Saturday afternoon sex

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    As I sat watching the ball game,While my wife and her friend were getting fucked by some scum bag in a cheap motell,"Motell sex story" It was half time,I had a good buzz going, When my mother in law started comming to life. She stumbled from her bed room. Wearing nothing but a tee shirt.

    *Oh my head is killing me.* She complained,Walking toward the kitchen. I watched the bottom of her ass and her pussy from behind. My dick began to get hard again. She returned to the den,And picked up my open beer and swawllowed a hand full of pills. She turned to go back to her room. I followed her.

    *What are you doing?* She asked.

    *I'm going to make you feel better.*

    I take hold of her shirt,And lift it taking it off. I then kiss her neck and play with her big tities. She feels my hard cock against her ass.

    *You horny again?*

    *Yes ma'mm!*

    She lays down spreading her legs wide. I go down on her and start licking her pussy.

    *Ahhhhhh!...That feels good!...I knew you were good for something.* She soon cums. Just like my wife she locks her legs around my head as she climaxes, I then mount her mishionary style. My dick slides right in to her slippery wet hole. We kiss while I fuck her. We role over and she rides me. She holds and plays with her tits. As we both cum,My wife's car pulls in to the carport. I quickly put my sweat pants on and return to the den.

    Her and Shirley walk in. Carrying there bags of stuff they just bought.

    *Did you have a good time?*

    *Oh yes, Allways have fun shopping.*

    She walks toward the bed room.

    *Come in here,I need your help.*

    I follow her, Shirley is right behind me. Misty turns around and kisses me, She pulls my sweat pants down, She strokes my cock while we kiss.

    *I want some and need some!* She says licking her lips. She gets on her knees, And sucks my dick, Shirley watches. I run my fingers through her blonde hair. She then stops and looks up at me.

    *You have ben fucking mom again!*

    *No!...No!...Baby I aint done that!*

    *Don't Lie to me!...I can taste her!* She slides the sex toy box out from under the bed. She takes out the slut paddle.

    *Youve ben a bad boy again!* She bends me over across her knee and whipps my ass, Shirley laugh's After she finishes, Her and Shirley both strip. Misty climbs up in the bed and spreads her legs.

    *Get busy bad boy!* I began eating her out,Discovering her pussy was full of cum.

    *Who you ben fucking?*

    *It don't matter!...What goes around comes around!...Eat my pussy before I have to spank you again.* I continue untill she cums.

    *Now eat Shirley.* Shirley sits on my face while Misty rides my cock. The girls are faceing each other, They kiss, I look over to the door and see her mom watching again. She just shakes her head and walks away. The girls swap positions And Shirley rides my cock, While I eat Misty, after we all climax again we rest up for the next round,
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    Oh my, that's what dreams are made if ;-) hee hee
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    North East USA
    She's back!!!!!
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