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  1. Azaroth

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    Feb 21, 2004
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    If you are seeing a guy - and not a couple --

    what goes through a mind if a girl wants to have sex with a guy after hanging out with him for a couple months.... is it she just wants it or she likes the guy?

    and if sex is bad - would she loose intrest?
  2. Logger

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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Sexual Quality

    I would say the question is not good sex or bad sex, the question is considerate sex, or inconsiderate sex. There are reasons that sex is less than perfect on various occassions. Just try to be considerate as things go along, that should be your goal.

    It does not sound like you have developed your skills of massage. There are plenty of massage instruction tapes on the intternet, so do a search if you don't have access to any. I have posted a place, ***********, to get a tape esalen. org, I own and use occasionally, ***********.

    Where do you take her? Do you have a private place to give her a massage? Do you have baby oil and scented aromas ready? Candles? What scent does she like? Rent or borrow a van and put a bed in the back. Do you have everything else ready?

    Your goal should be to give her pleasure, and then hopefully she will be intersted in allowing you some pleasure, after you figure out what types of massages give her pleassure.

    You should not be concerned with her listening to you, but you should try to be a a top notch listener for her. What communication skill training courses have you taken?

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