She likes a man who will wait for her

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by pbs, Jul 2, 2012.

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    I wrote this to my internet lover yesterday, and thought this forum might like it too:

    So you like that a man who will wait for his woman, well I've been waiting for you, here in that honeymoon suite, and you have finally returned, welcome. This time, no room service, the do not disturb sign on the door, and the phone unplugged. This time is for you. No restraints will be necessary because I will be gentle as you surrender to me, and you will accept my will without question. As we lay down in the bed, we embrace and feel each others' warmth and softness, kissing and expressing, our desires. Once we relax, we enjoy the moment of just being together, finally, knowing that pleasure awaits, but this time you will be mine, and I will give you deeper feelings than you have ever expressed in your writings.

    As you lay on your back, with legs agape, knees bent, and relaxed, I put an arm under each leg, holding your waist with my hands, and lay my head on your tummy. As you once again relax, I lift my head and begin to kiss your tummy with my lips, very gently, moving side to side and inching downward until I feel the firmness of your mound under your skin. I then move to the crease where your leg meets your torso, and kiss along this line up and down, adding a gentle touch with my tongue as I go, and moving across your mound I kiss the other side in a similar way. I noticed as I moved across the mound that you moved slightly upward, hoping that I would find your cl!t, but no. As I sense your anticipation, I move toward it, but only to the upper shaft, just touching it lightly until I feel it begin to swell, and then moving downward with a light caress with my lips as it awakens. As I move downward to the tip, I'm careful not to touch the bare tip, but keep the hood covering it, protecting it from my touch. Now, with my tongue, I massage the shaft up and down, feeling it grow ever firmer, and as your hips begin to move, I put my head back on your tummy and hold you firmly, but gently. Once you relax again, I move back to your cl!t, this time to the tip, and reach under for an intimate touch, which brings it to full erection. Now you are mine.

    As I reach with my tongue down between your inner lips for a taste of your salty sweet, I find an abundance, and take a generous portion back to your cl!t to lubricate and make my caresses even softer. As I touch it again, the skin stretched thin, with nerves alive with anticipation, I find that special spot that renders you helpless to resist your desire, and lick it firmly to bring you closer to the brink. As I feel your hand reach for my head to bring me in for more intense stimulation, I move away from your cl!t and begin to kiss your hand, licking between your fingers, and gently refusing your control. As your hand moves away, I return to your cl!t, finding it more relaxed, but still eager, and very slowly lick, as your hips begin their dance of desire. Each time you raise your hips and your cl!t reaches out, I slow a little bit and begin circling it, interrupting your climb, but still keeping you hard, and by holding to your special spot on the tip of my tongue, you continue to climb, but in a subtle way. Each time you connect to my rhythm of stroking and circling, I feel your desire increasing, and change again and again, keeping you off balance and unable to make the final ascent. As I run my hand upwards, between your cheeks, I find your rosebud with the side of my index finger, and it contracts as I pass over it. With the tip of my finger I gently touch the opening, and find the outer opening easy to enter, but the inner one is tight, and resists. So I wait, moving in and out of the outer opening until it is well lubricated with the flood of nectar, now flowing freely from your pu$$y. Then I stop all movement, leaving my finger in the outer opening, waiting for the inner opening to relax, giving me easy access. As it does relax, I enter you just past the first knuckle and feel you tighten just a little. Leaving my finger motionless, I return to your cl!t with my tongue, and can now feel every feeling, every twinge, every contraction, no matter how slight, as your anus betrays your every response.

    Now fully engaged, I begin licking again, sensing everything as your anus contracts and caresses my finger with each feeling. I can now make sure that your do not tense as I bring you closer and closer to orgasm, in a totally relaxed state, and when you do finally come, you will be totally relaxed throughout the experience, and never tensing. Each time I feel you tense, I change rhythm and licking, or totally stop until I feel you relax again, starting again, but keeping you from tensing by not stimulating you when you do it. As your cl!t once again reaches full erection, I twist my finger just enough to give you a special "nudge" that brings you so close that one or two more licks will take you over, but I begin circling again and changing rhythm. Without feeling any climactic burst and without warning, you enter a mysterious state of euphoria that causes you to lose awareness of touch, and brings waves of exhilaration throughout your body from your tummy up through your chest and head, and with me having stopped licking your cl!t, and only with my finger in your anus. Your body feels as though it is weightless and spinning in the air, and your mind is a mass of bewilderment and ecstasy, as this feeling overtakes all of your senses, and just goes on and on and on, bringing you wave after wave of pleasure throughout your body. As the feeling within you begins to subside, I begin licking your cl!t again with increased pressure, building on a now firm and steady rhythm of licking, and very quickly you ascend the final climb to a powerful climactic burst of pleasure that brings you to wild uncontrollable thrusting of your hips, a verbal outburst, and you pull my face into you with both hands, rubbing my tongue, lips, and face against your pu$$y and cl!t, pulling yourself up and rolling me onto my back and sitting on my face, grinding your pu$$y hard into me, oozing your come onto my face and into my mouth and smearing it all over me with your uncontrollable lust, taking all the pleasure you can withstand, until you have drained every ounce of desire and expended every ounce of energy left within you. And then, as you withdraw from me, my face covered with your come, and raw from grinding into your bottom, my tongue reaches out and draws little circles around your now softening cl!t, but you are spent. As you roll off and onto the bed, I move to your face to share this delicious treat while my penis slides effortlessly into your pu$$y, and you clean my face with your sweet kisses as I thrust slowly into you deeply and slowly. As I approach orgasm, you offer to release me with your mouth, and I accept, and as I feel my hardness reaching down your throat, I feel my come burst into you, first an explosive squirt, then again, and again, until I am emptied into you, and you are full of me. Still inviting, I enter your pu$$y again, this time for the slow and long lasting feeling of your velvet caressing me.
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    The word "agape" has never sounded so sexy to me.
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