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    While on vacation on an all inclusive resort, the daily night time theme was the ballroom disco. Here, the ladies were always dressed to the nines, sexy and sensual as hell. My wife no different.

    Her outfit of the night was a see thru white mini dress that was "shredded" on the sides and hips. No bra for her 36 D's and no panties for her landing strip honey pot. Black high heel stilettos held her tight gym curvy 5'3" 135lb frame nicely together.

    After a few songs dancing and even a few more shots, we sat one of the couches in the disco to cool off. My uncut cock had a semi hard on from seeing her on the dance floor, with her tits showing thru the dress as well as her ass. We sat down and she sat down next to me with her soft smooth legs draped across my lap.

    I caressed her legs and moved in for a little kiss. Little did I know what would become of it. Our little kiss deepen, becoming more and sensual by the second. I moved my hand slowly up there thigh. As I did this, I notice she slowly widen her legs. She is usually the very shy and timid type so for her to be doing this in a full disco with people all around shocked me a bit but really turned me on.
    I continued my hand until I was about an inch from her pussy. I could already feel the warmth from it. As I moved in for the touch, it was completely soaked. We continued to make out as I started rubbing her clit and fingering her juicy wet pussy. In no time she leaned her head back and had her first orgasm there in front of everyone who wanted to see.

    As soon as she came down from.her orgasm, she told me, "Let's go into the playroom." The playroom was a room of about 3 or 4 beds in the disco designated for couples to "play". We entered the room and went straight for the open bed in the middle. The other two beds were occupied with a couple each enjoying each other.

    My wife immediately went to unbuttoned my pants pulling out my hard member and slowly and sensually licking the tip, shaft, balls and right underneath my balls around my ass. I was enjoying the hot wet blow job so much when another couple around our age, 34 ish had no where to go but right next to us o our bed. Since I was at the edge of the bed and my wife on her knees, there was plenty of room on our bed. The couple immediately got naked and started going at it doggie. The lady was right next to me so her moans was pleasure were that more enhanced with her head inches away from mine. The guy had a perfect view of my wife swallowing every inch of my cock. But I wanted to give him a better view as well as my wife a chance to see the action going on next to her. I flipped her around and traded spots with her.

    Her pussy tasted extra sweet. I could taste her cum from earlier mixed with a little sweat, I was in heaven devouring every bit of her love juices. Occasionally I would peek up to see the husband pumping his wife's pussy while staring back at my wifes pussy and tits and moaning face. I could hear his cock slop thru his wife's pussy with every thrust as well as hear his wife's moans mixed in with mine.

    My wife must have been enjoying the same sights and sounds because it was not long until he pulled my head deeper into her pussy and her thighs were shuttering around my head as she came for the 2nd time. Her pussy gushing another batch of warm sweet liquid down my mouth.

    I couldn't take it anymore. I immediately turned her around and slid my cock as deep as I could down her pussy. Us guys now had our women on all fours right next to each other as we pumped away. Seeing both asses up in the air on the same bed was such a sight.

    I heard the husband exclaimed "I'm going to cum" followed by grunts and moans. At the same time his wife yelled out not to stop, she was cumming too. This was all I needed. I came at the same time as they did. Filling my wife's pussy deep with cum. After we all collapsed on the bed. After a few moments, my wife suggested we go get another drink. We dressed and waved bye to the couple. Next time I suspect things are definitely going to get a little .ore heated. But a great way to get our feet wet all in all!
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