Streamlining Enjoyable Foreplay

Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by Logger, Nov 25, 2006.

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    I feel that I occasionally spend more time in cuddling and caressing with my wife, that could be cut shorter, and I could be more productive. I love to procrastinate. So if my wife is willing to cuddle, I sometimes delay chores that should be done sooner than later. Sometimes, when I have delayed an obligation, then it takes longer to do the chore later, than if I had cut cuddling short, and gotten the chores done earlier.

    I was thinking of starting a Journal, on my over-indulgence, but the Journal section has been closed.

    Maybe some phrase, like "Honey if you are almost ready for Action, I don't want to miss an opportunity, but if you are not feeling hot, then I should get some chores done. We can start up again later."

    Another way to look at it, is I can whack off in 20 minutes, with porn that my wife usually objects to, so I can save time by servicing myself, at a later time, if my wife is not really in the mood.

    I sometimes caress with my wife in front of hte TV for several hours at a time. Probably not the best time management.
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