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    Idis has spent the past few weeks working for this car rental office, answering phones and checking or making reservations on her computer. She enjoyed her job and it paid fairly well, enough to pay for her meager expenses until her modeling career takes off. Today she was wearing a short black tight skirt, a white halter-top, and short heels. Underneath she wore a black thong with no bra. It wasn’t very professional attire, but her boss never specified a dress code she should be following. In fact, her boss, Sandra, wore something very similar every day. Besides, Idis liked the lustful looks she would get from customers, and sometimes even caught glances from her own boss.

    Idis would always check out Sandra when she wasn’t looking, admiring her perfectly rounded ass, her very feminine curves, and her long brown hair. She’s kissed other women before, when dared by her friends while drinking, and wondered what it would be like to kiss her boss. Her boyfriend wouldn’t mind bringing home that sexy piece of ass to play with, she thought, blushing in spite of herself. She surprised herself when she realized she started getting wet thinking about kissing every inch of Sandra’s beautiful body.

    She was startled to hear Sandra’s voice calling Idis into her office. Idis jumped out of her seat and went to Sandra’s office. “Are you flushed? Are you feeling ok?” Sandra asked, noticing Idis’s red face. “I’m ok. What do you need?” Idis replied. Sandra was seated and told her to come around to look at the spreadsheet she was looking at on the computer screen. Idis walked over next to Sandra, trying to see what Sandra was talking about, but all Idis could concentrate on was Sandra’s intoxicating perfume. She looked at Sandra’s face while Sandra went on about costs and profits, and Idis’s eyes traveled down to Sandra’s chest. Sandra was wearing a white blouse with long sleeves, and the cleavage from her 38D chest was hypnotizing. Idis started to move closer to Sandra, licking her lips as Sandra stopped talking and turned to face Idis. Their eyes met for what seemed like forever, and it as if they both wanted the same thing. Idis moved in closer, kissing her boss on the lips gently, sucking on them. Sandra responded by slipping her tongue into Idis’s mouth, probing deep inside and twirling around. Their breathing became erratic and Sandra stands up. They start to run their hands along each other’s backs, pulling themselves closer to each other. Idis can feel her pussy start to drip with wetness, and slides her hand down Sandra’s back and cup her ass. Sandra starts kissing more passionately, deeper. She starts kissing and sucking on Idis’s neck and ears. Then, just as suddenly as it started, Sandra ends it. “What are we doing?” she asks Idis. “We can’t do this! I’m your boss! I have a fiancée!! Please – leave my office,” Sandra says.

    Idis leaves her office and closes the door behind her. She sits back at her seat, thinking about how good it was to kiss and touch her boss, and how bad it would be if she lost this job. After a few minutes, she decided to go back in and apologize. Idis opens the door and is shocked to see Sandra at her seat, one leg draped over her desk, her skirt on the floor, one hand caressing her breasts over her blouse and the other seemed to be rubbing her clit from behind her desk. Sandra, shocked as well, simply told Idis to shut the door. Idis stepped into her office, closing the door as ordered. “Need a hand?” Idis asked Sandra with a smile, as if everything was perfectly normal. Sandra started to protest as Idis walked over to her and knelt in front of her, grabbing a thigh in each hand with a smile. Sandra was not wearing any panties at all, and Idis started kissing her inner thighs immediately, sending chills up Sandra’s spine. Sandra instinctively placed her hands on Idis’s head as Idis began to lick Sandra’s warm pussy. Sandra’s head went back, feeling Idis’s tongue circle her clit repeatedly, expertly. Although this was Idis’s first time licking a woman’s clit, she knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Idis pulled Sandra’s pussy lips apart with her fingers as her tongue probed every inch of her, penetrating her love tunnel at times. Sandra’s smooth legs opened and closed around Idis’s head repeatedly as pleasure started overtaking her body.

    Sandra then pulled Idis off her, took her own blouse off, and told Idis to take her clothes off as well. While Idis started peeling the few clothes she had on, Sandra walked over to the couch she had in her office, laid back on it with her legs open slightly. Idis, now completely naked, walked over to Sandra. “You are absolutely beautiful,” Sandra said. “I’ve been thinking about what this would be like since you started working here.” Idis smiled and walked over to the sofa, and got on top of Sandra. They started kissing again, and began rubbing and sucking on each other’s nipples. They could feel each other’s warm pussies against their legs, begging for attention. Idis’s hands traveled down and started rubbing Sandra’s wet pussy, and Sandra immediately did the same. Their bodies started grinding against each other, and they started making out again. Somehow their hands stopped rubbing each other’s pussy and instead they had each other’s thigh between their legs, and they started humping furiously against each other.

    As they started moaning in each other’s mouths, their bodies continued to grind each other’s – faster, wilder, more intense. They both started to cum at the same time, their pussy juices dripping on each other, the smell of sex permeating the room. As soon as they came, Idis decided she wanted more. She slid two fingers inside Sandra’s pulsing pussy, making Sandra start to moan once again. Sandra did the same for her, as both started to slide two, then three fingers into each other, again and again. They started rubbing each other’s g-spots deep inside, teasing each other’s nipples with their tongues again and again. Soon they were cumming again, their orgasms crashing on them like waves, again and again. Once their orgasms subsided, they began sucking on each other’s fingers, tasting their own juices.

    They sat there for a few minutes, stroking each other’s hair and admiring each other’s body. Idis didn’t know if they’d ever do this again, but she sure as hell is going to try to make it happen again. After all, how often does one fulfill a fantasy of messing around with the boss?
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