Some new things for my wifey!

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    A while back ago, I posted a dress, swimsuit, and some other things I bought for my wife. See thread here: (pictures are throughout the thread)

    I have had some time to myself recently, and so I decided to do a little online shopping for some presents for my wife.

    I wanted to buy some things she could wear comfortably around the house.

    We usuallly go naked or just wear our underwear, which is nice...I love seeing my wife in just her panties and a tank-top around the I thought these would add even more excitment and fun.

    Here is what I purchased this week for my sexy wife...well...I suppose they are for me too in a way. hahaha

    Again, these are for her to wear around the house while she goes about her daily routines and whatnot.

    Sexy see through crotchless one-piece.

    I got her this black top and the hip scarf to go with it. (both black)

    I also picked up red and blue hip scarves.
    The red I figured could still go with the black top. (same with the blue) And the blue I bought to go with her supergirl monokini baithing suit I bought her a while back. It's roughly if not the same color blue. And the "gold" coins will go with the gold trim on her baithing suit.


    I like these because they are see through. She wont wear anything underneath them. MAYBE a thong from time to time. I can't wait!

    If we like them enough, we'll probably get her some other colors too.

    (And she won't be able to sneak up on me and give me a heart attack anymore. lol. My wife is a very soft stepper. So she sneaks up on me without even trying sometimes. Startles the tar outta me! (Even though she doesnt try to, She thinks its funny though. lol.) With these, I might be able to hear her coming. haha. Maybe.

    And finally... I picked up this sexy little item for personal time. After the kids are in bed. :phat


    I am looking forward to seeing her in these! She knows I am buying her a "couple" things. She's excited as she always likes my prensents. :D

    Wish I could share picture of her actually wearing these when we get them!
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    link to shopping site?
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