Shower Time

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    Summer evening the sun going down, he retreats into his apartment to turn his lap top on. Looking into his emial he finds an email with the subject wondering. Opens it up to find to his suprise its from a friend that he had feel in love with but never told her his true feeling. He read carefuly to find out that she to has been wondering about his wear abouts and had jus took the chance on the old email. Reply back he spoke of his brief life nothing much nothing had even changed.

    Rembering all the great times they had even the night she had came to his apratment door with a bag of groceries in her jeans and shirt nothing to dressy but this was how close they had became over the years. As he took a shower with his head soaped he didnt hear but had sure felt the presnent of someone else in the shower with him, rubbing his shaft with soap he started to say something but quietly heard a wisper to only say"relax let me take care of you" washing his shaft she felt it become aroused and large in her hands feeling the water and the push under the shower head the soap had came off. He looked down only to find her knealed down before taking his shaft inside her mouth begining to run her tounge down to his scrodum and to the tip of his well eroused shaft. The excitment building strong he could feel the begining of pre cum to form at the tip. Sucking he head of his shaft he greated her with a smile and an arch in his back.

    Rubbing her hair pulling her closer to his shaft and down further he encourged her. Rubbing her breast with his right hand and feeling her nipples getting hard. He motioned for her to come to his mouth. There mouths reach each other tounges intwined feeling the passin and heat not from the steaming shower but from ther bodies. He twisted her softly to face the front of the shower head the water running down her back. Her greeted her well swelling vagina with his throbing penis shoving in softly back and forth running his tounge to the back of her neck. Working well in her throbing pussy feeling the walls enoying the endoument of his shaft inside she asked for more and faster. Granting her wishes and touging slightly at her hair.He thrursted deeper and harder and faster. He reached his peak and sturnley told her I'm ready,I"m going to cum oh is your pussy ready. "Yes fuck me, fuck me hard, feel me up with hot cum". Realeasing and still slowing down but still rocking hard inside her. He greeted her with a stopping motion and kissing her on the back of the neck.
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