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    The beginning is just to bring things in context. again no reality here.

    Queenie had a large family who often got together. I enjoyed those moments.
    One her side, there was this young niece, Stacy, who grew up very shy, to the point her uncles tormented her at times. I was the exception for some reason.
    Almost anything was fair game as long as it didn't cross the line, sometimes I wondered if it did. I suppose it didn't cross that line since Queenie didn't intervene; she certainly would have had.

    As Stacy entered her teenage years the jokes evolved with her changing tastes, her interest in boys,
    the fact her sexuality would emerge sooner or later.
    One day as we were having visit I was a bit careless not closing the door while in the bathroom, but at least I had my pants up, just unzipped. Stacy was coming in at the safe time but as usual as she did with her other uncles who pretended to flash her she shrieked and shielded her eyes.
    there was no way the other uncles let that slide and nicknamed her "Peeping Jane", "Peeping Pippa", whatever came to mind. Or them asking if I had a good look. And it turned on me, that she would not have seen much anyway. She just ran out of the living room to avoid the torments.

    One time one of the other uncles used me to torment her, pulling my shorts down knowing I had underwear on.
    She covered her eyes but looked through her fingers before turning away and walking out.
    That was the kind of uncles she was born to.

    Part 1 over to bring things to Part 2.
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    Years later the nieces and nephews grew older, at times visiting with their parents, at times staying with friends.
    One time Stacy came with her boyfriend.
    Holding him by the arm, Stacy introduced him to us, looking at me a little more:
    "Aunty, Uncle Steve, this is Steve." I complimented her on the perfect choice, for the same name.
    Her was a decent young man. Stacy liked having the last word, saying HE had her, not me, turning around slowly as if to tease and show was I was not having. I pretended to cry and bawl my eyes out, using a towel to dry my eyes.
    But overall, it was a fun evening with the family playing games.

    Fast forward a couple of months later, another family visit. This time Stacy was alone. Her Steve and her broke off.
    With everyone not in condition to drive we offered them to stay the night since it was weekend. All good and safe.
    the next morning after breakfast and people cleaned up, hugs and kisses and all left.

    The house cleaned up, I went downstairs to watch some TV.
    Out of nowhere: "Hellooooo?" It was Stacy, when I went to the door she said she forgot her cell phone.
    She knew where to find it, and then asked if it was okay if she stayed a little longer.
    "Of course Stace, you're welcome here."
    And she went upstairs to spend a bit of time with Queenie; but not long after, Queenie announced she was going for her hair appointment. I was all alone in the house now, I thought, then Stacy started coming downstairs.

    And my jaw dropped! She had very tight shorts on, very short, and a very tight hoodie really hugging her shapes.
    Speechless, staring for a short time before looking at her eyes finally, blinking.
    "Can we go for an ice cream uncle Steve?"
    Stammering "Not dressed this way I hope"
    "Of course not ….., you like?" giving a full turn, sticking her ass out as it faced me.
    "Errrr,, a, it looks nice ….."
    "I thought you would like" standing right in front of me, legs slightly apart.
    After watching me look like a mute idiot Stacy sat on me, hands on my shoulders, facing me.

    "What are you doing?" my hands going around her waist instinctively but then removing them by reflex.
    "I'm not that shy little girl anymore, and you were the only one who never tormented me."
    "Yeah, but what does all that mean?"
    "Letting you know I always liked how you treated me."
    "O-kay …." I was shocked, frozen on the spot.

    "Well, you still want to take me for an ice cream? Or you can just give me some money and I will go get us something"
    "Yeah, I can go get you what you want." Then she scooted closer, very close to me, still straddling me.
    "Yeah, give me some money and I will go get us ice cream."
    Then she broke into a song from Tina Turner - Private Dancer - now grinding softly and slowly.
    My eyes were big as saucers, Stacy reached down and got a very good feel and got me to full erection.
    And Stacy continued signing, whispering i in my ear:
    "I'm a private dancer, dancing for money, I'll do what you want me to do …."

    My heart was thumping, my mind was racing, and I pushed Stacy off me.
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    Part 3

    Stacy stood there, not sure how to take it until I stood up to start undoing my shorts.
    Stacy didn't cover her eyes like she used to as a younger woman, she broke into a big smile and unzipped her tight hoodie,
    revealing nice breasts not covered by a bra and spreading the hoodie to show me what she had:
    "We will be alone long enough, I want you to let me do this all my way" then she guided me back sitting before straddling me again, VERY close. then she rested her head on my shoulder, whispering she was never able to get THIS out of her head as I felt her long silky hair on my shoulder and arm.
    "WHAT is that?"
    Stacy just put a finger on my lips: "Shhhhhh" before resting her head on my shoulder again, and this time she ran her hand on my chest, down, down, down, and then on my cock, rubbing it up and down while feeling and groping it really well for several seconds.

    When she lifted her head up, I just HAD to, I finished unzipping Stacy's hoodie and removed it.
    All along she was observing me, moving her arms to allow her hoodie to come off, watching me look at her eyes, her breasts,
    and as I started sliding my hands up her sides she placed hers on mine to guide them up to her breasts.

    I don't know if I was doing the caressing and rubbing or Stacy was guiding me to do it as she looked at me with a smile
    that was a mix of her being mine and her controlling me. And she resumed grinding my cock as she placed her hands on my shoulders: "I want you to enjoy this moment just like I do" and I let my hands rest on her waist and hips as she gave me a lap dance. She would give me a deep look, asking if I was enjoying.
    When I said YES, she would say "I know uncle Steve, I just wanted to hear you say it. It feels like you have a nice cock in there"

    Rubbing herself slowly against my erection, Stacy brought my hands back on her breasts. I felt her nipples get hard.
    Tossing her long hair back, Stacy looked in my eyes until it she had to break it as she started moaning.
    I could feel her heart beating faster even while rubbing her breasts, her face tense as she kept rubbing herself through her orgasm. When it was done, Stacy asked if I enjoyed and looked down at my crotch.
    She had gotten wet through her tight little shorts and made mine wet: "Oh, I came on you" placing her hand on my erection.

    Backing off a little, Stacy ran her hand down from my hand down to the waist band of my shorts, looking at me, her face very close to mine. I was tempted to kiss her but refrained. Then she slid her hand inside to wrap it around my cock, wet and slippery: "I want to give you your turn, mmmmm, you do have a nice one in there, rubbing it up and down the same way she did over my shorts at the beginning. When she pulled her hand out, Stacy kept looking at me and brought her hand to her mouth, licking it:
    "Uncle Stave, your semen tastes nice" watching my aroused reaction, pushing her breasts against my hands caressing them.

    "Alright now. do hat you want with your hands", just let me control everything" Then leaned against my shoulder again, this time kissing the side of my neck as she grinded slowly and softly.
    Once I started moaning, Stacy pulled herself up, saying she wanted to see what I look like when I feel good.
    I swallowed hard, telling Stacy I as ready.
    "Just what I was waiting for." her forehead against mine, eyes gazing into mine.

    "Squeeze my ass hard" Stacy asked me to do as she adjusted herself.
    I felt her pubic bone rub the head as she placed her clit against the head. Mine too was laboured, getting more by each grind.
    I reached orgasmed and felt an intense tingle spread from my lower region and grabbed her ass harder as I moaned.
    Stacy lowered her head onto my chest, arms around my neck, her warm breath on me as she started feeling as good as I was.
    After a few more hard rubs against my cock she made herself reach orgasm and she sort of spasmed as she moaned softly.
    Stacy kept going until she was satisfied, then she lifted her head up, looking at me, hands back on my shoulders, saying it was awesome and kinky.

    "Did you cum lots?" still pressed against my erection.
    "Maybe, you probably blocked the flow" referring to how hard she was pressing.
    "Let me help that, and rubbed her pubic bone softer up and down the shaft: "Is that better?"
    "I feel it coming out now" still feeling nice, and Stacy saying it still felt good down there.
    "Do you have lots?" and without waiting for my answer she back up and lifted herself, slid her hand in and rubbed my cock, feeling the cum around: "mmmmmmm, feels like you came big" rubbing me some more.

    When she pulled her hand out it was as expected, covered in cum.
    Stacy looked at it, then repeated how messy it was. Then Stacy got off me, saying she will go wash her hand.
    She stopped in her tracks and turned back to me with a smile before smelling her hand.
    Next she licked it, saying my cum tastes yummy. "If you weren't my uncle, I would have had it in me instead."
    She straddled me again and brought her hand to me, making me taste my semen while I helped myself to her breasts again.
    "Uncle Stave, you're a dirty pervert, you can't leave them alone"
    "I KNOW what I like"
    "I can tell" then she reached over, leaning to give me a short kiss on the lips. "THANK YOU! I LOVED IT"
    Arms around my neck, head on my chest, I could her laboured breathing
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