Spiritual Aspects of Marital Sex

Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by Logger, Nov 7, 2004.

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    Marriage is a spiritual bond. I was married by a minister from a big church. Some people get married in church.

    What is the connection between marital sex and a spiritual bond for the couple?

    Sometimes I think that my contacting my rod with my wife's skin, helps strengthen the spiritual bond.

    Sometimes, I think that my wife should be more willing to do more for me, and that the spiritual bond for her, to me, should be stronger than it apparently is.

    I wonder what Kirlean phonography would show if a movie could be taken for a couple having sex?

    What sexual process can make the spiritual bond stronger, and what sexual practices can weaken a spiritual bond?

    Where is the line between Assertiveness and Abuse?

    Where is the difference between pushing he yields pleasure and pushing that yeilds residual resentment?

    But what colors of spirtual energy should I envison for harmonious excitement?

    What forms of what colors of energy fields should I attemt to envison being created during foreplay and beyond?

    What practices of a magic coven can I incorporate into the marital bedroom?

    When I am falling asleep with my wife, in bed, what are the best positions for spiritual bonding?

    What is the role of other spiritual entities in marital sex? Are they to stand guard to protect the bedroom and the home? The community, the country, the Planet?
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