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    this is the first story I have written to post on here. let me know what you think. I ussaly do a better job when people tell me what to write about so if you would like one writen give me some details and I woulc be glad to do it

    it was a saturday night and I had been hanging out with my friend Jason all day at a concert, it was pretty fun. I have always had a thing for Jason as long as I have known him wich has been about 5 years. he knows how I feel and it pretty shy to ever acnowlege it. I cant keep my eyes off of him when ever were together; watching him dance, seeing his sleek body move with the music. I always catch mysefl staring at the buldge in his pants, always wondering what it would be like to fuck him. i had heard that he was good in bed and could rock a girls world easily and was deffently well off when it came to size but i never had the chance to fuck him. This night would be different.

    Jason was driving me home that night and we were all along wich doesnt happen very often. It always accward when we are alone because of the sexual tension between us. I couldnt take it anylonger after seeing him dancing all night, his sleek sexy body glistening with sweat. I looked over at him and said "Jason Im real fucking horny lets fuck!" I could tell that he was a little weirded out by be being so blunt with him but i could tell he was all for it... since we were no where neer himand his car was too small to go at it in the back seat he said maybe later... I couldnt wait I needed to see that cock that I had heard about. I got an idea... I coudl always give him road head. It was 2am on a back county road. i moved over closer to him and put my hand on his knee, i could feel his body get tense and he tried to say somthingbut i tol dhim to shut up and go along wtih it. he did. I slowly moved my hand up from his knee to his pelvis and grabbed his buldge wich I could feel was already getting hard. I massaged it for a few seconds threw his pants then I just couldnt take it any more. I think Jasn was expecting me to go on like that for a while but that very second I unzipped his jeans and took his entire massive manhood into my mouth I just couldnt take it anymore! this was the moment iv been dreaming about for years! as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock i thougth to myself.. wow this is really happening and went for it. I could feel his thighs tighten with the sensation of mylips around his member as I stroked his balls and slowly took the whole thing into my mouth, up and down, up and down! it was so warm and hard. i could hear jason groaning as he was driving and thrusting his pelvis upwards forcing his dick into my mouth, I sucked his head passionatly never wanting to let go. faster and faster. after about 10 minutes Jason couldnt take it anymore. Im pulling over he moaned. he pulled over into a field and it was a warm summer night so he told me to get out of the car and we could finish outside. I wanted to finish what i was doing right there but he woulcnt let me knowing it has alwats been a fantasy of mine to fuck outside.

    we got out of the car and jason looked me in the eyes. i started deep into his light blue eyes totaly taken into them before I realised he had grabbed me and held me close to him.... i ould still feel his huge member against my leg as he kissed me and pushed me to the groud! I cant take this anymore he told me you know im shy but I hav ealways wanted this and at that second he threw us both onto the soft grass and pinned me down... he was taking control. hislarge warm hands unbuttoning my shirt as his waiting mouth took my nipples into his warm mouth he sucked them and licked them sinding chills down my spine. as he sicked my nipples i could feel his harge hands moving down my body and under my skirt sliding up my thigh to my wet pussy. he stroked me threw my pantys for a minute then tore them off and plunged a finger into my aching pussy my back arched with pleasure as he moved his fingers in and out of me. my breathing was gettng heavy as he started kissing down my body stopping and teasing me as he went. he was taking too long to get there so i pushed his head into my waiting pussy. he knew I wanted it then!

    the feeling of his warm lips and velvety tounge on my lips was electrifying! it was like his was french kissing my wet cunt. he ran his toung up and down the slit while fingering me and making me moan, my bakc arching. finally he made it to my clit. the moment his tounge his my clit it sent shock waved threw my body and i forced my pelvis into his face yelling for him to keep going and never stop. suck me i yelled harder and faster over and over again! and that he did he sucked my clit until i couldnt take it anymore and my orgasm exploded making me tremble with delite... this was not over I still wanted more...

    He moved his way up my body to kiss me when i looked him in the eye and told him to lay down and listen to me I was taking control! he layed down on the ground and I coudl see his throbbing cock waitng to be let loose from his pants. i undid his jeans again and took them off this was it i was going to fuck Jason!

    I straddled my body over his placing he head of his waiting cock on this lips of my wet pussy slowly going down onto it. it was much large then i had imagined and he was filling me compleatly a sensation i had never before experienced. slowly taking little bits of his cock into me at a time as he reached up and played with my tits. then i went all the way down on it and it sent chills threw us both. I pulled myself back up onto the end up his cock and let myself down aagain and again It felt so good to ride him. his breathing getting faster and him moaning. I screamed with every thrust and i went up and down on his massive cock over an dover again riding him like wild screaming i could feel myself comming to the edge again and i could tell that he was too... his eyes rolling back into his head as he help my hips guiding me up and down on his massive cock watching his sick slide deep into my wet pick pussy. he reached forward and started rubbing my clit as I rode him pushing me to another orgasm, my pussy contracting around his cock going limp ontop of him. he grabbed me and rolled me over so he was ontop thrusting deep into my pussy while passionatly kissing me seeming happy that he had already giving me 2 explosive orgasms. its my turn now baby he whispered to me and spred my legs as far as he coudl as he pushed himself deep into my tight pussy. i wrapped my lags around him as tight as i could as he pushed himself in and out of me hard and fast. I coudl feel the ground beneath me moving and he thrusted himself into me yelling oh yea baby that how I do it this is amazing. i couldnthelp but enjoy how sexy he looked and started yelling along with him oh yea faster, faster fuck me faster! his thrusts growing more powerful everytime his body getting tense as he forced himself into me with an explosion i could feel him shoot his man juices into me thrusting one more time we both came together. sweatly and hot. he kissed me extreamly hard and asked me is that how you tought it would be? and I replied no it certenly was not... it was much much better...

    We both got dressed and he finished driving me home kissing me sweetly when we got to my house. I got inside and layed down and thought to myself WOW he certenly can blow a womens mind
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    I'd give you an "A" for content. "C or D" for spelling and typing. If this really happened and it's not your attempt at erotic literature 101, it must have been a great time.
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    Dixie Land

    Oh, girl!!!!
    Spelling and typing are only deterrents to artistic value. My kids went to a school that taught, if you have something to say... say it.. no matter what it looks like on paper... just write --WRITE --WRITE!!!

    A mind flows far more easily than one's fingers --- and only then can we get that innocent, unadulterated thought pattern. I love erotic, uncensored visual sex stories. I will have dreams of this one for many nights to cum (heehee)!
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