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    Hopefully this is the correct forum. I’m sorry if not. I wasn’t sure where this would fit.

    We’re starting to really like the idea of swinging. We’ve not actually done anything yet, but are looking for someone to have a first experience with. Through our discussions (she more than me), we’ve decided that we’d be more comfortable with a woman (at least initially). I’m wondering, can anyone suggest a way to enter the swinger lifestyle and possibly ways to find a third person.

    We don’t like clubs. The music is too loud and we don’t like the smoky atmosphere. They all want you to buy a membership plus pay the door fees. They also don’t allow a guest night (from what I can tell), and I just don’t understand making you sign up for a membership without knowing what you’re getting. Maybe we’re just old, but there has to be another way to find people other than “clubbing.”

    We have several online profiles (most are the free/limited types). They are so limited, we can’t contact anyone. We have signed up with adult friend finder (paid profile) and so far its really bad. They claim to have millions of people (up to 200,000 online at a time), but we’ve had our profile on there for a week and a half and have only been viewed 5 times. I’m thinking, just by chance, if there are that many people actually online, there would be at least several per day stumbling on to our profile (even if by accident). Out of that many members, there are only 5 gold and 3 silver (we can only communicate with gold or silver members)...that’s pitiful, in my opinion of course.:ugh

    What am I missing?
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