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    So today I go to the doctors office for a check up. My doctor is pretty nice looking and younger than me. Thinking about her hot body spread eagle on the exam table with me standing on the little stool pounding her pussy got me pretty excited. I found some K-Y jelly and started stroking my throbbing penis. I looked around and didn't see a specimen jar, and I was almost ready to cum! In a panic I looked around and quickly grabbed an exam glove, slipped it on like an oversized condom, and shot my load into it. I lay it on her desk, cum oozing out of it, as I wiped my dick off on the exam table's paper cover, just as she walked in. I could see from her facial expression she was really surprised! Apparently, the way she explained it to me, if a doctor wants a sperm sample they will tell you. You don't just give them one. I'll try and remember this next time, at my NEW doctor's!
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