the bullet is awesome

Discussion in 'Sexual Foreplay and Techniques' started by hubbywubby, Sep 1, 2011.

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    OMG thanks for all the tips. Finally got to use my wifes new bullet. She was very surprised when I pulled it out from under my pillow. After about an half hour of some awesome forplay I pulled her to the end of our bed and went down on her. Between my tongue and the bullet I looked up at her and her eyes were rolled back in her head. I finally stood up and started fucking her. Very slow but a nice rhythm. The whole time I had the bullet going to town on her clit. Then I could feel her clamping down on me which makes it very hard not to come so I slowed down a bit and now she started moaning. I knew that moan and I looked in her eyes and one was semi rolled back and the other was tring to focus on what I was doing to her. Then she exploded and it was awesome I was able to hold out and i ended up on top of her and sliding myself between her boobs which always makes me cum. Then I fell back and realized I herd this buzzing. It was the bullet. Took me a few minutes to find it. She gave it an A plus. Anything that gets her like that makes me very happy. I can tell because all day today she was hugging me and she would just walk up and grab my crotch. This usually happens for a while after a job well done. I will break it out again but not the next time. Ill make her wait a bit for it. Unless she begs (lol).
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