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    (Here's a quickie but hopefully a goodie)

    I was late for work by the time the alarm went off and woke up with warmth rushing between my legs, I felt my panties warm and moisten as I clenched my legs tighter, and I was still late to work. Frustrated, late, horny, so late, dying! Oh my god! I woke up feeling myself, my hand between my legs cupping tightly over my swollen clit. What the fuck was I dreaming about? There I was, lying in a hot and horny Hell; sleep leaving my eyes and the cob webs dusting away from my mind as I try to enjoy the morning. Without the time to relieve the pressure as I wished she didn’t go to work so early and would occasionally wake her to surprise licking alarm click. I was enjoying being in my bed and the feeling of my breasts pressed into my soft sheets. I raise my ass just a bit and tease my pussy with one finger sliding over my wet hole, upward, and slowly adding pressure as my finger tip runs its way over my clit. I know I am smiling at the idea of a nice little morning wake me up. I know I am smiling until I make the mistake of opening my eyes a little too wide and see the clock beside my bed.
    FUCK! I have no time for myself.

    The shower is just more of a tease. I try to pretend I don't want to keep touching. Focus. Focus on the shower and get clean and get out and dry off and get dressed and get to work! As I think about focusing and doing what needs to be done I catch myself, two fingers teasing between my legs as they become slick. BAH! Shit! Damn and Oh Hell! I am way too late to be masturbating and stopping makes my pussy swell. Makes the blood rush between my legs and it only gets worse as the hot water runs down my chest and belly. I take hold of the hot and cold water knobs and twist the hot off. Cold water instantly beats me out of my need and brings me back.

    I jump out, towel off and plan forms. I have twenty minutes to drive through the morning city traffic and twenty minutes to sit on my pocket rocket. Into the dresser and I’ve got my orbit maker and batteries? Check. Ready Freddy! Time to drive myself to a quickie ‘cause to be honest, it’d be way to much to ask for a gusher, a wave, or mind blower and instead I would settle for a tickle while waiting at a red.

    Buckle up, rear view mirror? Check. Pull out and on my way so I figure lets start her up. I take the tiny little toy from my pocket and slip down into my tight jeans. So tight it holds it in place perfect. Finally, oh God I need her tongue lifting under my hood and touching my button. I need her wet flick down to my tight ass before dipping deep in my wet snatch and OH HOLY FUCK I NEED TO CUM!!! I scream in my head so loud I am half paranoid my thoughts can be heard desperately moaning out over traffic as tiny little vibrations over my clit and shivers down to my toes and right back up into my nipples. I chance to let go of my steering wheel to give a quick tease and a pull on my nips but its to much. Instead I grip my wheel tighter while clenching and unclenching my thighs. Oh Yes, its’ building, finally God, oh finally and I am so close to cumming when the siren of a fire blasting through morning rush hour wipes me back to my cruel reality and seriously; What the fuck? Are you kidding me? What was I doing so wrong that I deserved to be pulled back like that, now my blood is boiling. I can’t figure which is worse, the horniness? The frustration or is it every time I think about why I’m frustrated I remember I’m horny and a wave of warmth again and I know the universe must hate me.

    The day is filled with clients and meetings. It’s filled with distractions and stress and as my boss talks to me I wish I could touch myself. I want to finger my pussy until I scream. Until I can't take anymore and never want it touched again then fuck myself some more. Fantasies like involuntary spasms of erotica and porn swirling in my brain beat me up all day. I should be kissing my girlfriend and feeling her warm breast in my mouth while sucking her nipples until I feel the soft flesh bruise against my tongue. I want the girl in the copy room who seems to be wearing her tight little black skirt just for me. She must have woken up and knew she had to torture me with her little ass and what’s my problem? I need to cum. I want to cum. I have to cum and it’s finally gotten bad enough that a trip to the bathroom for a moment just won’t do it.

    I want her with her leopard strap on and big purple dong in her hands as she’s looking down at me. I want her pulling my hair, digging her nails into my ass. I want her laying her chest on my back as she fucks me, pressing my face into the pillow, taking me, fucking me, fucking me, holy crap! It’s time to go home.

    I race to my apartment and this time no cops, no heavy traffic and no clocks. I unplug the phone, lock my door, and throw myself on to my bed.

    I unbutton, unzip, and pull my panties down and off with my jeans. I lift my shirt up over my head and toss it somewhere in my room. I take my dildo from the dresser and pocket rocket joins it beside me. I touch my belly to let my body know I am ready. I reach between my legs with both hands cupping my wet pussy and pulling up ward holding myself as tightly as I can. I let one finger tease in between my lips then out. I slide my finger deeper but never fully in then out again as I cup myself harder. I release and let my hands slide up to my tits. My breasts are so tender they nearly hurt.
    I reach for my vibe and twist the base halfway and smile in my bed again as I feel the rubber toy instantly warm. It becomes drenched from my body as I my feel tight pussy open for my vibe. Each little bit, more and more, taking it as it buzzes in me I feel myself open for it and hold it deep.

    I take it deep and breathe outward sliding it in and back out to the tip touching my lips. Back inside me running up ward to hold it to on the soft indent inside me. My g spot teased for a second and pulling back. As I begin the even fuck for myself I take the rocket in my left hand and touch it to my clit. No one, nothing, could ever make me stop now not letting up as I move the vibe in me and out of me. My strokes become shallow until the tip of my toy is resting on my g spot. I feel the urge in my bladder, I feel my nipples harden, and I feel my legs quiver on their own. I move my rocket like a finger in tiny deep circles over my clit then hold still as I feel the surge like a wave.

    The wave is a tiny one wanting to grow into a giant then building into a monsoon through my body. I feel the orgasm build and lose control of myself. My eyes close shutting tightly. I see myself in my mind and lying in my bed with my hands fucking frenzied at my wet cunt. The rocket pushing deeply into my clit. I watch as my ass rises from my soaked sheets and I watch myself from above as I am ready to cum. In that last second I am back inside myself. I feel the flood from between my legs drench my sheets and thighs. I hear myself let go of a deep moan as my wet hands continue over me.

    My heart is out of control as the rest of my body relaxes. I give into the urges and taste the sweetness from my fingers and think about how badly I needed to feel appeased. I run back over my day and smile at the frustration, the build and anticipation was nearly worth the wait. Nearly worth it. As I was away my day I let my soapy hands touch and tease knowing that any minute my girl will be walking through that door and she better be wearing that leopard print strap on holding her dong ‘cause I can feel the need for another round.
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    Nice one.
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    Very sexy Sophie!
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    very very hot
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