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    Of the long list of interests that I currently harbor, I would have to say that the one that does the most for me is the thought of being sexually subservient to my wife. In any way and manner of her choosing. Now I’m not talking about pain and humiliation specifically, as these have no to little interest for me, yet if it was her desire, than I suppose that it could work.

    In our game, she could choose to be a tender and loving wife guiding her loving and dutiful husband through her various desires. Perhaps she would choose to be a somewhat harsher mistress and demand prompt and total servitude, taking what she wants and “punishing” for less than perfect performance. Be it gentle and caring or coarse and demanding, I only wish to be hers to do with as she sees fit. Pleasing her and her body in every way she can think of. My body is hers, there for the taking, to do with as she pleases. My mouth, hands, penis, testicles, ass, everything; no limitations and no restrictions. Perhaps she’ll tie my hands behind my back, and using a leash on my genitals, train me to pleasure her through an entire evening. Maybe she’ll tie me down to the bed, and use, or “abuse”, my dick, balls, ass, and mouth for an afternoon. She could just keep me naked in her presence, while she remains clothed, teasing and toying with me to keep me on edge for hours at a time just for her amusement. She may have me put on a show for her, and perhaps a girlfriend or two, as she directs my every movement and self pleasure.

    What my rewards will be, will be entirely up to her, when she is finished with me, she may let me finish myself off. Perhaps she’ll bring me to an explosive orgasm herself. Maybe the whole game was about how many times she could bring me to cumming, again and again, over and over.

    In the end though, while the variations are endless, and each one drives me wilder than the last, it’s all about her. My greatest pleasure is giving her pleasure, and I want her to use her man, and her cock, to take what she deserves, and I so freely offer.
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    While my husband doesn't so much enjoy the harsher aspects of "being mine" as it may be, he does enjoy SOME things a bit rough. The scene you're playing out in your head is an all too common scene played out in our bedroom :)

    What you're wanting isn't out of the norm, in fact, it's completely normal. There isn't anything wrong or different about you wanting to be the willing submissive.

    Along with my husband there are multiple potential partners who I would very much enjoy in your position. ;)
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