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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by Matt1822, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Apr 29, 2012
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    Summer is coming up and im off on my jollies soon as im sure many people will be. So to get in the mood what are your memories from lads / girls holidays and who f#cked the most! :p
    I personally am going to try and lose my virginity so i have no stories :( lol
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    Jan 8, 2012
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    california, USA
    well ok.....uh...shortly after graduating i moved to the beach and lived in a little trailer there...my girlfriend at the time told two of her "friends" at the time, they could stay with me one night while they were passing thru the town i was in.....well for some reason they decided to attack me....trying to get my pants off and have some fun i guess, i fought em for a few minutes but once their hands were down my pants i gave in ...( i was 18, brain wasnt fully developed yet)...they proceeded to do stuff to me but eventually they(being friends of my gf) came to their senses and stopped , which was ok by me because i was feeling pretty guilty about the whole thing...of course i had to tell my girlfriend what happened because i couldnt lie to her. if i wouldnt have had a girlfriend...i wonder how it would have ended...
  3. thunderseed

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    Jan 22, 2012
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    Vancouver Island
    Good summertime memories... back in the day when I drank fireball whiskey all the time. All i did was drink, have sex, and drink some more, and then get other people drunk so that i could have even more sex. I used to always hang out down at the big river where everyone was always partying and drinking.
    Well I don't remember much, because I drank whiskey all the time, but there were still some good memories. Of course once I sobered up I realized, oh dear god this guy is ugly and why is he still in my house. But then I just drank more cinnamon whiskey, and it was all good.

    My best friend tells me some of the crazy stories about those summers, like all the hideous people I was always having sex with, it is now unfortunate that he knows about all of my deviant behaviours because he never lets me forget, and the times I drank vodka and he had to restrain me for hours in public places because I kept trying to kill people.
    I do remember I also had a little tiny BMX bike used as transportation. Well my best friend is a HUGE guy who eats too many cheeseburgers and he would always have to put me on his back and ride me home because I was too drunk to walk which was a town away, and that was just scary because i was flailing around everyone afraid of heights even while drunk. Well this one time, my buddy and some guy I was with at the time decided to just pay for a cab, but apparently I kicked the cab driver in the back of the head.

    LoL I also remember this hilarious time me and my best friend got locked up in the drunk tank. It was one night of the entire summer that we had agreed i would not get shit faced entirely so that he could drink without having to take care of me. So that was my job this night. What happened was I kept pissing him off by calling his drink whiskey, when it was actually rum. It was a nice warm summer night. Well, he finally said, "It's not whiskey!" And immediately downed the entire bottle of rum in 2 seconds.

    I only had one minute to say, "oh shit! No! We have to go NOW, or else you are going to pass out here and we are going to go to the drunk tank!" I had to grab him, drag him down the sidewalk, but we only made it 5 feet before he fell and hit the ground. Well then I was trying to pick him up and wake him up, straddling him and shit.
    He started growling, "who are you!" And I made up a random name and said, "Francis!"
    And he yelled, "suck my dick francis!"
    And I yelled, "get up! The police are going to come!" But then right at that moment, I looked over, as I was on top of him, and the police were just laughing their asses off inside their car and hadn't even come out yet. They had heard the whole thing.
    Well in my entire day of alcoholism I had never seen my buddy that drunk before. He was so racist, which he isn't in real life, he only likes white girls. But he kept saying to the cop, "get away from me you white cunt!" And I was like, "no man, shut up!"
    And of course, this just made me laugh so hard I fell down, and all of the police officers were also laughing.
    And then it got even worse, because they couldn't lift him up off the ground to take him away because he was so fat and partially unconscious and not helping them at all. It took 3 police officers to get him up.
    And then I intervened and said, "no you can't take away my friend! I was just getting him home!" And well they told me to get myself home because they thought I was sober enough and because they were too busy laughing at the whole incident. But I refused, and so, they let me go to the drunk tank with my friend.

    I have some fond memories with one of my exes, we used to tan and drink down by the river. Of course I would turn brown, but seeing as he was full blooded native he would turn black so there was no possible way I could ever catch up to him. We would dry off in the sun, then go for a swim, and get really drunk. This one time we even had sex at the river and people were cheering us on. Then he passed out and I realized a police car was right beside us. We began having sex again in the back seat of the cop car with handcuffs on. Unfortunately my brother was there and witnessed the whole thing.
    Yeah that summer we were always spending the night in the drunk tank. And then my buddy would come a long and we would ditch my ex because everyone hated him.

    We would have sex on the bus, and at all the fastfood joints we could find, and then we would suntan and just drink some more. The first thing I would do every morning was get up and drink more whiskey.

    My daily routine was, buy a huge thing of whiskey, some cigars and if i had any money left over a bottle of iced green tea because I was always so dehydrated with the pasties, and once my whiskey was gone, I would just drink everyone elses.

    I still remember the first time I met him. I was drunk and swimming in the river and his first line was, "do you have the time?" I just said, "does it look like im wearing a watch?"
    And then he said, "do you want to go for a walk?" And I said, "... ... ... I am swimming."
    And then he jumped off the bridge and cracked his ribs and I was very impressed, so I took him home with me. Oh wait, no we never went home. I ended up forgetting my phone at the bar that night, and so I had to walk all the way back to town to find it. He had told me he was rich and had a place to stay, and I realized then that he was actually homeless because he had not moved an inch from where I had left him on the street curb.
    That night I took him to a park because i didn't want to walk all the way back to the next town again, but he didn't want to have sex because I told him a story about how sometimes bugs might crawl up your ass if you sleep outside.

    Well for many months after that he never left my house, but it was all fine and peachy because he got me lots of whiskey.

    well that was a trip down memory lane.
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