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    We're off to Salzburg next week for a few days, we've already pencilled in a visit to one of the sex shops there to see what we can pick up, but we are looking for a strip/sex club that we could go to.

    I've been to a few in my younger days where you watch the girls strip, beat one off under a strategically placed jumper then leave, but we have never been to one together.

    I'd rather go to one that has male and female strippers, as even though my wife quite enjoys the odd girl on girl every now and then, I'd like and she'd like to see some male action.

    The only ones I can find so far seem to be glorified brothels where you pay 60-70 Euro entry fee and you get half an hour straight sex with a girl and pay extra for add ons!

    We're not averse to watching a stripper then being able to fondle them but not interested in sex with them at all.

    We're even up for watching live sex shows, tbh it'd be no different than watching a porn movie. Maybe the sex shop will beable to point us in the right direction.

    Anyone else had experience of live sex shows?
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