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    I have to share this.

    So instead of just getting it on my wife tells me she wants to watch me. Ok so I drop my pants and start jerking myself off. She then tells me to get completely naked and get on all fours. I say you got it. So I'm on all fours stroking my cock and I can see that look in her eyes. She is liking what she sees. So I arch my back a little so my ass sticks up. Then her look is now a eager look and she drops her shorts and starts masturbating while watching me. So I think ok arch my back a little more since she liked the first one. Then she starts really banging herself . So I ask if she likes that and her response was she liked how my ass looks up in the air.... So hot to hear that from my wife of 19 years. So I arch and spread my legs farther apart so my ass is in the air and wide open. Not soon after that she explodes into an awesome orgasm that left her shaking.... Then she tells me it my turn to cum. I then start to pump back and fourth as though I'm getting fucked from behind and her eyes light up and she says yes baby pump that ass. At that point I loose it and blow my load on the floor...... I had to tell someone how hot this was to give my wife a show like this with her responding with getting herself off while watching me.

    I never thought she looked at me that way after 19 years. Makes me feel pretty damn good. Thanks for letting me share.

    Anybody else do things like this for your wife? Or how do the wife's like it if your man would give you a dirty boy show?
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