[M4M] Some nice boy(man) for hot gym sex?

Discussion in 'Adult Personals' started by Patrik3838, Aug 28, 2016.

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    I love so much to watch you exercising, really hard, watch you all hot and sweating. You do t stop and continue till your body is totally drenched in sweat. I feel I want you more and more. Finally you stop and I go close to you, kiss you and hug. Your shirt is totally soaked and I feel I must have your body right now. You all shiny and drops of sweat running down your body. I hug you a and start caressing your body, my dick is hard like stone. We lay down on matresses and first I'll play with you till you orgasm, caressing your body and start stroking your dick. You are more and more aroused and I'm petting your body. I love so much to see my boy sweating such intense and moaning in pleasure. You are closer and and I finish you with my tongue. You cum like crazy allover my face. You lay down tired but nicely satisfied. I hug you tightly and feel your hot sweaty body. Feel stronger and stronger arousal just being such close to you and you start to slowly stroke my dick. I feel how I'm full and need to cum. Last moments of growing pressure and I feel I'm coming. I change fast position and start cumming allover your body and scream in pleasure. So, if here is a boy interested I cannot wait for your reply.
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