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    This is shorter than the first, but it only details what the three of us did before we dropped him off. At some point I may have to write a story about JUST the two of us.....:)
    He was at the bar as I’d hoped. It was our regular hangout, and I was hoping for an exciting night. We had talked more about getting together again, but hadn’t made it happen for quite awhile. The evening was pleasant, he and I were dressed casually, but nicely. My wife was wearing a dress, heels and sheer pantyhose. She often does her nails in red, and wears red lipstick with it. There is something about the red color that arouses the primal in men, it’s like a sexual neon sign saying “Come fuck me”. She enjoys being looked at, appreciated, desired. I knew he would find her desirable, he had, after all, enjoyed her fully before.
    We drank, danced, and talked. He was lit when we got there, before we left she was too. He had spent the evening making suggestive comments and compliments to her, which I don’t mind, as long as the commentator is discrete and respectful. By the end of the evening I knew he couldn’t drive home safely, so offered him a ride. He was thinking about it (after all it meant finding a way back to get his car tomorrow) but reminded him he couldn’t afford to be pulled over, and besides, if he played his cards right, maybe the trip home would be fun. Truthfully, he didn’t have to think that over very long. I told him she would almost certainly insist on his sitting in the front, she always does. But, when she gets in the back, he should get in with her, and he had my permission to enjoy her on the trip to his house. He said he was probably too drunk to be able to perform (he was) but that he’d have a good time anyhow.
    She was surprised when he scooted in next to her. The dome light comes on automatically, so I turned it off, as he put his arm around her. He pulled her face over and kissed her deeply. He managed to pin an arm behind her, and held her there for a long time, his tongue penetrating her mouth, raping the kiss from her lips. I could see their kiss, his tongue entering her mouth, toying with hers until she responded. I let the car idle, watching. My cock was getting hard just watching them, then he bent her forward, unzipping the back of her dress, and unfastening her bra. The pale white globes of her breasts sprang out, pink nipples stiffening in the night air. He continued kissing her, twining his fingers in her blond hair, thrusting his tongue into her unresisting mouth, even as his other hand slipped across her chest and began cupping a breast. He soon bent over and licked her nipple, sucking greedily at it. Cars were all around us, but no one else was around, and even if they were, they must have enjoyed the show. Her mouth fell open, her eyes closed, and her head bent backwards. He began pulling on the pale pink nipple, gently tugging it straight outward. Then he began sliding his hand up beneath her skirt. She tried to resist him, but really couldn’t with one arm behind her. I reached behind me and grabbed her ankle, pulling her shapely leg up and between the front seats. By now her skirt was up to her waist, he was rubbing her smoothly shaven cunt through her pantyhose. I pulled her leg further forward, and he forced her legs apart further, tore the pantyhose, and penetrated her with his fingers.
    She began to mewl and whimper with pleasure, no longer resisting his violations. He let her arm go free, and pulled her hand to his crotch, having her unzip his trousers. I pulled out of the lot, and began to drive slowly through town. I could see her delicate hand slip inside his pants, saw the motion of her arm and hand, the growing bulge beneath the fabric of his trousers. He told her to take it out, and she did. His cock is longer than mine, but thinner, and she loves the difference, especially when she has them both at the same time. Her hand continued to move up and down, the slight motion making her tits sway. His head tilted back, and he pushed her face downward. She knew what he wanted, and her hot mouth engulfed his manhood. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft, working her red lips around it, lubricating it with her mouth, smearing her lipstick on its length. I had been holding her ankle, running my hands along and over her ankle and foot and calf, but had to let her go so she could blow him.
    My cock was twitching by now, my heart pounding, pulse racing. From the back seat I could hear the wet, sucking sounds of sex. She was bent over, her head over his lap, mouth taking as much of his dick as she could, one hand balancing her position while the other slid up and down his shaft. He was enjoying it, and kept up his teasing of her, alternating between her accessible breasts and her cunt, which took some maneuvering to get to. She wasn’t able to get him to a fully hard, complete erection. He was just too lit, but he came nonetheless. He’s a bit older than us, so he doesn’t shoot buckets of cum anymore, which is just as well as she has a small mouth. He groaned, I could see him stiffen and thrust his hips upward even as he held her blond hair and kept her face buried in his crotch.
    It isn’t a long drive to his place from the bar, and we were there soon enough. He put his cock back in his pants, and even kissed her before he got out of the car. She got into the front seat, and we drove home, with her seat pushed back, laying down. Her feet were on the dashboard, my hand alternating between massaging her ripe breasts and fingering her wet sex. She came long before we got home, but was more than ready for more when we got inside. It was a good night…..
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    I knew you had great talent for this:D. I'm sure you have many more and you've found a place to post them, better than EP
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