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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by HisLilSecret, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Boo loves to smoke a joint as I give him head & I love doing it for him! After hes been giving me the sexiest looks all night at work my pussy is soaking wet ready for his love. We finally get to be alone & i want him so bad I just cant take it anymore! I pass him the joint & push him into the chair. I begin to unbutton his pants & I cant help but to smile to see his dick already hard. I drop to my knees & start sucking. I take his big cock deep in my throat, flattening my tounge & sucking as hard as I can, keeping a tight suction I work my tounge ring under the tip of his head, then deepthroat him again. He lets out a deep moan as he shoots his load in my mouth. He bends me over the chair & grips my hips. His dick fills me up from behind & he grabs a handfull of my hair as he beats it up. Harder & harder he thrusts, his balls slapping my pussy. I begin to feel the first waves of an orgasm coming on. He slaps my ass & I tighten around his dick, he hits it even harder & I know we're both about to cum. My body starts to shake & my pussy spasms as he goes deep. One final thrust & we both explode. Its so hot when we nut at the same time baby! ;)
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