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Discussion in 'Sexual Foreplay and Techniques' started by Yeste, Apr 29, 2005.

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    Apr 29, 2005
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    Hello there people. Nice forum. I would like to as one question. I am trying to pleasure my girlfriend and make her have an orgasm. I have read and applyied all of the information about the G-spot and the clitoris etc....through experience I have learned my share of stuff....the only thing I dont understand is that when I give her oral pleasure, when it seems she is having the big O, she tells me to stop because she cannot make it. Now my question is: should at that point stop, continue, or insert my pennis into her vagina at this peak moment? If none of the above, could someone give me a tunning tip based on the above facts? If anyone needs more info on the sittuation ask me please..... but PLEASE help me to help her!I am not a woman to know :D
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    Dear Ystes,

    Every woman is a little different. Can you discuss this with your GF? There are times when you can use a little assertiveness, but generally try to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Your caring for her feelings is an important part of the turn on. It is also an important part of your keeping your relationship in optimal shape.

    Individual women may post their preferences, but it is your GF's feelings that is important. Climaxing for women can sometimes be over-rated in importance. Enjoyment, cuddling and caring are sometimes more important than orgasm. Search the forum for Orgasm, and see what else you find the search engine is real quick.

    Different erogenous zones are more sensitive at different stages of arousal and excitement. I squeze my woman's bun muscles when I am close to climax, to help her know I am going to squirt, and also to take her attention off any pain I am causing in my excitement, and to help her get excited to climax.

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    Dixie Land
    If I understand your question, she is almost to orgasm, and she makes you stop? Perhaps the clitoral stimulation is overwhelming for her. It IS an extremely sensitive part of the body. The more it is stimulated, the more sensitive it becomes.
    Until she is used to it, maybe you could go softer on her clitoris, when she is ready to orgasm. Lighter, gentle movements. ;)
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