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    Rae's Sexual Adventures in Australia and New Zeland

    Rae lay quietly in her apartment, sprawled on her bed. Sunshine spilled through the blinds to fall across her naked body. Her blanket was twisted around her legs and impatiently she kicked it off. Not yet fully awake, her hand stole down to touch the soft, wet lips of her pussy.

    Slowly, she started sliding a finger in and out of her wet hole, her breathing speeding up. Her other hand grabbed a breast and started squeezing. She took her hand from her pussy to lean down and pull the vibrator out from underneath the bed.

    She brought it to her lips, lightly kissing it before sticking the tip in her mouth and sucking it, making it wet and ready for her pussy. She ran the vibrator down the length of her body, over her breasts, across her flat stomach, before turning it on and starting to work it slowly into her pussy.

    Little moans escaped her as she ground her hips up to meet the vibrator. She was so intent on what she was doing that she hadn't even heard the front door of her apartment open and then slip closed. Nor was she aware that she was no longer alone in her bedroom.

    Her eyes had slipped closed while the vibrator did its job, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

    "Looks like you could use a real man for that job, darlin'."

    Rae's eyes flew open and she froze. At the foot of the bed stood a man she had never seen before. Before she could react or even realize what was happening to her, the man had grabbed both of her wrists and handcuffed them above her head. The vibrator was still in its place in her pussy, providing her with pleasure that she couldn't ignore for much longer. The constant pressure was driving her closer and closer to the edge.

    As the man leaned further over her, Rae had a chance to study him closer. He was a pretty handsome man, she realized. With light blonde hair, dark blue eyes and slight, yet muscular build. He was dressed all in black and now he had a knife pressed to her throat.

    "Scream and I'll kill you."

    Rae could barely concentrate from the pounding the vibrator was doing to her pussy. "I won't scream. I promise...Just please...please, make me cum!"

    The man allowed himself a smirk before getting down to business. Leaving the vibrator where it was for the moment, he stood to the side of the bed and started to strip. First he pulled off the plain black t-shirt he was wearing, letting her appreciate the look of his tight beautiful body. Slowly, his hands dropped to his pants and he started unzipping and unbuckling them. Finally, he pulled them and his boxers down and stepped out.

    His eight inch cock stood firmly at attention and wavered invitingly an inch from Rae's mouth. Without any further invitation, Rae leaned forward to take the member into her mouth. The man groaned at the sudden pressure around his cock and placed one hand on the back of Rae's neck, letting the knife fall to the floor as he realized that this slut actually wanted him to rape her. Was actually begging for it.

    His hand on the back of her neck grew more forceful as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue circled around it endlessly, her head moving back and forth, her hands still cuffed above her.

    The man pulled his cock out of her mouth before he came and finally reached down to pull the vibrator out of her wet pussy. Turning it off, he threw it aside and crawled onto the bed until he was straddling her. He lowered his hips and started to push his manhood against her pussy.

    Rae willingly parted her legs for him and wrapped them around his waist, helping to drive his cock further into her. Without meaning to, he moaned and leaned down to press his mouth to hers. She moaned into his mouth and leaned up into his kiss, her hips rocking wildly beneath him, her juices flowing out of her as she took all 8 inches of him deep.

    Her breasts were crushed against his chest. He lifted one hand to them and fondled one between their bodies. He teased the nipple, pinching it, making it hard. She squirmed under his hand, liking the feel of his fingers on her nipple. Boldly, her tongue entered his mouth and he kissed her back passionately until both were gasping for air and close to cumming.

    Rae hooked her arms around his neck, pulling him down closer, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock pumping in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. The man took that as an invitation and started licking and kissing her neck.

    Rae shivered with pleasure as she felt her orgasm start to roar through her. Her low moans and grunts became screams of pleasure as his cock throbbed and started spurting out his cum juice. He gave one final thrust and a second orgasm ripped through Rae before he collapsed on top of her, his energy spent.

    His heavy breathing tickled Rae's ear and the now limpening cock felt good inside of her well used cunt. With a final groan, the man rolled off of her and lay for a moment beside her. Rae felt a momentary sense of loss as his cock slid out of her.

    She was the first to speak. "That was amazing," she said breathlessly. The man finally glanced at her, a half smile on his face.

    "Tell me, do you welcome every man into your bed? Or am I just lucky?"

    "Well, you did invite yourself in. You just caught me in a good mood."

    "I see." He reached down beside the bed to where his jeans lay crumpled on the floor and fished the key to the handcuffs out of a pocket.

    He slowly slid back up her body, caressing her breasts with one hand as he did so. He unlocked the cuffs, staring into her eyes while he freed her. He threw the cuffs beside the bed, but her arms stayed where they were. Slowly, his eyes moved down her body, letting him finally admire her lean form, her perky, beautiful breasts, and the shaven mound which still glistened with cum and pussy juice.

    He reached down to finger her hot little hole. She gasped as his finger slid easily inside and began exploring and she moaned almost without meaning to.

    "My name's Billy," the man finally said while he added a second finger to join the first.

    "I'm Rae," she gasped out, in between moans. One of her hands squeezed her breast and Billy couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from the sight of her.

    "Well, Rae," he lingered over her name. "I'm very pleased to meet you." He smiled down at her and added a third finger.

    Rae started pumping her hips in time with his strokes, her groans getting louder. The sight of her naked body writhing before him was slowly starting to get the attention of his cock as it started to grow hard again. Rae seemed to notice for she reached down between their bodies and started rubbing it, periodically reaching further down to give his balls a little squeeze before her ministrations returned to his cock.

    He moaned softly and let his eyes slide closed as they enjoyed each other's bodies. His fingers were pumping feverishly in and out of her pussy now and his cock had grown back to its full 8 inches.

    His eyes flew open as he felt her mouth take his cock inside. His fingers slid out of her pussy while he lay back on the bed. He grabbed her hips and slid her around until her glistening pussy was positioned just over his mouth. He let a finger slide in again and with his other hand, pulled her hips down so that his tongue could dart out and flick against her tender flesh.

    She moaned around his throbbing member and redoubled her efforts to make him spurt into her mouth. Her pussy ground down on his face. He removed his finger and let his tongue to the talking for the moment. He could taste their mingled juices as he stuck his tongue deep inside her.

    Her head bobbed up and down over his cock while her other hand held the base of it, rubbing back and forth over the hardness of it.

    He couldn't believe his luck. Not only had this beautiful woman welcomed him into her bed, she wasn't letting him leave anytime soon either!

    One of her hands was stroking his balls until finally he couldn't stand it any longer and felt his cum start to shoot into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and then licked his cock clean while he continued to eat her pussy. Once she was done with his cock, she just lay over him, bucking her hips downward to meet his lips and tongue. His hands spread her ass cheeks apart to let his tongue have easier access to her wet slit. He greedily sucked on her clit and licked around her pussy, bringing her to the edge until she finally came, screaming as she did so. Billy wondered what the neighbors must be thinking and grinned against her pussy as she collapsed on top of him.

    Billy gently rolled her off and lay beside her, totally spent. It had been a long time since he had had this much fun. Rae looked at him with her beautiful blue eyes and reluctantly he stood and started pulling on his clothes. She sat up letting her long blonde hair fall around her. Billy let his eyes linger on her breasts drinking in the sight of her.

    "You're leaving?" Her voice and eyes were pleading with him to stay.

    "I have to. I have to go to work. But it's been a lot of fun." He reached over to tweak a nipple playfully.

    "You should come back," she said, surprising him. He knew he would love to fuck her lovely pussy again, but he had been sure she had a boyfriend or something.

    "Sure, if you want me to."

    "Come back tonight. There's a spare key hanging in the kitchen." She moved to the edge of the bed as he pulled his t-shirt on and pulled him down to press her lips to his. "I'll be waiting for you."

    Her eyes watched him as he left the room and he knew he would definitely be back that night. He didn't think he would ever be able to get enough of that pussy. And apparently she felt the same way!

    All day at work, she was all he could think about until he was just about ready to cream his jeans just thinking about her. He thought about nothing else except for his plans for that night.

    He would really have to thank Greg for the tip-off about his hot neighbor. Not only was she hot, but she was also ready and willing. Maybe there would be a little three-some action tonight. Billy could hardly wait.

    After Billy had left, Rae had gotten up, showered, and eaten breakfast before inviting Greg over. They were next door neighbors and best friends, but their relationship stayed at that. For one thing, Greg really wasn't her type. He was a nice enough guy, but he was a four-eyed geek. His body was nice enough if a little smaller and skinnier than Billy's, but he was always well dressed with his hair neatly combed. The truth was, he was the nicest guy she knew. And her best friend.

    She greeted him that morning excitedly. He took one look at her and knew something was up. He had some idea of what. He had heard the bed knocking against the wall and the low grunting screams of pleasure. The truth was, he loved having Rae for a neighbor. First, she was drop-dead gorgeous and second, her late night conquests always gave him a hard-on. He often found himself jerking off to the sounds of her screams and the squeaking of her bed. Once in a while he wondered what it would be like to make her sound that way for him, but often enough he was just contented to listen. He wondered how she had liked this latest conquest he had sent her.

    It had been his idea to send Billy to her. She had been depressed over her latest breakup and so there hadn't been any banging bedsprings for the past couple of weeks now. Greg had been sadly missing it.

    He embraced her before leading her to the couch. He listened to her chatter on about Billy and their morning of wild passionate sex. Jealously he wished he had been the one between her legs, but he was glad that she was happy.

    As for Rae, she had always just figured that Greg was gay. He never talked about any girlfriends and he looked as if he might be. Maybe that's why she had always felt so comfortable around him.

    Now, she was lounging around in just her bathrobe, her legs crossed beside her on the couch. She was showing quite a lot of leg and from Greg's vantage point, quite a lot of cleavage as well.

    His breathing quickened slightly as he watched her breasts rise and fall with her breaths as she went into detail about Billy. She didn't realize the effect she was having on him, sitting this close with her robe leaving very little to the imagination and her endless dirty talk.

    As she talked, she slowly slid her hand up her thigh. Greg watched with interest as her hand slid beneath her robe. He could only imagine what it was doing under there. Didn't she realize that he was watching her every move? Or maybe she did it because she knew he was watching.

    Greg swallowed quickly and leaned forward, placing his hand on her bare thigh. She stopped in mid sentence and just looked at him, scared to move and break the spell.

    He couldn't resist her any more. He had to have her if she would let him. And the way the slut talked, he couldn't imagine her ever turning down an easy lay.

    Slowly, he drew his hand up her thigh, over her hip until he could feel her hand under her robe, caressing her mound. She slowly moved it out of the way and he leaned even closer, letting his thumb gently glide over her pussy. He drew in a deep breath and was about to pull back, thinking he had gone too far, when she crushed her body against his, her lips seeking and finding his. Her hips bucked against his hand, urging him to finger her. He didn't hesitate a second time.

    He let his fingers slide slowly inside, her warm, wetness sliding around him easily. He gasped for air as she pulled herself away so that she could remove his glasses and set them aside and then she was at his mouth again and pressing her body to his hungrily.

    He couldn't believe it. She wanted more sex already! And from him! What a day!

    He pulled her close, enjoying the feeling of her tongue in his mouth and his fingers in her pussy. He sucked on her lower lip and finally pulled away.

    His free hand went to the belt of her robe and pulled it loose so that her robe gaped wide open, giving him a beautiful view of her breasts. He bent down and licked a nipple, feeling it grow taut and hard against his tongue. Unable to resist he took it into his mouth, gently rolling his tongue around it. He sucked hard on her breast and she gasped, wrapping her arms around his head and pulling him closer. He licked and sucked greedily at her breast, enjoying the sweet taste of her.

    His fingers picked up their pace in her cunt, sliding in and out with increasing regularity until he felt her body stiffen against him and her pussy beginning to spasm around his fingers. He waited until she was done cumming before pulled his fingers away and helping her out of her robe.

    She pushed him back against the couch and started unbuttoning his shirt. Her fingers moved rapidly and he could tell that she wanted him badly. Almost as much as he wanted her. He smiled and lay back as she undressed him. Off came his shirt and her hands moved over his upper body, running over his nipples, his chest, his flat stomach. Her hands slipped lower to unbutton his pants and he soon found himself completely naked and his respectable 7-inch cock standing straight up in the air.

    Without any further invitation, Rae knelt down before him and started licking his cock, moving up and down the entire shaft. He groaned and lay back, enjoying the feeling of her mouth kissing his balls and her tongue running up and down his throbbing hard dick. Her hand gave it a little squeeze before she slipped her mouth completely over it and began moving it up and down, deep-throating it, making it wet. His cock throbbed with anticipation and finally, she pulled her head away and moved up and onto the couch, positioning her pussy over his rod.

    Slowly, she slid down, taking it in inch by glorious inch, until she had impaled herself on it. She wiggled her hips a little to push him in deeper and he moaned with pleasure before reaching forward with his lips and finding one of her nipples. She pushed her breast closer to his mouth and started moving her hips up and down on his cock, riding him.

    Her pussy felt so good sliding over his cock. He groaned against her breasts. She picked up the pace, riding him frantically, wanting nothing more than to feel his cum filling her up.

    He grabbed her hips to guide her up and down, constantly plunging his rock-hard dick deeper and deeper inside her until Rae was screaming as another orgasm roared through her.

    Watching her sweaty, beautiful body bounce up and down was almost too much for Greg. With one final hard thrust, he felt his cock start to spurt cum deep inside of her. He thrust hard a couple of more times, letting his cock empty itself out while it was buried deep in her cunt, and then they collapsed on the couch that way, his wilting dick still inside her. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him, her head leaning on his shoulder. She couldn't believe all of the fucking she had already done today and it was only ten in the morning! She couldn't wait until the night brought the return of Billy.

    Greg shifted underneath her, letting his cock slide out of her. Rae snuggled deeper into his embrace, not noticing the almost guilty way he
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