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    My friend comes over last night despite the fact she can't do anything for a few days,
    and she said we can just talk and snuggle. "of course we can do just that" I told her.

    I say DESPITE THE FACT because she is horny and sexual as heck, she discovered and tried a few firsts with me, and well, I did too with her.

    She comes in and we talk, watch some TV, I behave, thinking if she can't have anything, I will play fair and go without, and I told her so.

    Happily, she is such a "liar" as at one point her hand caressing my chest and stomach goes for a light swipe below. Next swipe she goes for more explorative one, discovering she got me hard.
    Next time she starts stroking me through my clothing and obviously with a goal in mind so I end up letting it out. She spends a good deal of time holding, stroking, using the precum to lube the head and then goes for a nice oral session. After all the stroking she asked me to stand so she can suck me from her sitting position, and placed my hands on her shoulders and her head.
    When things got so good she didn't want to have me ejaculate in her mouth so it was back to stroking.
    Lots of precum mixed with cum making a mess but I could not reach orgasm for all I wanted, yet it was so good. I said it seems like all that can work is between the boobs tonight (this happens at times)
    Off her top and bra and she tells me to let myself go. Clearly, she wanted me to have something to remember and she was intent to make it happen orally, by hand or anything else but intercourse.

    It took maybe 2 minutes to start feeling it build up, then I offered she can use her hands if she wants to.
    (and I was loving her stroking so much prior to the boob rubbing.
    She said to just use her, let it go, so I did.
    She was happy she got me to orgasm, she didn't care how messy it got as long as it didn't go on her face. She thought it was a lot, felt it all warm and wet in her cleavage and the chest, shoulder.

    This was her first ever titfuck and she liked the fact I felt good using her that way.
    Unlike a previous one, she didn't look down to see it come out - nothing in her eyes or the face.
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