into a new expression; a wicked expression of evil glee......."No......We haven't fucked around enough.......yet."
    I felt a twinge of desire in my stomach, but not enough to stop me. "Come her.......NOW." I command her. She stepped forward tentatively, and seized the cord end on her left arm. I pull, and she rolled away like a cat; the cord unwinding. After a minute of the stretching sound unwinding, and herarm was bare tan. Slender but muscled.
    Oh, athletic build. "Hell, YES", my mind said happily. I ignored it. I repeated the same with her other arm. The elastic made a tight, stretching noise as it unwound. There was something incredibly pleasing in that sound......
    "What about the rest?" she said. "It comes off, too." I commanded. I grabbed the cord around her waist and began to unravel. But this time, she began to move like a cat as the cord stretched and creaked.....She whirled away from me; spinning around me like a top, as the cord unwound from her.....slowly exposing her wash-board stomach. She stopped in front of me; her midriff exposed, and she was breathing harder; that savage grin now full on her face; eyes shining with arousal. Without a word, she picked up one of the unwound cords and began to wrap it around my own waist, as she continued her seductive spin; exposing more and more of that hardened body. I could feel my manhood respond; smooth shaven and blood pulsing through the shaft.......beginning to rise and strain against the fabric of my trousers.
    Now her Chest was exposed; but the firm breasts covered by a latex bra that creaked and strained as much as the cords I was peeling off of her. I stared for a minute, before reaching out. She slapped away my hand and continued to spin away from me. My hand fumbled for the lower cord and began to peel away her lower wrapping. More and more muscular thigh being exposed; the quad muscles flexing as she continued her seductive gait.....all the while, she continued to wrap me up as hers was undone; she pulling more and more firm.......the constriction wrapping around my muscles and showing the definition in the light.......
    Finally, her rock-hard ass exposed; yet the glory of her hidden by a matching latex thong. She lifted the last of the cord and began to wrap it around my neck; her hips swaying back and forth with her own hypnotic dance....She pushed me against the wall; one hand on the cord wrapped around me, the other tearing away at the buttons of my shirt; I couldn't resist, didn't WANT to resist......She spun me around and ripped the shirt open in an impaitent, lustful greed........ Exposing my back tattoo to her. I could hear her moan with desire as her long fingernails clawed into the muscles of my back.......climbing up into my traps and feeling the muscles, I could feel the warm wetness of her mouth as she ran her tongue along the firm muscles......

    Here I mustered my will and spun around, one hand wrapping around her firm waist; the other dropping below and to her womanhood. I could feel her shaved opening and her slick wetness with my fingers. Gently but irresistably, I slid my top two fingers into her back and forth and massaged gently with my thumb against her G-button. I could feel her gasp as he mouth split open with a grin of pleasure, before our mouths merged and wrapped around each other.......our tongues sliding over the other in a sensuous wrestle.
    She slid down the zipper to my trousers in a long HISSSS, before she slipped her palm and wrapped so firmly around my throbbing manhood......Smooth and hard as marble; pulsed with her name on every beat of the veins.....Guiding it slowly outward and toward the warm, glorious opening of her vulva......I slid into her; and it was like a pool of warm, liquid heaven.......WE kept our eyes open and locked on eachother as we began to move back and forth to our own beat; hissing sexy commands at eachother through gritted teeth......
    "SAY my name".........
    "Keep that grin on me, or I'll pull out of you"........
    "You're my wrapped up slave, now........"
    "You're my bronzed, wrapped statue......." the beat. The pulse inside her throbbing faster and faster, building more and more.......
    Switching from position to position; her bent backward and thrusting her hips at me......shifting to doggie style where I was blessed with a full view of that rock-hard ass.... and ending up on the hard table; her mounted over me like a seductive conquerer who knows she has truly won the battle of the sexes......

    She then suddenly dropped to her knees, mouth open and lustful glare never torn away.......I didn't hesitate; sliding my shaft into her willing and open mouth as deep as she was willing; taking me all the way to the base of the shaft and holding it there before slowly.....ever so slowly........sliding her lips back out, inch by inch, never breaking eye contact. I rolled my head back; looking at the sky and holding back my desire to scream out that I would give ANYTHING to possess her, forever......I bit my lip as she repeated the motion; slower this time........ then running her long tongue up one side of the shaft and then down the other.......Finally opening her mouth to say the most pleasured word I heard from her all night:

    "ANYTHING for you, MASSSSSTER......."
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    niiiice! thank you....loved it...
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    Fucking awsome.
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